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Although Momo and Ye Sishen had not met face to face, but Mo Mo and Ye Sishen were on the phone, but the voice on the phone would be slightly different from the original voice, so Tang Zhimo was not sure, he did not know why he was so sensitive, It sounds like the sound of Ye Sishen.

But why is Si Si Shen here? Is Ye Sishen looking for her mother?

My mother said that she and Ye Sishen were married by agreement. They had divorced and had no relationship with Ye Sishen.

If there is no relationship anymore, why did Ye Si Shen come to find her mother?

After all, Zhimo is still small and he knows too little about feelings, but he still feels that if Ye Sishen can find his mother so much, it means that there is absolutely no relationship between him and his mother. It's gone.

"What's the situation?" Yue Hongling has been coaxing Zixi, and Zixi's cry is particularly loud, so she didn't pay attention to other voices.

At this moment, when she heard Tang Zhimo say this, she also calmed down and listened carefully.

"It seems there is really a voice? What's the matter? Wouldn't it be the door blocked by the enemy?" Yue Hongling's face changed slightly. There was indeed a voice below, and she heard the sound of holding a gun.

After all, it is a hospital room, and the sound insulation is not very good, and at the moment, Si Shen and others are at the stairs, so the sound will sound louder.

Yue Hongling vaguely heard the sound of someone pulling out the gun.

Since the guns were all fired, the situation must be very serious. It is estimated that the enemy was blocking the door.

But Tang Baiqian did not inform her or tell her what to do. When Tang Baiqian came in, she didn't tell her anything. She felt that Tang Baiqian was deliberately hiding something.

However, Yue Hongling immediately thought that if the enemy really blocked the door, the most important thing for her now is to protect the two babies, and absolutely not let the two babies suffer any harm.

Yue Hongling did not understand the situation outside, so she dared not act lightly.

"You mean, the person who came is to deal with Uncle Tang?" Tang Zhimo's eyes flashed quickly. At this moment, an idea suddenly flashed in his mind, if the person who came was really night Si Shen?

Is it Ye Sishen to deal with Uncle Tang? Then things may not be what Uncle Tang said.

"Only this one is possible." Yue Hongling glanced at Tang Zhimo, and he was very sure. What can this situation do to block the door is not to deal with Tang Baiqian who can be?

Tang Zhimo's lips twitched tightly. If he felt that Ye Sishen should not have come to deal with Uncle Tang, he should have come for his mother.

Tang Zixi was still crying, but she saw that the two had ignored her, and she was discussing business matters. Her eyes were a little more curious, and her crying slowly became much smaller.

"Mother Hongling, I want to go out and see." Tang Zhimo was curious in his heart. He wanted to find out what was going on. He wanted to know if the person who came was Ye Sishen?

He thinks this is very important, very important for his mother.

"Brother, I will go with you too." Tang Zixi's cry stopped abruptly. She suddenly felt that what her brother was going to do seemed to be very exciting, so she also wanted to go.

"No, you can't go, neither of you can go." Yue Hongling's face was light, and she didn't even know what was going on outside, how could the two children go out.

"I think there shouldn't be any danger, or if Uncle Tang had just let us run away." Tang Zhimo was indeed very smart, and even thought of this.

"Moreover, there is no fierce voice now, so there is definitely no fight. The two sides are face to face, and they can remain calm, and they will not fight so easily." I have to say that the children of Tang Zhimo analyzed very well. Makes sense.

"Then let's go out." Tang Zixi, who was just crying, was excited at the moment.

"What are you doing together, continue to cry your way." Tang Zhimo gave her a direct look. She just coaxed her so desperately, but it was not good. Now she is not coaxing. She is better.

"No matter what the situation is outside, you can't go out. If you have something wrong, how can I tell your mother." Yue Hongling is definitely unlikely to let the two children go out in this situation, in case the two sides fight. , Bullets are not long-eyed.

Tang Zhimo's eyes flickered a little, and said nothing more.

On the stairs, Zhang Ping suddenly received a message, and then moved slightly closer to Ye Sishen, slightly lowering his voice and saying, "I found someone leaving Miss Wen from the back door."

Although Zhang Ping lowered his voice, it was not too low, enough for Tang Baiqian to hear.

Ye Sishen’s eyes quickly looked at Tang Baiqian coldly, his lips slightly hooked, a faint sneer was drawn, and then he said casually: “Let a few people follow, don’t throw people away Now."

The first reaction he felt was that it was false. He still knew Wen Ruoqing. If this was the case, Wen Ruoqing knew that he had blocked the door. With Wen Ruoqing's character, it would never be possible to sneak away. She always likes to be clear. Chu, plainly.

Since Ye Si Shen didn't quite believe that it was Wen Ruoqing, it would naturally be impossible to chase it in person.

Ye Si Shen Jue, if Wen Ruoqing knows that he has come to the door, she should take the initiative to meet him with her personality, what is the matter, make it clear face to face, this is her style.

However, until now Wen Ruoqing has not appeared.

So wouldn't Wen Ruoqing really be here at the moment?

Did she really run away before he came?

Damn woman, even after divorce, she is still running away and waiting for him to catch her, never spare her.

At this moment, the crying upstairs had stopped, and the uncomfortable feeling in Ye Si Shen's heart slowly disappeared, but his eyes still couldn't help but looked upstairs.

I do not know whose baby is crying so full of energy, the body is certainly good, and it must also be extremely energetic.

Tang Baiqian saw Ye Sishen only instructed several people to follow, but he didn't chase, and his eyes were a little colder.

Did not expect that Ye Si Shen was not fooled.

At the moment in the room, Tang Zhimo exchanged a look with Tang Zixi, and then Tang Zi hoped to Yue Hongling, said pitifully: "Mother Hongling, I want to wash my face, I want to wash my teeth, I want to go to the toilet."

"Okay, okay, Hongling's mother takes you." Yue Hongling smiled and hugged Tang Zixi to the bathroom.

Then Tang Zhimo quietly opened the door and left the room.