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This sentence of hers provided a very important clue, but this clue just came to mind at night.

    Qin Wushao wanted to say something, but saw Ye Sishen gave him a wink. Qin Wushao froze for a moment, then said to Qin Yunan: "Okay, you go out first."

    "You asked Ye Yufeng to go to the police station." After Qiao Yunan left, Ye Sishen suddenly came out.

    "Will Ye Yufeng go to the police station? As far as I know, Ye Yufeng is very cunning, and his mouth is very hard. If he doesn't want to say, no one can pry his mouth open, let alone torture." Qin Wu One less time did not understand his meaning.

    "It's not important to say or not." Qiao Yunan had left, and Ye Sishen slowly took off his mask. The sharp outline was impeccable. At this moment, his face had recovered his usual coldness, and his eyes were as cold as water.

    "Understood, I will arrange it." Qin Wu Shao suddenly understood what he meant.

    Police record room.

    "Yes Shao, I'm here today to ask you something, but I also want to cooperate." Captain Lu's attitude is very polite.

    "Yes, I must know everything, and I will do my best to cooperate." Ye Yufeng smiled in the corners of his lips, and he did not see any abnormalities in his expressions. If he came to be a "guest", he sat down on his own without waiting for the officer to speak. .

    This is the second time he has entered the police station, both times for Wen Ruoqing!

    He was very cooperative the first time, and naturally he would cooperate well the second time.

    "The woman who just left the hotel with Ye Shao, does Ye Shao know?"

    "I don't know." Ye Yufeng did not hesitate at all, and returned very simply.

    In another room, Ye Si Shen stared at the video screen, squinting slightly.

    "I knew Ye Yufeng wouldn't say it." Qin Wushao snorted coldly.

    "But Ye Shao helped her escape from the hotel."

    "Escape?" Ye Yufeng exclaimed deliberately: "Why? She murdered? If she murdered, shouldn't you directly order the arrest? Then I became suspected as an accomplice?"

    "It's not that serious." Captain Lu sighed secretly, which really wasn't a good job.

    "Oh, that's good. She just took my car by the way and got out of the hotel. She got out of the car, and I didn't know anything about it." Ye Yufeng was completely in the same state as Dang Erlang at the moment.

    "Ye Shao doesn't know who she is?"

    "I don't know, with a mask, I didn't see her." Ye Yufeng returned very carelessly.

    "Ye Yufeng really is a little fox." In another room, Qin Wushao scolded directly: "With regard to Ye Yufeng's character, if he doesn't know the woman, he will never help her so desperately."

    Ye Si glanced at him faintly. Although he didn't speak, he meant something.

    "Third Brother, I see." Qin Wushao's face was a little more excited, and he took out the phone and dialed it out.

    In the recording room, the captain's phone rang.

    Captain Lu looked at Ye Yufeng, and then connected, but did not speak, just listened quietly.

    Ye Yufeng's face was light and light, and he seemed to care nothing.

    "You said that the woman is Wen Ruoqing, the eldest lady of the Wen family." The captain of the army sitting opposite Ye Yufeng suddenly exclaimed.

    At this moment, in another room, Ye Si Shen stared at Ye Yufeng in the video screen, observing the change in the expression on his face.

    At this moment, as long as Ye Yufeng had so little flaws, he could never escape his eyes.

    Even if it is more subtle ...

    However, at this moment, Ye Yufeng's phone rang suddenly.

    Ye Yufeng was slightly startled, and seemed to be suddenly awakened, his emotions still unfrozen on his face.

    "Don't, it's really not the right time for this phone call." In another room, Qin Wushao directly exploded: "We broke all our plans."

    Ye Sishen's eyebrows were slightly selected. Ye Yufeng's call was indeed not the time, but Ye Yufeng's face just showed a little emotion just now, which is enough for him.

    Moreover, he still has something in his hand, he thought, as long as the thing is in his hand, she will definitely take action.

    He just waited for her, waiting for her to come out! !

    Wen Ruoqing sent a text message to Murong Duanyang after entering the gas station. She had a dedicated mobile phone in her hand and stored the number of Murong Duanyang. She was originally worried about the monitoring of the gas station, but did not expect that Murong Duanyang found other monitor.

    Therefore, Murong Duanyang did some processing.

    After Murong Duanyang's treatment, Wen Ruoqing left her to refuel her luck. It didn't go far, and she saw a taxi. Because this time Murong Duanyang did all the monitoring, so Wen Ruoqing didn't have to use it. Worried about being discovered.

    After Wen Ruoqing returned to the city, thinking that Ye Si Shen should still be in the hotel, she wanted to go back to the villa first.

    The first night Si Shen ’s villa is the safest place. The second night Si Shen will definitely go back. If Ye Si Shen is back when she is not at home, Ye Si Shen will definitely call her and ask her where she went. It ’s not easy to answer.

    Therefore, she might as well take advantage of Ye Si Shen's return before going home, so that she can save a lot of trouble.

    If she did not meet Ye Sishen in the hotel, she would never go back tonight, but the situation is different now ...

    Of course, Wen Ruoqing first went to the pre-determined hotel, she took off the makeup on her face, disguised herself as usual, and then put on the suit she wore today.

    When Wen Ruoqing returned to the villa, the villa was dark and extremely quiet. Apparently, Si Shen did not return.

    During this time, because she went to work in Wen's every day, rarely at home, Liusao did not need to prepare meals for them, so Liusao went back after cleaning and cleaning every day.

    Wen Ruoqing entered the villa and did not turn on the lights, because she was afraid that if Si Shen came back at this time, she would really be caught by him.

    Fortunately, the light from outside was not completely black. Wen Ruoqing went upstairs and returned directly to his room.

    After returning to the room, she quickly took off her clothes, first the coat, then the shirt, and finally the underwear inside.

    After Wen Ruoqing took off her underwear, she wanted to take out the memory card inside, but when she turned the underwear over, she instantly stagnated, and all her breathing stopped for a while, and the blood all over her body froze. .

    The memory card she had put in her underwear was gone?

    When she first went to the hotel, she only changed her clothes. She did n’t change her underwear. At that time, she did n’t change her underwear. So, it was impossible to drop out of the hotel. come out.

    She has always believed that it is safest to put things on her body.

    If you didn't drop the hotel, when did you disappear?