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#6 Chase between her and her

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Her soft words were unobtrusive, and "I came out to pick you up, miss you, and want to see you the first time, I can't wait for a while."

    Secretary Wu looked at her, slightly stunned, her red dress was a little messy, it should have just got up from the bed.

    Although listening to her meant picking someone up at the door of the hotel, Secretary Wu thought of Ye Shao's order, but moved forward and wanted to stop her.

    Outside the hotel, a foreign man just got off the taxi, holding a suitcase in his hand.

    Wen Ruoqing saw that Secretary Wu wanted to stop her, and leaned a little, raised her left arm next to her ear, just covered her face, raised her right hand, and waved hard at the foreign man who had just got off the car. After waving, happy shouting "My dear, I see you, I am here."

    The man who just got off the bus outside the hotel froze for a moment, looking at her with a smile on her face, she couldn't help but smile. Although she didn't know, although she was not sure if she was saying hello to him, but out of courtesy, a smile Response should be.

    Then Wen Ruoqing opened her arms and ran towards the man with enthusiasm.

    Secretary Wu, who had wanted to stop her, stopped the action. Ye Shao only said not to let people leave the hotel. The girl obviously came to pick up the newly arrived guest, and the person would naturally return to the hotel, so there was no stop. Necessary.

    It can be seen that the two should know each other, and should be lovers in love, otherwise it would not be so.

    Today's girls are really enthusiastic, everyone is here, this time can't wait!

    However, Secretary Wu never thought that the girl who flew out like a fire did not run into the arms of a foreign man, but quickly entered the taxi and then closed the door at a faster speed.

    "Master, drive, fast." When he got into the car, Wen Ruoqing's butt hadn't sat down yet, and urged the master to drive.

    "Hey, hello, how did you go?" When Secretary Wu came back and chased out, the taxi had already left.

    "How did she leave? Didn't she come to pick you up? Didn't you know?" Secretary Wu directly circled and turned to the foreign man who hadn't left yet, obviously a little anxious.

    The foreign man shrugged his shoulders and shook his head inexplicably.

    Looking at the reaction of the foreign man, Secretary Wu knew that he had been cheated.

    How can this be done, can this person still have a little integrity?

    But why did she lie to him?

    Secretary Wu turned around and saw that his president had just come over. The president's somber face made him suddenly think of a possibility, and he suddenly wanted to cry without tears: "Yue Xiao, just now that girl will not be the one you want to stop? "

    "What do you say?" Ye Shaoyan's cold eyes came and seemed to be able to freeze people instantly, and the dangerous breath emitted from his whole body seemed to suffocate.

    He really underestimated her, did not expect to let Secretary Wu guard, even let her escape, okay, okay!

    "Less night, I just saw the license plate number, and I immediately drove to chase." Secretary Wu's scared legs were soft, but fortunately the reaction was quick.

    At this time, Gong cannot be atoned, and the consequences are unbearable.

    It's just, I don't know how the girl just offended the president. He has been with the president for so long, and it's the first time he has seen such a terrible look.

    Less than five minutes later, a low-key but luxurious Maybach stopped at the door of the hotel, and the sullen night quickly got on the car.

    Although it took a little time, the speed of the luxury car was really not covered. It is now more than four o'clock in the morning. There is no car on the road. Secretary Wu accelerated the speed and saw the taxi in front before long.