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#13 See a beauty

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He wants to know if there is any connection, if there is a connection, then it is probably ...

    "Ah? Do you mean to let me find some reporters in the past and block Ye Yunan and Miss Wen Jia Er in the hotel? Is this a big problem?" Qin Wushao deserves to be a roundworm in Ye Sanshao's stomach. The meaning of Ye Sanshao: "This is not so good? Today is the day when Ye Yunan got engaged to Miss Wen Jia. In this way, will it make Miss Wen Jia too embarrassing."

    Qin Wushao said it was n’t very good, but the excited stars in a pair of eyes could n’t hide, and he changed his mouth to himself: “However, in this way, Miss Wen can recognize it as soon as possible. In front of Qing Ye Yunan's truth, it can help Miss Wen Jia get rid of the bitter sea as soon as possible. "

    "But why did Brother San do this?" As clever as Qin Wushao, he didn't understand Ye Sishen's intention at this moment. What does this matter have to do with Brother San?

    Qin Wushao is now confused.

    Ye Sishen's lips slowly lifted up, stunned, and charmed.

    Miss Wenjia-Wen Ruoqing? What he did was to see how she would react to this sudden accident at the engagement feast today.

    If the person last night was really her! He didn't believe that she could really make it leak-proof, without revealing any flaws!

    "Who drove the car?" Ye Sanshao naturally did not ignore this point.

    "Ye Yunan's younger brother Ye Yufeng, I have already told Ye Yufeng to come to the police station. Will the third brother come over and see?" Qin Wushao always works without leaks, not to mention this time it's a matter of the night, how could he not be active? !

    "Well." Ye Sanshao was extremely rare, but this time, Qin Wushao did not feel too surprised.

    "Check whether Secretary Qi and Ye Yunan or Miss Wen Er know each other." Ye Si Shen added another sentence.

    "Secretary Qi? Which Qi Secretary?" Qin Wu Shao was a little blind for a while.

    "The oldest man's side."

    "Oh, oh." Qin Wushao reacted, but he was more puzzled. "Why should I check Secretary Qi? Is there anything to do with Secretary Qi?"

    Of course, Qin Wushao's question was not answered by Ye Sanshao.

    Therefore, Qin Wushao can only confess his fate and hung up the phone, continue to check.

    At seven in the morning, Ye Family's second younger Ye Yufeng was invited to the police station to be a guest.

    "Last night, there was a murder case along the way. We found you happened to drive by last night. We would like to ask you a few questions. Please cooperate with me." The opening of the police officer is very official. Of course, it is clear enough.

    "No problem." Ye Yufeng's lips and lips smiled, and there was no strangeness in his expression. If he really came to be a "guest", he sat down on his own without waiting for the police officer to speak.

    "We found that after four o'clock in the morning, your car spent more time than the normal driving time between two intersections near the Universal Hotel. At that time, did you stop the car?"

    "Yes." Ye Yufeng returned simply and directly, looking very cooperative.

    "Why stop?" The police officer was a bit surprised to see his attitude. A brother like him entered the police station, and he rarely cooperated with him.

    "Seeing a beautiful woman ..." Ye Yufeng raised his eyebrows, and returned very calmly, but the tail rose slightly, halfway through the words, he paused deliberately, and his lips twitched a smirk.

    It seems that exactly what he expected, this is really interesting ...,

    In the next room, Ye Sanshao's eyes narrowed slightly as he watched the picture.