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Wen Ruoqing really wanted to get off at this moment, but Ye Sishen was holding her tightly at the moment, and he was really scary at this moment. Wen Ruoqing knew he could not mess with him at this time.

    At the moment, Leng Rong is still outside.

    Leng Rong saw Wen Ruoqing getting in the car, but Secretary Liu got out of the car, and then the window glass was completely closed. The special window glass blocked all the sight and could not see the inside of the car at all.

    Leng Rong walked over and smashed the window hard. The quality of the window glass of Si Shen who stayed overnight was too good. Leng Rong was so strong that he would definitely not break it with his hand.

    "Yesi Shen, what are you doing? Is there anything you rushed at me, and you are a man for being a woman?" At this moment, Leng Rong is really worried about Wen Ruoqing. He knows Yesi Shen. Looking at the cold and cold, it is really cruel to do things.

    The cruelty of others is nothing but human life, but Ye Sishen's ruthlessness can make people worse than life.

    He regretted that he had just said that ambiguous word to Wen Ruoqing. He knew what kind of stimulus would be given to a man in such a situation.

    He stimulated Ye Sishen, and Wen Ruoqing must have suffered.

    He really regretted it, because he was worried.

    He admits that he was not just because he couldn't get used to the arrogance of Ye Sishen, he was actually jealous.

    Ye Sishen just parked the car in front of them and said nothing, but Wen Ruoqing consciously got into Ye Sishen's car. He was really jealous.

    "It seems that he is worried about you?" Ye Sishen's lips slightly ticked off in the car, seeming to smile but not to smile, and it seemed creepy.

    Ye Sishen said this to Wen Ruoqing, but his eyes at this moment did not look at Wen Ruoqing or Leng Rong outside the window.

    Wen Ruoqing couldn't even see what he was looking at now.

    Wen Ruoqing's eyes flickered and did not answer, because Ye Sishen's words, she would irritate him even more now.

    Didn't hear her answer, Ye Sishen's lips were ticked again, smiling like a non-smiling arc, looking particularly shocking.

    Wen Ruoqing has always been sensitive, and naturally he can feel the strangeness of him at the moment. Anyone at this moment Shen Ren Shen Ren will be afraid.

    She has never been afraid of fear for a long time. At the moment, she is also a little scared. For the first time in her marriage, she still saw Ye Sishen for the first time.

    Wen Ruoqing sat, did not move, and did not speak.

    Leng Rong outside the car didn't get a response and was even more anxious. He smashed the window hard again: "Yesi Shen, you come out, we singled out."

    Ye Si Shen sneered, singled with him? Leng Rong, not yet qualified.

    Ye Sishen's expression clearly did not put Leng Rong in his eyes, it seemed that Leng Rong did not threaten him at all.

    But he parked the car here, obviously with the intention of showing it to Leng Rong deliberately.

    Hey, men, sometimes they are quite contradictory and naive. Of course, Wen Ruoqing can't say this at the moment.

    Wen Ruoqing was thinking, Ye Si Shen suddenly turned his eyes, looked at her, and slowly spoke: "Leng Rong went to the Wen family to raise a kiss today?"

    "Well." Wen Ruoqing responded lightly, secretly guessing his intention at the moment, didn't he all know it, how could he ask her?

    Ye Sishen's voice at this moment sounded very slow, and Wen Ruoqing felt breathless and suffocated, and her chest was tight. She knew that the more he was, the more angry he was, and the more terrible it was.

    Seriously, what he asked at this moment really disturbed her.

    "It's a great talk? Huh?" His eyes still looked at him, his lips seemed to tick slightly, his voice was still low, he sat there, his body didn't move, nor did he approach Wen Ruoqing.

    It's just that the strong air pressure makes people completely breathless, as if suffocating in the next moment.

    "Ah?" As smart as she, he didn't understand what he meant at the moment.

    What is it to talk with each other? Who talks with whom?

    To be honest, she and Leng Rong didn't say a few words in total, and each time with a tit-for-tat meaning, it really can't be regarded as a happy talk.

    She talked with Master Leng really well, but even the people who were just in the Wen family didn't know about it. Ye Sishen couldn't know it?

    Could it be that he still clairvoyant?

    "Leng Rong sent you a truck of roses?" Wen Ruoqing hadn't figured it out yet. Ye Sishen's voice sounded again. This time, he jumped directly to the matter of roses.

    Wen Ruoqing's lips twitched slightly, and she had long thought that all of this would be known by Si Shen, and he should have known it when he called earlier.

    It ’s just that he did n’t mention anything at the time. She thought he would n’t pay attention. She thought he was n’t as arrogant, overbearing, and exclusive as she thought. Too.

    "Do you like it?" Ye Si's eyes narrowed not only cold, but also the kind of creepy raging wind-crazy madness, but his voice was still low, and he couldn't hear any anger. .

    Such and such, he can make people directly from head to toe.

    Fortunately, it was Wen Ruoqing at the moment. If he changed someone else, he would be scared to death if he was scared.

    "I ..." Wen Ruoqing wanted to say that she did not collect Leng Rong's flowers.

    "So, still reluctant at night, I came to disturb you?" However, Ye Sishen did not give her the opportunity to explain, but the slow words still fell like a hammer.

    Wen Ruoqing frowned slightly, what did this follow?

    What does it mean to be reluctant at night? Who is reluctant to talk to anyone? She and Leng Rong?

    Which of his eyes saw her reluctant to leave with Leng Rong?

    What called him to disturb them? It was as if she had nothing to do with Leng Rong.

    What is he thinking about?

    No, Wen Ruoqing feels that he has no brains now. Of course, Wen Ruoqing can't let the misunderstanding continue. She must explain it clearly. Otherwise, she really doesn't know what Ye Sishen will do next.

    "Leng Rong went to raise a relative, I didn't know it in advance, I ..."

    "But, you went back." Ye Sishen interrupted her again, and Ye Sishen was unreasonable at the moment.

    "I went back because Old Master Leng went to Wen's house. Old Master Leng said I wouldn't go back, he wouldn't leave ..." Wen Ruoqing made it clear that she went back not because of Leng Rong but because of Old Master Leng's Lai Do not leave at the Wen family.

    "This is the reason why you go back? What does he have to do with him? Does that have anything to do with Leng Jia's affair with you?" Ye Sanshao Hu tangled up, and no one could match him.