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He didn't understand. He clearly took the initiative every time. Why did he fall behind and become passive as soon as he fought?

    Since Ye Yufei mentioned this matter, he was naturally planning to tell her, but the more he wanted to suffocate, how could he counsel him every time he met her, no, absolutely not like this, he was a majestic man.

    "Are you going to talk here?" Ye Yufei directly changed his mouth, he would tell her, but not in such a stubborn situation.

    "Where are you going to talk?" Wen Ruoqing raised her eyebrows slightly, and Ye Yufei could see through her at a glance. She was not surprised that Ye Yufei suddenly changed her mind. If he was really obedient, it was not Ye Yufei.

    Ye Yufei is not Bai Yirui. She has an inseparable attitude towards Bai Yirui. Even though Bai Yirui has acquired a 56% stake in Wen's, she will not promise Bai Yirui to make a separate interview.

    Although Ye Yufei is a dangerous body, he helped her twice, and she always misses her.

    Although it happened five years ago, Ye Yufei was still the big boy with arrogance in her eyes.

    Of course, she knows better if she can't negotiate this with Ye Yufei today and dare to stab the sky with Ye Yufei's temperament.

    So she did not refuse Ye Yufei.

    "You have to choose a warm and romantic place, red carpet, delicate roses, melodious music ..." Ye Yufei began to describe, and she was energetic.

    Wen Ruoqing: "..."

    How did she feel that the more he said the more like a wedding scene? This man really gave him a three-point color and he could start a dye shop.

    Wen Ruoqing raised his eyes to Ye Yufei, his hands slowly clenched into fists, and he seemed to carelessly turn in front of his eyes: "Ye Yufei, in fact, I don't mind talking another way, how do you feel?"

    Ye Yufei is a wise man. Although she didn't explain it, he immediately understood what she meant. That night he saw her powerfully.

    Ye Yufei exhaled fiercely, his lips curled reluctantly: "There is a cafe in front, let's go sit down."

    This woman doesn't understand romance at all! ! !

    Wen Ruoqing glanced at the cafe not far away in front of him, and without saying anything, went to the cafe with him.

    Entering the cafe, Ye Yufei wanted to order a single room, but Wen Ruoqing directly sat in a window seat in the hall.

    Ye Yufei looked at her, very dissatisfied, but seeing her unmoved, he could only sit opposite her.

    Wen Ruoqing ignored him, ordered a coffee himself, and then picked up a magazine on the table and looked at it, and did not take the initiative to ask about the man five years ago.

    Wen Ruoqing knows that if she asks now, Ye Yufei will definitely sell her off, and will not tell her so readily.

    She knew that Ye Yufei had multiple curiosities, so she knew that if she were so, Ye Yufei would become even more irresistible.

    Ye Yufei knew she was intentional, he decided to endure, he decided she would not ask, he would never speak first.

    But he saw that Wen Ruoqing was looking at the magazine seriously, without looking up, and his mood was still unbearable, so could this magazine look good on him?

    Ye Yufei is the kind of boy who looks good and looks good. He has a pair of peach-eyed eyes. He is arrogant, youthful, and energetic. He is particularly attractive wherever he goes.

    There are countless girls who like him, and he does not understand why she did not look at him when she came to her?

    She is obviously a few months younger than him, but she must assume a mature and steady posture!

    Ye Yufei felt more and more depressed, so he took a magazine and read it himself.

    Wen Ruoqing's lips are slightly hooked, yes, there is growth, but he can still breathe?

    "Virgin, you dare to seduce my fiance." Only at this moment, a woman suddenly rushed over and stared at Wen Ruoqing with an angry look.

    Wen Ruoqing raised his eyes and looked at Ye Yufei without saying anything. Then he continued to look down at the magazine in his hand.

    "Who is your fiance." Ye Yufei's eyes sank instantly. He looked at the girl and said clearly and solemnly: "Sun Rutong, you hear clearly. I have nothing to do with you. I will never marry you."

    "You, did you murder me for her?" The girl was stunned and cried directly, but the girl's accusation seems to be a bit biased. I don't know if I really didn't understand Ye Yufei's words? Still pretending not to understand?

    Wen Ruoqing has been watching her magazine quietly.

    Sun Rutong obviously didn't dare to spread his anger on Ye Yufei's body, so she thought of taking Wen Ruoqing out of breath. She saw that Wen Ruoqing was completely irrelevant at the moment. Shameless coquette, I won't let you go. "

    It was at this time that the waiter came over with the coffee, and the girl might be anxious, and took the coffee directly to Wen Ruoqing.

    At this angle she splashed, it just happened to face Wen Ruoqing's face. If it splashed like this, most of the coffee would directly splash on Wen Ruoqing's face.

    Although Wen Ruoqing didn't look up, she was aware of the danger. Her eyes were light and she just wanted to avoid it. At this moment, Ye Yufei suddenly stood up, and his entire upper body leaned to her side, blocking her.

    Then the whole cup of hot coffee splashed on Ye Yufei's body.

    Ye Yufei's brow furrowed, and the pain was really painful!

    Wen Ruoqing was slightly stunned and her eyes flickered. For the instinctive reaction, she directly tore open Ye Yufei's shirt, and then pulled Ye Yufei's shirt off.

    Wen Ruoqing is an instinctive protection reaction made under the danger of training. The temperature of the coffee just washed out reached almost 90 degrees. This whole cup was poured on Ye Yufei. The consequences can be imagined.

    At the moment, Ye Yufei was only wearing a shirt. Taking off Ye Yufei's shirt was the most direct and effective way to reduce injuries.

    Wen Ruoqing took off Ye Yufei's shirt and checked his injuries. Because she had just responded quickly and quickly, Ye Yufei's scalded area was only a little red and not serious.

    Standing in the corner, Qiao Yunan clearly saw what had just happened. She had just watched before, but Wen Ruoqing quickly took a few photos while checking Ye Yufei's injury.

    The photos taken by Qiao Yunan are really ...

    Wen Ruoqing's vigilance has always been extremely high, and she was photographed secretly. She naturally noticed that her lips slightly sneered.

    ‘Brother Si Shen, I just went out today and just met my sister-in-law. Qiao Yunan compiled a text message and sent the photo he just took to Ye Sishen.