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Ye Sishen did not ask who Tang Ling borrowed from. He would not embarrass his elder brother, and he wanted to know more about things in the mall at the moment.

    Tang Ling's eyes turned slightly, looked at him, and smiled: "No."

    He will do what he should do, and he who will help hide will definitely help, but he can't deceive his brother, since the man came to his door, he really can't blame him.

    Ye Si Shen also smiled: "In this way, he is in City A, and he was in Yinlong Shopping Mall before."

    This is not a question, but a complete affirmation.

    Both Ye Sishen and "He" in his words at the moment knew both.

    Tang Ling ticked his lips, did not speak, and remained silent, but sometimes silence was the default.

    Ye Sishen is such a shrewd person, how can he not understand, "Well, I will let him come in, not out."

    It was no wonder that man even delivered it to his door!

    After pulling out the man behind Wen Ruoqing, the evidence he requested was properly obtained.

    The two men glanced at each other and smiled at each other. Sure enough, it was not that the family did not enter the door, and both were black-bellied foxes.

    Ye Si Shen immediately dialed a call, in front of Tang Ling's face, did not hide it at all.

    "Check the list of all passengers on all flights from country M to city A after I married Wen Ruoqing." The phone was connected, and Ye Sishen's voice was cold and quiet, but he had the domineering and courage to dare not defy.

    It didn't take long for him to marry Wen Ruoqing. He was quite sure that before the incident at the police station, the man must have no idea about his marrying Wen Ruoqing. Otherwise, the man would never have agreed to let her come forward to handle the case.

    He was definitely not in City A at the time, so he could only come here during this time.

    "The key point: the man with the surname Tang." At the police station, the woman used the surname Tang. He originally suspected that he used the surname of the elder brother, but the elder brother said that he was not his, but the surname Tang was still the key.

    When Ye Sishen said this, a pair of eyes looked at Tang Ling, seeing that Tang Ling's eyebrows were slightly raised, and Ye Sishen knew that he was right.

    "Age between twenty-five and thirty-five years old." Wen Ruoqing, who he remembered, took a call, and the phone marked the senior. If he didn't guess wrong, it must be the man.

    Since he is a senior, he must be older than Wen Ruoqing. Of course, he will not be too old, because when Wen Ruoqing talked to him at that time, it was not that kind of rigorous respect, but a bit casual and kind.

    "Calm, calm, sharp, alert, and extremely alert, and the resolution should be high." Ye Sishen followed his own inference to describe the characteristics that the man might have.

    When talking about this, Ye Sishen's eyes kept looking at Tang Ling. Although Tang Ling's expression did not have any abnormal reaction, Ye Sishen knew that he was right.

    "Look at the monitoring on the fourth and fifth floors of Yinlong Shopping Center at about one o'clock this afternoon." He was also present at the time, and he originally came down from the third floor, and did not find any suspicious people, so the man was definitely on the fourth time. Floor or fifth floor.

    "The man must not be found in the surveillance. Check all the female customers who have been to the fourth and fifth floors at that time to see if anyone has seen such a person, or ask one to see if anyone has taken a picture."

    Ye Sishen knew that a person like that, no matter where he walked, should be the focus of attention. Usually he might deliberately cover up, but then Wen Ruoqing was below.

    Since he was able to rush to City A specifically for Wen Ruoqing, and he also deliberately suppressed the incident, it was enough to show that he had a very different thought about Wen Ruoqing.

    Since he likes Wen Ruoqing, when he sees Wen Ruoqing, he will never cover himself up deliberately, but will unconsciously show his edge.

    Standing there alone like him can easily attract the attention of the little girl, so it is not excluded that the courageous and courageous girl secretly took pictures of him.

    "Two things are checked together, and once useful information is found, the two break through together."

    "At the same time, let people keep an eye on all the traffic lanes and notify me as soon as suspicious people are found." Ye Si was very thoughtful and planned very carefully.

    While looking for it, it has to be blocked.

    "Look at all international airports at the same time." Just in case, he took the last pass of the international airport strictly.

    Tang Ling looked at him. The original cold eyes slightly changed. He always knew that Ye Sishen was powerful, but he was still a little surprised at the moment.

    Ye Sishen's precise psychological judgment at the moment, perfect anti-reconnaissance ability, seamlessly spreading the net, even he has to admire after strict training.

    Even if he couldn't find the man in the city A, he absolutely sealed off all the roads that the man left.

    He feels that even if there is no one can be a criminal psychology expert Wen Ruoqing, it may not be Ye Sishen's opponent.

    At this moment, Tang Ling clearly realized that if it were not because of Wen Ruoqing, he could not have taken the upper hand so easily, and there was simply no way to "revenge" to Ye Sishen.

    Ye Si Shen ordered everything and hung up the phone.

    "Heart moved?" Tang Ling looked at him and smiled, a rare gossip.

    If you don't care, you don't have to worry so much and make a big difference!

    Ye Si was stunned for a moment, and his eyes seemed to flicker for a moment, and then quickly replied: "The heart can't go down, I just want to determine whether she was a woman five years ago."

    "And then?" Tang Ling smiled meaningfully.

    "Then the new and old accounts will be calculated together." In this, Ye Sishen said some teeth and didn't feel anything wrong.

    Tang Ling glanced at him, and there seemed to be a little weirdness in his eyes.

    "Okay, I'm waiting for that day." He waited to see Ye Sishen's new accounts and old accounts calculated together. He wanted to see. How will this account be calculated by then?

    If there is such a day, Ye Si Shen may have to pass him before he wants to calculate this account.

    "Qingqing is really sensible. This is to avoid it deliberately and give us a chance to talk alone." Seeing that Wen Ruoqing hadn't returned yet, Tang Ling's lips raised slightly, and that girl was really pleasing.

    In fact, there is a separate toilet in the box, but she chose to go outside, the meaning is no longer obvious.

    "She is my wife, don't shout so intimately." Ye Si's squinted eyes glanced at him with a chill in her voice.

    "You just married her just to settle the accounts, what's the hurry?" Tang Ling didn't take it at all, and added slowly deliberately: "I really like the girl, wait for you to find out the truth, put The account is clear, and I will take her home. "

    The meaning of Tang Ling's hope can't be more obvious.