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He is going to call now. Before he suddenly thought of something, he was a little uneasy. He needed to call and ask clearly.

"Yama, I'm sorry, I can't return the phone to you right now, when we receive the money..."

However, before the man's words were finished, Ye Sishen suddenly kicked and kicked the man directly to the ground.

The others quickly pointed their guns at Ye Sishen.

Ye Sishen was faced with more than a dozen guns, but there was no slight panic and fear on his face. Instead, his lips slowly pulled a sneer.

These people are going to die, he doesn't mind fulfilling them.

In fact, this was planned by Ye Sishen and the local government army. They knew that the rebels would take advantage of it.

In fact, Ye Sishen also knew that the whole thing was inseparable from the rebels. Therefore, Ye Sishen planned with the government army in advance, and Ye Sishen tried the risks to find out the base of the rebels.

Only in this way can we prevent future troubles.

If Ye Si Shen was willing, who could catch him?

When he came, Ye Sishen was equipped with the most advanced tracker, so the government army and his men could come over soon.

But Ye Sishen didn't expect that because Secretary Liu's plane was late, he had to let Wen Ruoqing go to the company, and then Secretary Liu and Wen Ruoqing happened to meet again in the company.

Therefore, he was a little worried in his heart. Of course, he also knew that he had only been on a business trip for a few days. Wen Ruoqing couldn't get Ye's shares from the old man's hands so quickly, and he couldn't get Ye's shares. Something he worried about might happen.

However, for some reason, he always felt a little uneasy, so at that time he wanted to call and ask, and then the rebels rushed over directly to ‘catch’ him.

This was their plan, so he didn't worry about his safety at all. He just wanted to call now.

"It's useless if you want a phone. There's no signal in this place. The phone can't make a call." The leader got up from the ground and didn't get angry because he had just been kicked by Ye Si. His attitude was more polite.

They really dare not treat Yama, so in this case, they absolutely dare not offend Yama.

Hearing this, Ye Si Shen was silent. Although he was still worried, he felt that with the attitude of the old man towards Wen Ruoqing, in such a short time, even if Wen Ruoqing was even more powerful, it would not be possible to get Ye Shi from the old man. of.

He also said that he is also the grandson of the old man, but for so many years, the old man has not handed the Ye's to him. How could the old man hand it to Wen Ruoqing so easily, the old man is an old fox, very cunning.

Thinking of this, Ye Si Shen was slightly relieved.

When Wen Ruoqing waited until half past six, the plane hadn't taken off yet, and she was always calm.

Her baby, Momo, is still ill. When will the plane go so late? When will she see her baby?

But Wen Ruoqing couldn't be more anxious. She could not control the plane late, so she still had to wait.

After Secretary Liu helped Wen Ruoqing to complete the divorce procedure, the more he wanted to feel sad, the more he felt heavier, and he went to the lord to drink alone at night.

Xi Ji happened to deal with the affairs of the capital and hurried back, and went to the MG.

Xi Ji saw that Secretary Liu was drinking alone, and it was obviously a bit fierce. Somewhat strange, Secretary Liu didn't drink much at ordinary times. Sometimes he couldn't make it to drink any more.

Moreover, Secretary Liu’s wine volume is not good, and he gets drunk after a drink. What happened today?

Obviously not normal!

Xi Ji was curious, and walked over to see that Secretary Liu was obviously drunk, and the drunk were almost unstable.

"Someone drinks like this? What's the situation? Broken up?" Xi Ji looked at him, joking half-truly. When Ji Jijue drank like this, most of them were broken.

"It's not a broken relationship, it's a divorce." Secretary Liu turned his eyes and looked at him. He didn't know if he saw it clearly, but he was really drunk and drunk at the moment, but he still hadn't forgotten the president's divorce. thing.

"Divorce? When did you get married? Why didn't I know? Hidden marriage?" This time, Xi Ji was really stunned: "Your kid is quite trendy and still learns to hide from marriage."

"What's wrong? What did the woman do to hurt you like this, and it was so serious that the divorce."

"It's not the woman's business, it's not the woman's fault." Secretary Liu glared at him, and his voice suddenly increased: "It's not the woman's fault at all."

"It's not the woman's fault, it's your fault? Then I have to talk about you, even if it's a hidden marriage, this marriage is all over. How can I get divorced easily, as a man, I should know how to distress myself A woman who is considerate of herself, a woman who is tolerant of herself, not to mention that your woman is not wrong, it is your fault, why did you just divorce yourself? You have done so insignificantly." Xi Jizhan Suddenly, although persuasion is so persuasion, the emotional matter is still the matter of the two of them.

"It's not kind, too kind, and it's too much, it's just a beast." Secretary Liu was drunk at the moment, so he dared to scold it in person, of course, Secretary Liu scolded his president.

Xi Ji: "..."

Does anyone scold their own beasts? It seems really drunk.

"Why? Are you looking for Xiaosan outside?" Xi Ji's first reaction thought of this possibility.

Beasts should be this kind of thing?

"Looking for Xiaosan, not for Xiaosan, the president will not be derailed in marriage." Although Secretary Liu was drunk, he understood Xi Ji's words and had a little thinking ability.

Although he was somewhat dissatisfied with the president about the divorce between the president and his wife, no, he was very dissatisfied, but he knew that the president was absolutely impossible to do things that were derailed in marriage.

Xi Ji didn't care too much. After a few seconds, he suddenly recovered, then grabbed Secretary Liu and asked anxiously: "What? What did you just say? Who? Who is looking for Xiaosan?"

"What did I say?" Secretary Liu said that he felt dizzy.

Secretary Liu was dizzy, but Xi Ji was not dizzy. Xi Ji thought about Secretary Liu's words back and forth. Suddenly it felt strange.

"Who did you just say was divorced?" Xi Ji secretly exhaled, looking at Secretary Liu's eyes obviously a little more nervous.

"President, the president is divorced today." Secretary Liu narrowed his eyes. It may be that the divorce today stimulated him a lot, so even if he was drunk at this moment, he still remembered the matter of the president's divorce very clearly.