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#11 He was robbed! !

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Damn woman, once, twice, three times, okay, okay ...

    "Women? What woman? Sange your woman?" Qin Wushao's voice suddenly raised dozens of decibels, Sange's woman? This is big news!

    However, Ye Si Shen had hung up the phone.

    At the other end of the phone, Qin Wushao looked at the words that were hung up, and his entire face was black. Hey, half of the words, is this a life?

    If you do n’t tell him, he can check. He wants to see what kind of woman can make Sange like a big fan!

    He wanted to know more about what happened, which could provoke his third brother.

    "Night, why are these clothes and pajamas outside?" Secretary Wu went to the 22nd floor with his president and saw the clothes stacked outside the door.

    He suddenly realized that something terrible had happened yesterday night!

    "Take it to wash." Ye Sishen's eyes shot straight, as if the ice had been quenched, only the frozen person trembled.

    "..." Secretary Wu knew that he was wrong, and he dared not speak again, just thinking secretly in his heart, even if he wanted to wash it, he didn't have to pile it outside the door? The room is so big, how many clothes can't fit?

    "Less night, there are reporters outside the hotel." Secretary Wu picked up the phone and answered the phone, his face a little dignified.

    After all, he did not know exactly what happened last night, so he was not sure what caused these reporters to appear suddenly.

    reporter? Ye Si Shen Xiaozi narrowed her eyes. Last night, she was obviously drugged, so today's reporter may have been directed at her.

    Someone wants to destroy her! Or are there other purposes?

    Ye Sanshao did not speak, but his expression was a little colder.

    In this case, Secretary Wu did not dare to talk much. He found that what he said in front of his president was wrong today, so it is better to speak less.

    It's just that when he saw the "tragic" in the room through Ye Sanshao's side, he was stunned.

    This situation? Was your president robbed?

    Of course, as for the robbery? Then only the president himself knows.

    He didn't know anything, he didn't see anything! See nothing.

    Ye Sanshao had closed the door of the room and shut him outside.

    Seeing the clutter of a house, Ye Sanshao's eyebrows moved slightly. When he turned his gaze, he suddenly glanced at the dazzling redness on the bed sheet.

    For the first time! Thinking of the madness of last night, his lips twitched slightly.

    Ye Sishen walked to the balcony. Last night, she came in from the balcony. It was only possible to enter his room from the balcony, that is, to skip from the fourth room.

    It's just, how did that woman get into the fourth son's room?

    The brow corner moved slightly, thinking for a moment, Ye Sishen still took out the phone.

    "Brother, what's the matter?" The phone rang for a moment before the other party picked it up. Just listening to the voice, it was obviously disturbed by a good dream.

    If someone disturbs Tang Sishao's good dream, the result will definitely be miserable, but this man is Ye Sishen, Tang Sishao has no temper at all.

    "What happened to the woman in your room last night?" Ye Sishen's words were clearly fraudulent. He wanted to know if his fourth son knew something. The appearance of the woman in Hutian was too strange. .