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"Wen Ruoqing, I will give you a minute, and if I can't see you after a minute, I will go straight in and catch people." As soon as the phone was connected, Ye Sishen was cold and repressed with a somewhat suppressed voice. come.

    At the moment, this sentence even made Wen Ruoqing's heartbeat stop. At this moment, she couldn't care about the temptation and suspicion of Master Wen, and she quickly walked out while holding the phone.

    She knew that Ye Si Shen had always done what she said.

    Mr. Wen was stunned for a while, and then smiled. That smile was like a cunning old fox!

    Wen Ruoqing left the hotel at the fastest speed, and then saw Ye Sishen's car parked outside the hotel door.

    Wen Ruoqing ran quickly, opened the door directly, and got in the car.

    "Her husband, haven't you left yet?" Wen Ruoqing got in the car and looked at the gloomy Ye Sishen, with a kind of pleasing smile on her face, she saw that Ye Sishen was not happy, so naturally she couldn't mess with it He, follow him.

    She has never been afraid of fear, I do not know why she is afraid of Ye Sishen every time.

    She made nothing wrong, why should he be afraid of him? She feels that she seems to be getting better and better.

    "Don't laugh like this in the future?" Ye Sishen's eyes squinted slightly. He suddenly remembered that she had laughed like this before in front of Ye Yunan. Does she know that she is really dazzling and tempting?

    "Why?" Wen Ruoqing was slightly startled, didn't you all say that you wouldn't smile when you reach out? Is she still wrong to smile at him?

    "Dazzling." Ye Sanshao would naturally not admit that he was jealous, so he casually said a reason, but when he saw her smiling at Ye Yunan, he really felt dazzling, so this reason is also considered Really.

    Wen Ruoqing's eyes flickered and dazzled? Is her smile dazzling?

    He can feel the glare!

    Wen Ruoqing remembered the reason he said when he married her. He said at the time that he chose her because of her ugliness.

    Wen Ruoqing's lips were ticked, and the smile on his face kept spreading, and the smile was more brilliant and brighter, and she deliberately leaned her face full of smiles against him.

    Dazzling, right? She laughed, it was good to stabb him!

    Ye Si was stunned and his eyes flickered. How smart is he? How could he not see her thoughts at the moment? His lips slightly raised: "You can laugh in front of me." After a while, I added another sentence: "Because I like ..."

    The smile on Wen Ruoqing's face froze instantly, and her eyes opened unconsciously, staring straight at him, looking a little dull in those ways.

    he likes? What does he like? Like to see her laugh like this?

    He just said that her smile looked dazzling, how could he like it?

    He must not want to see her laugh, so he said so on purpose.

    He did the opposite!

    Well, it must be like this.

    Sure enough, he will always be the darkest and most insidious! !

    "Really? If you like it, I smile at you every day like this." Wen Ruoqing's thoughts can't be wrong, so she smiled again on her face.

    While she was talking, she leaned in front of him deliberately.

    Ye Sishen looked at her and couldn't help but laugh, he felt that sometimes she was actually very cute, very simple, quite naive!

    The look on his face had been completely relaxed, but she was leaning forward like this at the moment, and the dress on her body suddenly outlined her hot body, which was completely tempting, which was completely the kind of extreme enough to attract crime. within Temptation.

    Ye Sishen's face suddenly gloomy, and a pair of eyes quickly squinted: "Who made you go to the banquet like this?"

    Wen Ruoqing stunned, cut, he even used the trick of changing the topic? He feels that her smile is too dazzling, can't see it anymore? So did you deliberately change the subject?

    "The dress my grandfather prepared for me was broken by Wen Ruan Ruan." However, since Ye Si Shen asked, Wen Ruoqing still answered him.

    "So, you choose this one? Where did you get it?" Ye Sishen was obviously not satisfied with her answer. Even if the original dress was destroyed, she couldn't choose this one.

    Ye Si thought secretly that if he was to let him know who sold the dress to her, he would definitely close the shop.

    Wen Ruoqing listened to his suspected clenching teeth, her eyes blinked, and heard that men have a strong possessiveness, and they did not want the sexy and charming appearance of their wives to appear in front of other men. Relationship is the masculinity of a man.

    Therefore, Ye Sishen is at this moment because her dress is very dissatisfied! !

    "I asked Murong Duanyang to design it for me, but I didn't expect it to be designed like this." Wen Ruoqingjue, since Ye Sishen asked, she would naturally answer truthfully, she is an honest good boy, and She dared not lie to Ye Sishen, did she?

    "Murong Duanyang, um, very good." Ye Sishen's teeth bite secretly, and the extremely cold voice seemed to have a bit of killing intent.

    Murong Duanyang designed such a dress for his wife, good, very good!

    He dare to guarantee that Murong Duanyang was definitely intentional.

    Wen Ruoqing secretly took a breath, looking at the situation, the consequences seemed very serious, especially serious, she seemed to feel murderous.

    She can only secretly pray for Murong Duanyang in her heart.

    At this moment, Murong Duanyang somewhere shivered.

    "No, no, I think I still need to hide. After a while, Qingqing disappears, and I will come back." Murong Duanyang suddenly stood up and quickly packed his things.

    His family Qing Qing has always been soft-hearted, and after a while, he will certainly not regenerate his anger, and this matter will hide.

    Yes, he can hide Wen Ruoqing, but if that person is replaced by the night three young, can he still hide?

    "Her husband, have you finished the affairs of your country R?" Wen Ruoqing did not deliberately inquire about his affairs. She just felt that the atmosphere at this moment was too serious, and she wanted to find a topic to change.

    Ye Si Shen glared directly at her, she dared to mention this? It was because she went to the blind date banquet that he threw things back over there.

    However, fortunately he came back in time!

    Wen Ruoqing exhaled secretly, and tonight, he was full of minefields all over the place. Where is the explosion, she still keep quiet.

    Ye Si Shen saw that she didn't speak, snorted slightly, didn't say anything more, but drove away directly.

    When returning to the villa, Ye Sishen went to park. Wen Ruoqing got out of the car first. When Wen Ruoqing was about to speak in, the phone suddenly heard a message.

    Wen Ruoqing's eyes flickered, this is a special reminder that she set specifically ...