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#63 He became a dad

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Wen Ruoqing trembles, he told her by action, if he was caught, would he eat her directly?

    I originally thought that this marriage was really what I needed. I really thought he was looking for a fake marriage to get Ye's equity, and she was because of grandpa.

    She made it clear in the agreement that he got the equity of Yeshi and they could divorce. She originally planned to help him get the equity as soon as possible and then divorce as soon as possible.

    But now it seems that things are not as simple as she thought.

    "Have you ever heard of frankness and refusal, and there is only one way to resist?" After he bit her, he didn't leave, but leaned back to her ear again. A breath of dangerous danger.

    Wen Ruoqing's eyes flickered, did that say so? Is bullying her illiterate?

    "I've heard that confessing to sitting in the jail wide and resisting going home strictly for the Chinese New Year." Wen Ruoqing's lips flicked, and he returned lightly.

    She feels that this sentence is really appropriate for him. She wants to do it, and it is estimated that she will not want to leave.

    Ye Sishen's body sagged slightly, and the face leaning against her ear suddenly pulled back, and a pair of eyes narrowed slightly, staring at her so straight.

    It seemed that the eyes were about to linger her in an instant. If her eyes were really capable of killing her, she thought, she might be dead now and do not know how many times.

    Wen Ruoqing even faintly heard the sound of teeth biting, wondering if it was her illusion.

    It seems that he seems angry.

    When a person is angry, he will lose his calmness and judgment, and he will not be so dangerous.

    Of course, when a person is angry, it is easy to do some impulsive things, do not know if he will?

    Wen Ruoqing was thinking, Ye Si Shen suddenly turned around and walked out without saying a word, so she went out.

    Out of the door, Ye Si Shen twitched his seemingly tight tie tightly, but the tie was loose, but he didn't feel much comfortable.

    Ye Si exhaled fiercely. Why did he just want to strangle the woman just now?

    What did he do to marry her back? Did he come here specifically?

    He has always been calm and rarely irritated. This time, she was really angry with her.

    After walking a distance, Ye Sishen calmed herself down, then picked up the phone and dialed out.

    The phone rang a few times before the other party answered it.

    "Si Shen, what's the matter?" The man's voice is stable and mature, sensual and nice, but even at this moment the language is mild and still has a somewhat resolute style.

    "Brother, I want to know the identity of the man's woman." Ye Sishen directly stated his purpose, without a word of nonsense, he now wants to know who the woman is?

    Did he marry home, the woman who was angry with him?

    "..." "The other party was silent for a moment, and apparently already knew about this matter. After all, it was so big in the police station that he couldn't help not knowing it."

    "It's inconvenient for me to disclose her affairs." After the silence, the man's voice on the other end of the phone was obviously a little lower, and it seemed a little more solemn.

    "I know." Ye Si frowned slightly, but he didn't say much. He knew the identity of the elder brother. The eldest brother said it was inconvenient. It must be embarrassing. He couldn't embarrass him.

    "I will check it myself." Ye Si Shen added another sentence slowly. The eldest brother did not tell him, but he could check it himself.

    "Is it really necessary to check?" Hearing Ye Sishen's words, the other party was not surprised, just a little more worried in his voice.

    "Yes." There was almost no hesitation, Ye Sishen's answer simply left no room.

    The other party didn't say anything. Obviously he knew Ye Sishen's character very well. No one could change what Ye Sishen decided.

    He knows Ye Sishen's ability better. If Ye Sishen really used his real power to investigate this matter, I'm afraid ...

    Hanging up the phone, Ye Sishen's lips slowly lifted up little by little, seeming to be a non-smile, but the charm was even more terrifying.

    This matter is not over yet, the woman wants to escape like this and dream! !


    "Children, do you want me to take you back?" After getting off the plane, Xi Ji looked at the two little men who were behind him. He smiled gently and had already got off the plane. He couldn't believe it. He just did it for others. 'father'.

    Thinking of the previous things, he felt a little weird. When the two little girls said to let him take them on the plane as dad, he was stunned. If it were n’t for someone he knew there, it would n’t be so. It's easy to take two little guys on the plane.

    I have to say that the two little guys are really looking for it, and they found him at once. If they change someone else, I'm afraid there is really no way.

    Of course, what Xi Ji did n’t know was that Tang Zhimo came to him because he saw the uniformed staff at the airport greet him enthusiastically.

    "Thank you uncle, but do n’t bother me anymore, Mummy will come to pick us up." The male baby is very polite. The smile on his face makes people feel particularly comfortable and exceptionally warm, "Uncle goodbye."

    "Uncle, goodbye." The girl also said politely.

    "Okay." Xi Jijue, they crossed the river and demolished the bridge a little bit depressed, but they didn't say much. With the cleverness of these two dolls, he really didn't have to worry too much.

    "Brother, why are we so anxious, and don't tell my mother?" The pink baby eats her favorite ice cream, her big black and bright eyes blink, and her long eyelashes flicker, Meng people's hearts can be transformed.

    "Mommy is married, we have to come over and help my mother to see, can not let the mother be bullied." Relatively speaking, the boy is a little more mature than his age, but still cute and terrible.

    "Do we really have a daddy?" The baby girl took a bite of ice cream before expressing her joy in excitement.

    "This is not the point. The point is that we can't let my mother be bullied." The boy looked at her and saw her sticking to ice cream on her face. She reached out a small hand to help her clean, and the movement was soft and skilled.

    The baby girl seems to be accustomed to, and enjoys such care, but the question about that daddy is still very curious: "Does that brother go to find that daddy?"

    "Yes." The four-year-old baby was still childish, but the expression was very serious.

    He came over purposely to verify that the man was not qualified as her mother ’s husband, so of course he had to meet the man.

    Hearing the conversation behind him, Xi Ji's lips twitched fiercely, and these two babies were really wonderful!

    In general, do n’t parents worry about their children? What happened to these two babies but it was reversed?

    Moreover, the boy just said that their mommy was married, meaning that their mommy found a stepfather for them?

    What about their relatives?

    It was here that his phone rang suddenly.

    "Brother, are you here? Well, okay, I'll wait for you." Xi Ji answered the phone, thinking of the things just now, with a little smile on his face, he couldn't help saying: "Sange, I tell you, I encountered an interesting thing today. There are two 3 or 4 year old baby at the airport. Let me be their father and take them to the plane. "

    Xi Ji originally wanted to call for someone to pick him up, but the third brother said that it happened to be at the airport. By the way, take him back, and it was really rare to be able to make a trip to the third brother.

    "Why? You became a father so soon?" Ye Si Shen made a rare joke.

    "I'm thinking, but unfortunately it's not mine. You don't know how cute these two babies are. Brother, if you can see it faster, you can see it." Xi Ji turned slightly and looked not far behind him The little baby here is still very satisfied with his father this time.