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Originally, she determined that she was strong Ye Sishen subjectively, plus the video evidence just now, as well as Ye Si Shen's tone of grievance and injury at the moment, she thought that the tough point could not be tough.

    Hearing her words, Ye Sishen's lips raised silently, and the woman was really simple in terms of feelings.

    She asked such a question at this moment, and he was happy to give her a detailed demonstration.

    Her words can make his plan go smoothly.

    At the next moment, Ye Si Shen ‘demonstrated’ the situation last night at a thunderous speed.

    "You, you?" When Wen Ruoqing recovered, he wanted to resist.

    Someone has crushed her again, kissed her, and said again in a very bitter tone: "Last night, you did this to me."

    The anger that Wen Ruoqing just wanted to shout was suddenly extinguished by more than half.

    However, he is not finished yet.

    "Look at the scars on my body, these are all made by you. Yesterday night, you treated me very much ..." Ye Si Shen deliberately revealed the scratches on his body for Wen Ruoqing to see, and his words stopped deliberately As soon as he came, Wen Ruoqing left more room for imagination.

    Yes, the wounds on Ye Sanshao were indeed caught by Wen Ruoqing last night, but that was for a reason. That was because Ye Sanshao was endless, so she sent him to catch him hard. There was no mercy, and it was shocking to watch them one by one.

    But these Wen Ruoqing don't know.

    At this moment Wen Ruoqing looked at this 'guilty evidence' of Chi Guoguo and suddenly lost his voice and lost his temper.

    She knew that she was crazy after being drunk, because He Tongtong had told her before, but she didn't expect it to be so crazy last night. In this way, Ye Sishen is actually very pitiful! !

    Wen Ruoqing thought so, the movement and consciousness of the resistance slowly slowed down.

    How smart is Ye Si Shen, how can she not see her mind, and how can she miss such an opportunity.

    Ye Sishen looked at her reaction and was finally satisfied. He kissed her again and tried to soften himself, but found that as soon as he touched her, he could not control it ...

    Wen Ruoqing's body was stiff, slightly trembling, and her breathing was a little messy. She thought, she always had to pay off the debt, so she should only pay it off.

    After all, she was so mad at Ye Si last night, and so rude.

    Wen Ruoqing saw the scratches on Ye Sishen's body, and she couldn't bear to look directly, so she closed her eyes.

    Ye Si's deep lip raised slowly, and he suddenly discovered a characteristic of her. When she did something bad, she would be particularly supple and very well-behaved.

    He felt that this was a good phenomenon.

    At the same time, Tang Zhimo's room.

    Tang Zhimo came out after taking a shower, and when he saw Tang Baiqian, who was obviously gloomy in his bed, he was stunned, but then he smiled happily: "Uncle Tang, are you here?"

    "Huh." Tang Baiqian looked up at him, his face suddenly chuckled.

    "Uncle Tang, what's wrong with you? A person sitting in a daze, the look is wrong?" Tang Zhimo's child may have inherited Wen Ruoqing, and the observation is very subtle.

    He feels what must have happened when he just took a shower?

    "Your phone rang just now, and I saw your mother's phone number, and I answered it." The smile on Tang Baiqian's face was very gentle, and his voice was very soft. Although Tang Zhimo was less than five years old, he knew Tang Zhimo is not an ordinary child. Tang Zhimo understands many things.

    Therefore, he usually talks with Tang Zhimo in a friend's way and does not hide anything.

    "Huh? Mother's call?" Tang Zhimo frowned, and would Uncle Tang receive the phone call from his mother?

    Shouldn't it?

    "The phone is your mother's, but the person calling is not your mother." Tang Baiqian saw his expression, smiled again, and continued.

    "Who is that? Mom's husband?" Tang Zhimo hardly thought about it, and suddenly it was Ye Sishen.

    When he heard Tang Zhimo's mother's husband, Tang Baiqian's eyes flickered, but he nodded slowly: "Well."

    "How can he do this? It's too much, it's too shameless." Tang Zhimo is a child after all, his temper comes especially fast, and his face suddenly becomes more angry.

    Tang Baiqian was not surprised to see his reaction. Tang Zhimo always maintained Wen Ruoqing.

    At the moment, Tang Zhimo is obviously really angry, with a sulky face, and he can't help but complain: "Is it great to be someone else's husband? You can dominate your mother every day? Is it great to be someone else's husband? Allow mom to come to see us, even if we go to kindergarten on the first day, we will not allow mom to come and send us? Is it amazing to be someone else's husband? Surprise authority to steal mom's mobile phone? "

    Obviously, the children of Tang Zhimo have been dissatisfied with Ye Si for a long time. At this moment, it happened to vent out.

    Tang Baiqian listened to Tang Zhimo's words, and the hand holding the phone was slightly tight. Although there was no change in his expression, his eyes were a bit gloomy.

    At the moment, what a little only said was the same as what Ye Sanshao said. It was all words and sentences that poke his heart.

    The difference is that Ye Sanshao's poke is bright, and a small one is only unconscious, but the poke is more painful.

    Sentence by sentence, it is amazing to be someone else's husband, listening to anger, but it has been proved by one piece of another iron-like fact that being someone else's husband is really remarkable, very remarkable.

    The husband who is a mother is treated much better than his son.

    Not to mention other people! !

    Although Tang Baiqian listened to Tang Zhimo's words, he felt that the words and sentences pierced his heart, but he did not interrupt Tang Zhimo's words. After Tang Zhimo finished speaking, he asked softly, "Momo, you married your mother. Any thoughts on things? "

    Ink has always been a matter of opinion, and it is clear that Ink on this matter also has its own ideas, otherwise, Ink will not bite his mother's husband.

    Tang Baiqian felt that Tang Zhimo accepted this matter psychologically.

    Tang Zhimo was a little stunned, looking at Tang Baiqian, a little strange in his expression, thinking for a moment, then suddenly said: "Uncle Tang, do you think my mother can get married, is that a miracle?"

    He knew that his mother's marriage this time was not simple. In fact, he always knew that his mother had no plans to marry someone for his sister. The mother wanted him to accompany him and his sister for the rest of his life.

    However, he hopes his mother can find a husband who can love her and love her.

    He didn't want him and his sister to become burdensome to his mother, so he has been working hard, and he wanted to make himself stronger.