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But now that so many days have passed, Tang Ling has not yet called her.

Wen Ruoqing thought, calculated in terms of time, the result must have come out, maybe not right, maybe her mother was not the lost daughter of the Tang family.

So Tang Ling didn't call her.

What Wen Ruoqing didn't know was that Tang Ling had called her long ago, and she had called one or more times, but they didn't get through.

When Tang Ling made Wen Ruoqing's call for the nth time, but still did not dial it, his eyes were a little colder, and Tang Ling directly called Tang Baiqian's phone.

Tang Baiqian took it quickly.

"Tang Baiqian, you blocked Qingqing's mobile phone so that she could not receive the call." Tang Ling spoke directly as soon as the call was connected.

Tang Ling's words at this moment are not doubts, but a tone of complete affirmation.

This matter is no longer obvious, it must be the ghost of Tang Baiqian.

Tang Baiqian didn't speak, but just laughed coldly.

"Tang Baiqian, you really do, I know, you don't want Qingqing to return to Tang's house, but can you hide her all her life?" Tang Ling's face was obviously a bit cold, and he really didn't think of Tang Bai Qian would have gone so far.

"I will protect her for a lifetime." Tang Baiqian said this time, his voice was a little deep, but his expression was very firm. He would protect her for a lifetime, so he would not let her leave his side in this lifetime.

Tang Ling sneered directly.

"You protect her, your so-called protection is to hide her from everything, your so-called protection is to deceive her with all your heart, your so-called protection is to make a decision for her without asking her meaning, Tang Baiqian, you rely on What do you have the qualifications to do so? Who is she? After all, in fact, you are nothing."

Tang Ling, who always cherishes words like gold, is afraid that this is the first time such a long talk.

At the other end of the phone, Tang Baiqian's complexion obviously sank a bit.

"I am her brother and Ye Sishen is her husband. Although she is divorced now, she is also her ex-husband, but you, Tang Baiqian, can't be considered any identity for her, so Tang Baiqian, you are really ridiculous. "Tang Ling was able to guess Tang Baiqian's thoughts at the moment despite the phone, so he added a few words on purpose.

Tang Baiqian's face sank to the extreme instantly, in fact, these are the things he cares about most.

Of course, he was even more worried about what Wen Ruoqing discovered he did.

If she was discovered by her, she might be

"Tang Baiqian, you said that if Qingqing knew what you were doing, what would she do?" Tang Ling knew what Tang Baiqian was most afraid of.

"She won't know." Tang Baiqian snarled quickly. No, he couldn't let Wen Ruoqing know, absolutely not.

"Oh." Tang Ling sneered again. "Tang Baiqian, the Tang family is not in a hurry, you can hide it, but the old man Wen was seriously ill and was hospitalized the day before yesterday, and the old man has not yet woken up. If Master Wen had an accident, Qingqing will definitely hate you for life."

Tang Baiqian was stunned, and his complexion changed rapidly for a time. He didn't know about Wen's illness and hospitalization. However, he did block Wen Ruoqing's mobile phone so that she could not receive outside calls.

Therefore, the phone of the Wen family will certainly not be able to come in.

Because there are very few outsiders who call Wen Ruoqing usually, the people inside them all use the intranet, so Tang Baiqian dared to do so.

Originally, the number of Wen Ruoqing, except for a few people inside them, was only known to Mr. Wen, and Mr. Wen did not call her often when she was okay. Therefore, Wen Ruoqing did not receive any outside calls, and she did not doubt anything.

Tang Baiqian's mood is a little complicated at the moment.

Tang Ling said that Mr. Wen was hospitalized the day before yesterday, and he hasn’t been awake yet, so it must be very serious, in case

Tang Baiqian shook his hand obviously while holding the phone. Tang Ling knew that the effect he wanted had been achieved, so he hung up the phone directly.

After Tang Ling hung up the phone, a pair of eyes looked at the DNA identification report in front of him.

The corner of his lips faintly smiled slightly.

The appraisal result proves that Wen Ruoqing is a member of the Tang family and can never be wrong.

Therefore, Qingqing will return to the Tang family sooner or later, not because Tang Baiqian wanted to stop it.

In other words, this dna identification has been frequent recently, and there is a dna identification result in the drawer of his office, which is the one that Xi Ji asked him to change last time.

Thinking of the identification result, Tang Ling's eyes flickered. At that time he glanced at it, as if he felt that there was a set of data that was quite familiar, but at that time, when Gu Nan came, he didn't take a closer look.

Tang Ling is now at home, not in the office. He thinks about going to another dna identification result when he goes to the office tomorrow.

Soon afterwards, Wen Ruoqing received a call from Wen's housekeeper.

"Miss, you finally answered the phone. The old man had a heart attack and was hospitalized. Ms. Come back quickly." The housekeeper called Wen Ruoqing several times over the past two days and it has not been reached. This will finally get through. The housekeeper Finally relieved.

"Grandpa is ill and is hospitalized." Wen Ruoqing heard that Grandpa Wen was hospitalized and was anxious. For a time, he ignored the sentence in front of the housekeeper.

"Yes, yes, the situation of the old man is very serious. Come back quickly, Miss." The housekeeper said nothing more, as long as Wen Ruoqing went back quickly.

Wen Ruoqing heard that Grandpa's situation was very serious, and dared not delay it in a hurry, and hurried back to City A as quickly as possible.

It was only because Wen Ruoqing got the news that it was a day later than Ye Sishen, so Ye Sishen had already returned to a city and waited for a day.

Of course, this night Si Shen was not idle, he contacted the best heart experts to help Mr. Wen heal.

However, Ye Sishen did not come forward.

As for Wen's company, he also knows that Wen's now really only has one empty shell. As long as the person pushes one step further, Wen's will definitely go bankrupt, but what surprises Ye Sishen is that the person is at the end One step ended.

It’s because Mr. Wen was hospitalized because of illness.

Ye Si Shen's faint feeling is not that simple.

Ye Si Shen was originally very sure that Mr. Wen was seriously hospitalized and Wen Ruoqing would definitely come back, but he had waited for a day, but she had not yet returned.

Ye Sishen was sitting in Ye's office at this moment, apparently absent-minded.

She won’t try to hide him, she won’t even come back if Master Wen is sick, right?

No, it shouldn't be. She's not that kind of person. He knows her, she is most important to her, and Master Wen is very important to her, so she will definitely come back, and she will.