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Ye Sanshao watched her tear off the old agreement quickly without hesitation. A pair of good-looking eyes bent and smiled happily.

    Tossing for a long time, her move is the most satisfying to him.

    Depressed for one night, his mood finally cleared now.

    "Really good." Ye Sanshao hugged her and kissed hard on her face. His lips kept rising, and the whole face was full of smiles that could not be concealed.

    He had a headache how to make her tear off the old agreement by hand. Unexpectedly, this time he didn't use what he said. She even teared it out so consciously.

    In this way, it is really good.

    Her new agreement was hand-written, and the old agreement was torn by herself, and this matter could not be blamed on him at all.

    Ye San Shaojue's really beautiful thing.

    Ye Sanshao threw the old agreement she tore up directly into the trash can.

    Wen Ruoqing folded the rewritten new agreement and wanted to put it away.

    "Don't accept it, let it go first." Ye Sanshao planned to wait for her to see this newly signed agreement when she was awake tomorrow. As long as she saw it, let her know clearly that their marriage had no deadline. Only then can she dismiss her divorce.

    Wen Ruoqing turned to look at him and wanted to say something.

    But Ye Sanshao kissed her directly again, and Ye Sanshao had achieved her goal, so this time the kiss was deeper and more lingering.

    Wen Ruoqing was already confused, and he was so dizzy at the moment, even more dizzy, and he could not even distinguish between the north and the south.

    After a kiss, Wen Ruoqing was drunk and confused, looking at him half-squinted, lips slightly raised, seeming to be smiling, but not exactly like that, at this moment she looked a bit stunned and extremely cute.

    Ye Sanshao's eyes slowly darkened, and the hand on his skin began to move slowly.

    His plan tonight was originally divided into two steps. The first step was to change the agreement and abolish the original deadline.

    The second step is to have a baby. He thought that with the child, she would definitely not want to divorce anymore.

    He knew that she seemed strong, but her heart was particularly soft. If she had a child, she would not let her lose her father or mother.

    So now he strongly wants a child.

    Wen Ruoqing suddenly reached out his hand and gently touched his face, his lips constantly rising, and there was a little more smile on his face: "It looks good."

    "You look better, when will you remove these freckles on your face." Ye Sanshao's eyes flashed. She felt that in this case, she should not have any precautions any more, and she should tell the truth.

    I have to say that Ye Sanshao really can see the stitches when he sees them, and he will never let go of any opportunity that he can use.

    "Lao Niang looks like this. Don't touch me if you feel disgusted. Get away." However, Wen Ruoqing changed his face in an instant and stared at him fiercely. The rude words were so far away from the foolishness of the previous moment.

    "..." Ye San Shao Yi was dumbfounded for a while, okay, this woman didn't play the card after she got drunk.

    "Don't dislike." Ye Sanshao hugged her, her lips close to her ear and whispered softly: "Never dislike, never dislike."

    Not to mention that the freckles on her face are very likely to be fake, even if it is true, he does not dislike it.

    This can be regarded as Ye Sanshao's confession, Ye Sanshao's first confession.

    When Ye Sanshao finished speaking, she raised her head slightly, trying to see her reaction, but found out that she was already 'sleeping', or should be said to be drunk.

    Yesan was stunned for three seconds, and then took a hard breath, which was really too much.

    Ye Sanshao thought that she had woke up not long after she was drunk last time, so he waited for her to wake up.

    He clearly remembered her madness that time.

    But at night, Sansuo waited for a long time, and Wen Ruoqing didn't wake up and slept particularly well.

    Ye Sanshao felt a little depressed. The two-step plan was equally important, but ...

    Ever since she had the idea of ​​having a baby with her, Ye Sanshao discovered that the idea seemed to take root in his heart, and then sprouted madly, and the idea became stronger and stronger.

    She has never had contraception, so Ye San Shaojue is very hopeful.

    It's just that Ye Sanshao couldn't figure it out for her not having contraception.

    Just when she was confused, what she thought about was how to divorce him, and what she thought about was not to let him touch her.

    He knows that she is actually a woman with a strong sense of responsibility. Since she has always had the idea of ​​divorce, it is logically impossible to make herself pregnant.

    Ye Sanshao looked at the mature woman who was sleeping beside him. There was a little more doubt in his eyes. He thought for a while, then took out his mobile phone and sent a message in their group of seven: What does it mean for a woman to be with you without contraception? "

    "Brother, what's the matter? Did you succeed?" Qin Wushao was drinking tea, seeing Ye Sanshao's message, and sprayed it directly. After an excited message returned to God, he realized that this was inappropriate and repeated corrections. : "Brother, I mean you finally succeeded?"

    Ye Sanshao has always been arrogant, and will naturally not answer such questions.

    But Qin Wushao knew that there was nothing wrong with his guess.

    "Third Brother, was it when Sansao was drunk that night?" Qin Wu Shaojue is most likely. If it is usual, Sansao's attitude is the same, and Sansao may not have such a chance.

    It seems that something unusual happened really that night.

    Of course, this question was not answered at night.

    But everyone knows that it is definitely not wrong.

    "Third Brother, are you and Sansao the only one that night? If it is only one pregnancy, and it is not likely to be pregnant, and Sansao can also take post-natal contraceptives." Qin Wushao thought for a while, and cautiously made such a mistake Crosstalk.

    "Every day." Ao Jiao's Ye San Shao finally returned. The simple words could not be simple, but the meaning was obvious enough and shocking enough.

    "..." Qin Wushao froze for three seconds when he saw the word "Daily", and then his lips twitched fiercely.

    every day? The third brother is really powerful, it seems that the third brother is the third sister-in-law.

    "Third Brother, how do I feel that you are showing off, showing off the red fruit fruit." Xi Ji, who was lying on the bed of He Tongtong and couldn't sleep at the moment, felt very special when he saw Ye Sanshao's words. unfair.

    Why can the 3rd Brother get soft fragrance every night, but he is alone and sleepless.

    Since seeing He Tongtong in the morning, Xi Ji has been following her, wherever He Tongtong has gone, he has followed him all the way to He Tongtong's house.

    He Tongtong wanted to rush him back, but he didn't want to leave. In the end He Tongtong had no choice but to let him enter her house ...