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"With his strength, he found out, I may not be able to hide it." When a man says this, his eyes flash lightly. It seems that a common sentence is a hidden mystery.

He believed that with her cleverness, he didn't have to say it clearly, even if it was just a tiny trace, she could hear it.

"His strength?" Sure enough, Wen ruoqing didn't catch the point he wanted to express.

The strength of Yesi Chen?

The chief said the strength of the night division rather than the strength of the night family, but there was a big difference between them.

"Well." Men seem to be very satisfied with the smile, of course, that silent smile, Wen ruoqing can not hear, can not see.

"I'm afraid that ten of his clandestine forces can't match them. I'm afraid I can't resist them." The man added a sentence slowly.

There is an obvious meaning in his words. Ten ye surnames are not equal to the power of Ye sichen, so ye sichen may not really be rare.

How intelligent is Wen ruoqing? Can't he hear that.

But no matter how rare yeshishen is, her agreement with yeshishen is clear, and she promised yeshishen before, before yeshishen didn't get yeshishen, she never mentioned divorce again.

Since she promised yesichen, she must do it. No matter what the reason is, it can't be the reason for her dishonesty.

"Sir, I see." Wen ruoqing didn't say anything more, she just answered in a low voice. She only said that she knew, and then there was no other reaction. The meaning was obvious.

On the other end of the phone, the man's breath was slightly heavy. He didn't expect that his words were so obvious, but she was not affected at all and still chose to be with the night manager.

She said that she and Yesi Chen are married by agreement, Thaksin.

And he checked that it was yeshishen who forced her.

Is it really just because of coercion? If persecution is so useful to her, he has already used it. Why wait so many years?

When the first night is really pressing, but for her, there is not necessarily no way to escape.

All these years, he has been careful, never dare to force her half.

Because he knew that she hated being cheated and forced.

But why is she so tolerant to Yesi Shen?

Why is it different to yesichen alone.

In fact, he is now in the Yinlong shopping mall. He stands at a high place at the moment and can see her clearly. Mingming is so close to her, but he feels that her relationship with him seems to suddenly become very far away.

"Seniors..." Wen ruoqing can't help shouting when she sees that he hasn't spoken for a long time. She always feels that the senior is a little strange today.

The head teacher will say something and nothing. What's the situation?

The man's breath slightly coagulates, at the moment stands in the high place he, looking at her figure, the Mou son a little bit dark down, he does not want to force her after all.

He didn't want to end the call like this, but he didn't want to arouse her suspicion. He breathed secretly. He just wanted to open his mouth.

Just at this time, he saw Yesi Chen, now he is on the fifth floor, Yesi Chen is on the second floor, and wenruoqing is still on the first floor.

Yinlong shopping mall was originally under the name of Yeshi. Yesi Chen happened to have something to do today.

The man's eyes flickered, suddenly changed his mind: "Qingqing, are you in the silver dragon mall?"

"Yes, how do you know?" Wen ruoqing is slightly stunned. How does the Dean know that he is in the Yinlong mall?

"I'm here, too. I see you. You stay there. Wait for me. I'll be right down." At the moment, he asked Wen ruoqing to stand on the first floor and wait for him, rather than let Wen ruoqing come up to look for him, because he knew that he would meet Wen ruoqing on the first floor, and the night manager on the second floor would surely see it.

He just wanted to let yesichen see

If he sees it, he will definitely act. Then he will let sunny see its real purpose.

"Senior, do you meet at the mall?" Wen ruoqing is stunned and suddenly asks.

She had already felt that the response of the head teacher today was a little strange. At the moment, when she heard the words of the head teacher, her heart suddenly became more alert.

As a senior, it is absolutely impossible to propose to meet her in such an occasion, which is not good for her. For a moment, she doubted that the senior was a fake.

Is it someone who steals the senior's cell phone, imitates the senior's voice and pretends to call her?

The man's movements stopped suddenly, and his hand was clenched violently. He could hear the suspicion in her voice, even alert.

She doubted him? Even on his guard?

This kind of cognition let his heart sink to the bottom suddenly.

He took care of her so carefully for so many years that she even suspected him? Alert him?

It really hurt him.

However, he thought of her specialty again. Her vigilance has always been very high, and his behavior today is really too abnormal, and there are some inconsistencies, no wonder she will doubt it.

He thought of her style again. He knew that she was always decisive, clean, and never sloppy.

For so many years, in terms of emotion, she never even gave any man the chance to be ambiguous and entangled.

In terms of emotion, she has always been adamant. In the boundary she delimits, she will never step over the thunder pool, nor will she allow others to step over the thunder pool.

From the beginning, the relationship she defined for him was that of a senior, a friend, or even a relative, but it did not include a lover.

So for so many years, he didn't dare to show his mind, and she never gave him the chance to show his mind.

If he went down to meet her now, he would show her the real face of the company, but he was more afraid that some things would be out of control.

Well, it's only one year at most. He didn't cover her heart for so many years. He didn't believe that night Secretary Chen could cover her heart for one year.

What's more, she and yesichen were originally married by agreement, and she could not give yesichen such an opportunity.

Or, he was too nervous and thought too much.

"Qingqing, suddenly I have something urgent. I have to leave. I'll see you next time." He didn't answer Wen ruoqing's question directly, but changed his opinion.

He knew her so well that he knew how to dispel her suspicion and vigilance.

“……” Wen ruoqing was relieved to hear what he said. It seems that she was suspicious just now. This should be a real senior, not a fake.

It's all because her career makes her too vigilant. I hope the seniors don't think much about it.

The man then hung up the phone, without any hesitation, but after hanging up, he did not leave, still standing at a high place looking at her, and the second floor of the night Secretary Shen, he wanted to see what would happen next?