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Who is that? Who did she mess with today?

    Wen Ruoqing held Tang Zixi just out of the office, Tang Baiqian took Tang Zixi from Wen Ruoqing's arms.

    Wen Ruoqing froze for a while, but did not say anything, but reached out and held Tang Zhimo, seeing Tang Zhimo's hand injury, she couldn't help but feel distressed.

    Tang Baiqian's car was in the parking lot of the shopping mall not far in front. Wen Ruoqing walked to the intersection. When he looked up, he could just see the Ye's building not far away.

    Wen Ruoqing remembered that Shen Chen, who had previously answered Ye Si, would go to the company to find him, but now that she had picked up the two babies, she could not throw the two children to the senior, and she went to Ye Si Shen herself.

    And Momo was injured, she really wanted to accompany two babies.

    Since you can't pass by, you must call Ye Sishen or say Ye Sishen's temperament, don't know what will happen.

    Wen Ruoqing's hand stretched out into the outer pocket, intending to get the phone.

    Tang Baiqian stood almost side by side with her at this moment. His eyes flashed quickly after seeing her movements, and then suddenly said, "Today's thing is Yang Qingqing's ghost, Yang Qingqing wants to hurt two babies . "

    "What's the situation? Yang Qingqing? Who is it?" Wen Ruoqing stopped with his hand in his pocket, and quickly raised his eyes, looking at Tang Baiqian.

    At this moment, Wen Ruoqing heard that someone was going to hurt the two babies, and the other things were naturally put aside.

    "Xi Ji's fiancee." Tang Baiqian exhaled secretly, very naturally, but his eyes looked forward, not Wen Ruoqing.

    Because he knows Wen Ruoqing's ability so well, if he looks at Wen Ruoqing at this moment, Wen Ruoqing is only afraid that he can see something strange in his eyes.

    What he said was true, no problem, but he just took her phone, he did n’t want her to know.

    "Xi Ji!" Wen Ruoqing's eyebrows frowned slightly: "So, did it come to the pupil?"

    "Huh." Tang Baiqian responded softly, and then his words paused, and then he turned to look at her again: "A few days ago, Xi Ji's mother made people take away the hair of the ink and made a DNA identification . "

    At the moment, those undesirable emotions were completely hidden, leaving no trace.

    And he knows what is said at the moment, which is important enough for Wen Ruoqing. What is important is that Wen Ruoqing can not pay attention to others.

    "Remove the ink's hair? How to take it?" Wen Ruoqing's heart trembling, they came to take the ink's hair, in case the ink was hurt ...

    "Mom, I'm fine, I have nothing, I don't know when they took it, I didn't find it." Tang Zhimo saw the worry on Wen Ruoqing's face and comforted her again and again.

    The children of Tang Zhimo will not lie, but there is no flaw in what he said at the moment.

    Wen Ruoqing tightly embraced Tang Zhimo in her arms. Yes, Momo is okay now, but she still can't help being afraid.

    She is an incompetent mother, and she has not protected two babies.

    She didn't expect that things would be so complicated. Xi Ji's mother took the hair of Zhimo for DNA identification?

    Take her child's hair to do a paternity test with Si Ji, it's strange that the fuck can match.

    If not, will Xi Ji's mother let go of two children?

    I thought it was impossible with my toes.

    Can't go on like this, she must not let the two babies get any harm.

    She wants a perfect solution.

    She knew that the best way to protect the two children was to bring the two children back as soon as possible, but the matter over Ye Sishen had not been resolved. It seemed that she had to hurry up.

    She must not put her baby in any danger.

    "Get in the car before you talk." Tang Baiqian first carried the two babies in the car. At the moment, Wen Ruoqing was standing in front of the car. He knew that it was close to Yeshi, so he didn't want her to stand here! He was afraid of being seen.

    Sometimes things are really so coincident. At the moment, Qin Wushao just drove by. When Qin Wushao's eyes turned slightly, he just saw them. Qin Wushao was the chief of the police station. Wen Ruoqing was recognized.

    At the moment, in the office of President Ye, Shen Si's eyes narrowed dangerously, his face getting colder and heavier, he just called and it was clear, but then she shut down.

    What does she mean? Didn't she answer her phone?

    Normally, he always thought that he should be respected, but whenever he couldn't find her, he couldn't put a tracker on her.

    Ye Si Shen made Wen Ruoqing's phone calls several times, all turned off.

    She turned off the machine, and Ye Sishen couldn't reach her. He thought that she had said that she was near the company. He knew she would never lie to him. Since she said that she was near the company, it must be near the company.

    Therefore, Ye Si went downstairs and was going to find her, maybe she could be found. Qin Wushao recognized Wen Ruoqing and stopped the car directly. Then he quickly took out the phone and dialed Ye Sishen's phone: "Third Brother, I saw that Tang, that was the last time you stopped at the police station. The woman who didn't stop. "

    Ye Sishen was just downstairs at the moment, and Qin Wushao's phone came over.

    Hearing Qin Wushao's words, Ye Sishen's eyes flashed quickly.

    Qin Ting said he saw that s Tang?

    Qin Ting does not know that Wen Ruoqing is Tang, but he knows.

    Qin Ting said at the moment that he saw r Tang, and what he saw must be Wen Ruoqing, and Wen Ruoqing with his disguise removed.

    Wen Ruoqing removed the disguise? why?

    She was always in full disguise in front of him.

    He tried several times to get her to disguise, but she refused, and she never admitted that she was disguised.

    So what caused her to remove her disguise and reveal her true look? And still on the street?

    Ye Sishen's footsteps stopped, but his breathing became heavy.

    "Third Brother, are you listening?" Didn't hear Ye Sishen's answer. Qin Wushao did not have too many accidents, because he usually called his third brother, and the third brother's words were few, so Qin Wushou He continued to say, "The woman is so beautiful, I was just passing by, but I saw her at a glance and recognized her, but she was with a man, looking at a very good man, it should be her boyfriend……"