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Mr. Tang sneered in his heart, the world was so cool, and people were awesome. This world has always been like this, just to see how you survive in this world!

    Mr. Tang suddenly remembered the situation when Wen Ruoqing was just scolded. The girl’s mind was really admirable, and the average person could not do it.

    Mr. Tang smiled and walked over.

    The man who was playing chess with Mr. Gu immediately stood up and gave way to Mr. Tang.

    At the moment, Grandpa Gu had a smug look on his face, and he wanted to show off a few more words, only to see that the dull face of Grandpa Tang had already begun to play chess, and he could resist it.

    On the other side, Mrs. Donald Tang went straight to Wen Ruoqing.

    However, Mrs. Donald Tang had not walked past, and Wen Ruoqing left carrying the selected fruit.

    Mrs. Tang stood in the same place, thinking that it seemed not so good to call the girl suddenly.

    Then Mrs. Tang watched Wen Ruoqing bring the fruit to Mrs. Ye, and saw Wen Ruoqing help Mrs. Ye to classify the fruits.

    Mrs. Tang suddenly felt dazzling, and she wanted to eat the fruit the girl had chosen.

    Actually, Mrs. Tang was really misunderstood. Wen Ruoqing's hand fruit was not taken for Mrs. Ye, and she did not classify the fruits for Mrs. Ye, but just a habit she usually developed.

    But she came with Mrs. Ye, and was also said to be a carer for Mrs. Ye, so she naturally had to stay with Mrs. Ye.

    Next, Wen Ruoqing has been sitting quietly in front of Mrs. Ye, very quiet, very quiet, without saying anything.

    Mrs. Tang was haunted and greeted, and she never found an opportunity to chat with Wen Ruoqing. Therefore, her plan to deceive Sun's wife had never been carried out.

    Mrs. Tang's mood was particularly depressed at the moment.

    "I know who the ugly monster is. She is Wen Ruoqing, the old lady of the Wen family." At this moment, Gu Ruo, who had just scolded Wen Ruoqing, suddenly whispered like he found the New World.

    The eyes of Mrs. Donald blinked, Miss Wen's eldest?

    "How does the old lady of the Wen family go to work as a nurse?" A lady beside Gu Ruo couldn't help asking.

    "I heard that Wen's family was going bankrupt. Later, Ye's invested in Wen's family. Maybe Wen Ruoqing was just to please Mrs. Ye, and she was a good lady." Another woman took the sentence. There was obvious gloating in the words.

    "This is not the point, the point is that Wen Ruoqing is a fool, really a fool, so we just made a mistake, she is a fool." Gu Ruo was just yelled by Zhang Yueping, and his heart has been uncomfortable, always thinking about finding Wen Ruoqing out of this mouth Nasty.

    "Well, I have also heard that this Miss Wen family is not only ugly, but also stupid, but now it looks like it is "real name"."

    "I heard that Miss Wen Jia was taken back to Wen Jia only a few years ago. It has not been a few years before, and Wen Jia went bankrupt."

    "Yes, I also heard that when Mrs. Wen disagreed with her mother's entrance to Wen's door, Wen Zhifan was infatuated. She left Wen's house for her mother, but unfortunately Wen Zhifan didn't have a car accident in a long time. After she passed away, the child was also suffering. I heard that she had been bullied since she was a child." She was still kind-hearted and soft-hearted, and finally said a fair word.

    Listening to this, Mrs. Tang suddenly felt a little tingling in her heart. Don’t look at her good mentality. She had suffered depression and committed suicide, because her baby daughter disappeared many years ago and disappeared.

    At that time, she was really anxious, really crazy.

    At that time, her daughter was only five years old, and the Tang family went up and down like crazy, but none of them were found.

    Now forty years have passed, and there is still no news.

    She knew that Tang Ling’s child hadn’t given up and was looking for it, but it had been more than 40 years, and she no longer had any extravagance.

    Moreover, Tang Ling has never brought any news back. Although she was unwilling to accept it, she had to accept reality.

    Mrs. Tang thought that her daughter had left the house when she was so young, and she must have suffered a lot. Therefore, at the moment, she heard that Wen Ruoqing had been bullied by someone since she was a child.

    "Oh, my brother came out, my brother is smart, but this time he won the world championship." Gu Ruo saw Gu Qingxin hugged, and suddenly cheered, her voice was loud, everyone in the room heard.

    "Zhengxin, you come." Grandpa Gu who was playing chess with Grandpa Tang suddenly shouted.

    Mr. Gu is playing chess with Mr. Tang. At this time, Gu Zhengxin is called? Grandpa Gu obviously has another purpose.

    Wen Ruoqing raised his eyes, glanced at Gu's grandfather, and raised his eyebrows slightly. This Gu's grandfather wanted to embarrass Tang in public! !

    It's just that Mr. Tang is so easy to bully.

    Although Mr. Tang didn't say anything, his heart was like a mirror. When I saw Mr. Gu shouting Gu Qingxin, his eyes narrowed slightly. He sneered secretly, and Mr. Gu was really anxious.

    Gu Zhengxun hasn't been the commander yet, and Old Man Gu wants to trip him everywhere.

    When I saw Gu Qingxin was approaching him, Mr. Tang suddenly stood up and rubbed his waist with one hand: "Hey, it's really not good to disobey the old man. It's bad to have a back pain after sitting for a while, no good, no good , Old man, I can't accompany you anymore."

    Wen Ruoqingchen's corner slightly ticked, this old man Tang is quite cute.

    "Don't you, you want to run after you win this time, that's not okay." Grandpa Gu has calculated it, and naturally doesn't want Grandpa Tang to hide like this.

    "Gu Lao, I will accompany you for the next two games." Ye Ye suddenly opened his mouth at this time. He didn't wait for Gu Ye to speak, and he sat directly in the place where Mr. Tang had just sat.

    Because of Tang Ling's relationship with Ye Sishen, Ye Family and Tang Family have always been closer.

    When Mr. Tang stood up, Mr. Ye understood the meaning of Mr. Gu. He listened to Mr. Gu that he did not want to stop. He purposely came out to help Mr. Tang block this knife.

    Ye Ye also understands that if Gu Zhengxun made a commander this time, the Tang family would definitely be suppressed. However, the current Ye family relied on Si Shen. With the relationship between Si Shen and Tang Ling, no matter how the Tang family was suppressed, Si Shen must be on the Tang side, so he has no other choice.

    Since the Tang family and the Ye family were tied together, he naturally could not embarrass Mr. Tang in public.

    It is said that the thin dead camel is bigger than the horse. No matter how the Tang family is suppressed, they are also incomparable to these businessmen.

    Therefore, in the future, the Ye family will have to rely on the Tang family. The most thorough analysis of these matters has always been done by Ye Ye.