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In fact, Wen Ruoqing had no affection for the old man, but the old man of the night just had a rare bravery to help the old man Tang, but it made her slightly change the old man.

    Gu Qingxin bullied too much. After all, it was Ye Sishen’s grandfather. She, as Ye Sishen’s wife, could not stand idly by.

    Ye Ye was humiliated, and it was rumored that Ye Si Shen also had a dull face and was not good for Ye Si Shen.

    Of course, Wen Ruoqing came out because she needed this opportunity,

    She needs an opportunity to let Ye Ye look at her differently, and it must be another look under shock, because that feeling is the strongest, so strong that it can make people feel impulsive and do something impulsive.

    Only in this way, she can help Ye Sishen get back the shares of Ye Shi from Ye Ye.

    Now is a rare opportunity, she will not miss it.

    "Wen Ruoqing, you fool actually want to play chess with my brother?" Gu Ruo returned to the god and rushed over directly, shouting at Wen Ruoqing.

    Everyone was stunned to hear Gu Ruo's words. Gu Ruo was just talking in the corner, so not many people knew Wen Ruoqing's identity.

    What's more, the person who actually heard Wen Ruoqing didn't know who it was. Just heard Gu Ruo said she was a fool. Everyone couldn't help but be surprised. A fool came to Gu Qingxin to play chess?

    "Brother, she is a fool, really a fool. The silly lady of the Wen family has been sick since childhood."

    "Are you a fool? What are you doing, a fool?" Gu Qingxin actually wanted to humiliate Ye Ye. He had originally thought that since this woman said he would take Ye Ye for the next time, as long as he didn't say the end, Ye Ye must still come back. Yes, then he continued to humiliate Ye Ye.

    However, he did not expect this woman to be a fool.

    "Cut, play chess with a fool? Then I'm not a fool anymore?" Gu Qingxin was really welcome.

    But when he looked at Wen Ruoqing, he could not help but stunned, he saw Wen Ruoqing suddenly smiled.

    The face that was originally freckled and looked very ugly, because of this faint smile, it seemed that there was suddenly a more splendid splendor that could penetrate into the soul of the heart.

    It looks gorgeous, but it feels like it is staggering on the cliff, there is a danger that it may be pulled into the abyss at any time.

    At that moment, Gu Qingxin suddenly felt a terrified fear.

    Gu's people have always been used to bullying others, and Gu Qingxin was the most favored child since he was a child. It can be said that he is lawless and never afraid, but at the moment looking at such a chuckle Wen Ruoqing, he feels afraid!

    Wen Ruoqing didn't look at him, and didn't mean it at all. After listening to him, she got up, but when she stood up, she said casually: "If you're worried about losing, don't stop. ."

    Gu Qingxin recovered and looked at her face again, only to find that there was no smile on her face at the moment, only freckles remained, and she was still ugly.

    Hey, he must have just looked at it, Gu Qingxin scolded secretly in his heart.

    Seeing Wen Ruoqing stand up and go, Gu Qingxin shouted angrily: "What are you saying? What are you stupid? I will lose?"

    At this moment, he is still arrogant, but his momentum is obviously weak.

    Wen Ruoqing stopped, turned his eyes, looked at him, and seemed to think very seriously before slowly saying, "Not necessarily."

    What she said was very light, and the light was like a breeze, which was originally unable to lift the slightest waves, but at the moment everyone heard her, but they were all startled.

    She said it was not necessarily? Does it mean that Gu Qingxin does not necessarily lose?

    How ignorant did she say this?

    "This girl is really interesting." Mrs. Tang had walked past, and whispered next to Mrs. Tang, but her eyes kept looking at Wen Ruoqing, with a strange light.

    She must have seen a good show next.

    "Well, it's really a special girl." Mr. Tang's lips slightly faintly smiled: "Speaking of this, this girl can also be considered to be for me, and I can't hold me flat.

    Mrs. Tang turned quickly and looked at Mr. Tang: "Why are you so thick-skinned? My beautiful old lady did not enjoy the treatment of the girl, why do you have this treatment?"

    When Mr. Tang heard Mrs. Tang's words, he was stunned for a while, and then he chuckled.

    "This girl is really crazy, but it's really attractive." Madam Donald's attention was refocused on Wen Ruoqing.

    Mr. Tang's eyebrows are slightly raised, so crazy? It really is such a feeling.

    But it really makes people like it.

    "Wen Ruoqing, are you a fool whispering?" Gu Ruo originally resented Wen Ruoqing because of the previous things. At this moment, when he heard Wen Ruoqing, he roared directly.

    Wen Ruoqing didn't even look at her, but ignored her completely.

    "*Don't go, sit down for Lao Tzu, Lao Tzu compares with you, Lao Tzu wants to play with you, and Lao Tzu doesn't have the surname Gu." Gu Qingsheng was at the best of Gu's family, he was gifted and clever, he was spoiled and lawless Boundless.

    He never believed that someone could beat him in chess.

    Wen Ruoqing didn't go, but he didn't sit down or talk, but just looked at him faintly.

    "You sit down, I compare with you." Under her plain eyes, Gu Qingxin's arrogant momentum disappeared for some reason, and her tone and attitude also changed obviously.

    Wen Ruoqing was sitting opposite him.

    Everyone was shocked. Gu Qingxin was usually a little bully. He was so arrogant and arrogant that he would not listen to anyone's words.

    Did the arrogant little bully just change his attitude just because of a look in Wen Ruoqing?

    For a moment, everyone felt dazzled and misunderstood.

    Yes, it must be wrong.

    Grandpa Gu's face was obviously sinking. Looking at Wen Ruoqing, his eyes were a little colder. This woman is not simple. Who is she?

    "I'll let you first." Although Gu Qingxin just slightly converged, he still couldn't change his arrogant temper.

    "No, you first, I won't, you go first, I learn." Wen Ruoqing lowered her eyes slightly, didn't move, didn't even touch the chess pieces, and couldn't hear any emotion in a word.

    Everyone took a deep breath, but she meant that she was studying now.

    No, she wouldn't be able to play chess. How dare she play Gu Qingxin?

    Isn't this death?

    Of course, Wen Ruoqing can play chess, but she studied deeply while studying psychology. At this moment, she said so deliberately.

    Who will not bully people, rest assured, she will definitely bully him to the fullest, spare no effort.