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#133 Endless good news

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This time, she wanted to see how Qiao Yunan handled it. In this case, Qiao Yunan didn't want to show her stuff ...

    Chu Ling'er looked at Qiao Yunan, his face concealed with gloating.

    Qiao Yunan is anxious for the Six Gods without Lord at the moment. For the past four years, she has borrowed the design drawings from the design draft. Over time, she could not design a decent work.

    She has been holding back at home for several days without designing a decent work, not to mention the situation now?

    Qiao Yunan is very clear that in this case she can't design good works. If she can't hand over good works at that time, everything she had before will be questioned.

    She absolutely does not allow that to happen.

    Qiao Yunan's spirit machine moved, his eyes closed, and he leaned to the side, making it clear that he wanted to act dizzy.

    Chu Ling'er looked at her all the time, seeing Qiao Yunan's move, Chu Linger rushed to Qiao Yunan's side, supported Qiao Yunan, and was still hard on Qiao Yunan's waist Grab a handful.

    Qiao Yunan, who wanted to pretend to be dizzy, exclaimed directly and had to open her eyes.

    "Qiao Qin ... Miss Qiao, are you okay?" Chu Ling'er made a sudden change of his mouth, barely squeezing out a trace of hypocritical concern that even she felt.

    "I'm fine, thank you." Qiao Yunan hated Chu Ling'er at the moment, but had to smile and say thank you to her.

    "Since Miss Qiao is okay, let's start designing." Chu Ling'er was very attentive to help Qiao Yunan bring the paper and pen over, and then forcibly pressed Qiao Yunan on the chair.

    She wanted to pretend to be confused, and she was here with Chu Ling'er, she didn't even think about it.

    Today, how can such a good show end so rashly.

    Secretary Liu looked stunned for a while. Just outside the company, Chu Linger had as bad an attitude as Qiao Yunan.

    At that time, Chu Ling'er threatened to fight Qiao Yunan. Why did she suddenly care so much about Qiao Yunan now?

    Is this normal? Is this reasonable?

    After Chu Linger pressed Qiao Yunan on the chair, she did not leave, so she stood beside Qiao Yunan and looked at it.

    Unknown people thought she was the proctor.

    Secretary Liu looked at Chu Ling'er, his face ignorant, what is this person's situation? What's the matter with her standing there?

    Secretary Liu wants to remind Chu Ling'er that she needs to turn in the work two hours later, but she represents Wen's.

    But Ye Sishen gave Secretary Liu a wink and signaled Secretary Liu to watch the changes.

    Ye Sishen's lips were slightly ticked. The designer representing Wen's is not busy with his own design, but he is in charge of others. This is really more and more interesting! !

    The other people looked at Chu Ling when they were all ignorant, but Ye's people didn't care, and naturally they wouldn't say anything.

    Chu Ling'er didn't do anything at this moment, they had one competitor missing, which was a good thing for them.

    "Brother Si Shen, I suddenly felt very uncomfortable, and my head was dizzy." Qiao Yunan couldn't design it. At this moment, she was stared at by Chu Ling'er so straight, she couldn't write any more.

    Qiao Yunan knew that she had to find a reason to leave at this moment. Even if she lost the opportunity to cooperate with Yeshi this time, she had to keep her reputation and her honor.

    "Dizziness? Come on, I'll help you knead, I tell you that this is an ancestral skill, and I guarantee that my hand will be cured and get immediate results." But Qiao Yunan's words fell, and Chu Ling'er stood beside her. Reaching directly, pressed her temple.

    There was no one in that diligent gesture.

    Chu Ling'er looked at Qiao Yunan and smiled very happy. She wanted to find a reason to escape in front of her. There was no door! !

    Everyone was stunned, what was the situation, and why did the Wen's designer come here?

    "I have been in poor health since I was young, and I have palpitations. Ling'er, don't touch me. I'm afraid that I'll be sick suddenly and cause you trouble." Qiao Yunan is really going to be driven crazy by Chu Ling'er at the moment. She just wanted to leave, and it was good for Wen to give up. Why did Chu Ling'er stop her?

    Did Murong Duanyang tell Chu Ling'er? Does Chu Ling'er know that thing?

    Qiao Yu Nan Yue was more and more surprised.

    When Chu Ling'er heard Qiao Yunan's words, he smiled brightly and scared her? Will she be scared?

    What a joke! !

    "It's okay, it's a big deal. You're dead. I'll be with you. I'm willing." Chu Ling'er bravely patted Qiao Yunan's back. Chu Ling'er's shot coughed up Qiao Yunan's.

    It is really important to start! !

    Everyone listened to Chu Ling'er's words, and there was a direct messy feeling. What does it all mean? What the hell is going on?

    For a time all the people forgot about the business and looked at Chu Ling'er and Qiao Yunan looking at the excitement.

    "Miss Qiao, is your head still dizzy?" Chu Ling'er asked softly and drizzled softly, and pressed his hand against Qiao Yunan's head secretly.

    "Much better, thank you." Qiao Yunan suffered from pain for a while, and her face was somewhat distorted. She was really cruel to cramp Chu Ling'er, but she knew she had to endure it.

    Chu Ling'er nodded in satisfaction, then stopped the massage, and stood back again. Of course, she was still standing next to Qiao Yunan, and did not mean to leave at all.

    At the next moment, Qiao Yunan suddenly lay on the table, his body twitching, foaming in his mouth.

    Chu Ling'er looked at Qiao Yunan, his eyes blinked and blinked again.

    Lying in a slot! !

    Is this okay? It looks really like it! !

    It's a pity that this man doesn't act really TMD! !

    This time Qiao Yunan moved too fast, and this situation looked too scary. Chu Ling'er was thinking of ways to make Qiao Yunan appear 'prototype'.

    "Come on, quickly send Miss Qiao to the hospital." Secretary Liu quickly rushed over and put Qiao Yunan directly out, and then let someone send Qiao Yunan to the hospital.

    Chu Ling'er's small face sank apparently, and her heart was very depressed. She didn't expect Qiao Yunan to escape, which was so annoying! !

    "Miss Chu, don't be stunned. Hurry up and start drawing the design drawings. You'll have to hand it over later." Secretary Liu turned back and saw Chu Ling'er's face in distress. He was stunned, and then kindly reminded A sentence.

    "Ah?" Chu Ling'er realized that she was not a bystander but an authority. Today, she also has something to face! !

    She must also design a work within two hours! !

    I really want her old life! !

    Ye Sishen is really a pitman!

    Who can save her now?