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#10 His woman

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Secretary Wu didn't dare to show up. Others also realized that something was wrong, so they couldn't disappear invisibly.

    Moments later, Ye Sanxiao dialed a call.

    "Brother? Call me at this point, how much do you miss me?" The phone was quickly connected, and there was a little laugh in the other party's voice.

    "Check for me, the vehicles passing by COSCO near Huanyu Hotel within half an hour." Ye Sishen didn't have any nonsense, the cold breath seemed to freeze everyone on the phone.

    The words are direct and simple, and there is no half-word nonsense, which is his usual style of doing things.

    Upon hearing this, Secretary Wu knew who the call was for, and it was none other than Qin Wu Shao who wanted to find these in the shortest time and most accurately.

    "What's the matter? Something happened to COSCO more than an hour ago, and there was a murder, is it the third brother ..." Qin Wushao's voice was a little more solemn.

    "Check it out as I said first." Ye Sishen's character didn't like to explain, not to mention this matter, he couldn't explain it.

    Qin Wushao did not ask any more questions, and went directly to work.

    five minutes later.

    "Brother, I found it. During the time period you mentioned, a total of two cars passed by, one taxi and one Bentley. The owner of the Bentley was Ye Yunan. Between the two intersections near the hotel, the delay of Bentley was obvious. Some are long, and there should be a stop in the middle. I do n’t know why. The taxi is normal. “I have to say that the efficiency of Qin Wushao ’s work is really amazing.

    "You just said that something happened to COSCO and a murder happened ..." Hearing Qin Wushao's words, Ye Sishen's unpredictable eyes slowly squinted.

    It's better to investigate what happened.

    "Ah? Yes, but this time is not right, and the location is a little far away. The two should not matter ..." "This thought jumped too fast, and even Qin Wusha didn't react for a while.

    "Should?" Ye Sanshao's low and deep voice was passed over the phone word by word, with a somewhat inscrutable meaning.

    "..." Qin Wu Shao was stunned for two seconds, and then came to understand that the third brother meant to investigate, but also to investigate thoroughly. It does not matter whether it is related to the homicide. The important thing is that this happens to be the most Reasonable reason.

    Qin Wushao said quickly: "No, there is no need. As a people's police, the most important thing is to be rigorous. There must be no sloppyness, and I must not let the slightest clues go.

    "However, can Brother San give some hints to let me know which aspect should I focus on? Can I improve the efficiency?" I have to say that the level of Qin Wushao's speech is called a high one.

    In fact, he just wanted to find out what happened?

    "I want to know who brought a woman halfway." Ye Sishen's voice had calmed down, but he still felt a bit suspicious of clenching his teeth.

    She can't leave on foot, so she must have taken one of the cars. As long as she finds the car, she can definitely find her. He wants to see, how else can she escape? Where else can I go?

    Damn woman, once, twice, three times, okay, okay ...