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Obviously, Ye Sishen is planning to calculate the old and new accounts together! !

    "I'm not talking about anything, do you believe it?" Wen Ruoqing's lips slightly flicked. She really didn't talk to Leng Rong yesterday, and she didn't know where the old man saw that they were very happy.

    Ye Si looked at her, her lips twitched, and she didn't speak. To say, he believed what she said, but he couldn't do anything when he thought about Leng Rong's going to raise relatives yesterday, and the truck of roses. Don't mind.

    Moreover, he felt that Mr. Wen said that they were talking very happy, and it was impossible to talk nonsense, and there was that photo ...

    However, since she said so, he still believed, somehow, he just knew she wouldn't lie to him.

    Ye Si calmed his face slightly.

    "Her husband, I'm hungry, shall we go to dinner?" Wen Ruoqing is best at observing and observing, seeing the changes in his expressions, and then taking the opportunity to be soft and spoiled.

    To be honest, she was the first time in her life to do something like coquettishness, and she was not good at it, but in order to appease the proud man in front of her, she had to do so.

    She knew that this man could not be bothered.

    Her mode of coquettishness is still learning from her family's Greek baby, her voice is soft, sweet, and glutinous, which makes people simply unable to resist, anyway, she can't resist her family's Greek baby's coquetry every time.

    In such a coquettish mode, Ye Sishen is also irresistible, but it is clear that Wen Ruoqing ignored it.

    Ignore that Ye Sishen is a man, a man who was hard to control when she looked at her, no, it was a man who had no control when she saw her.

    At this moment, this situation, this scene, she coquettish him, that is ...

    Ye Si Shen was stunned, her eyes dark, her hand on her waist suddenly moved up, and then pressed hard to make her body stick to him completely: "I want to eat more now ... you."

    As soon as his words fell, he kissed her fiercely.

    Wen Ruoqing froze, which was not the result she wanted.

    At this moment, in the room, the phone Ling sounded again, this time it was Ye Sishen's phone, but Ye Sishen didn't even care about it, he still kissed her hard and hard.

    "Your phone, your phone rang." Wen Ruoqing tried hard to break free.

    But Ye Sishen didn't pay any attention to it, and his actions were even crazier.

    Wen Ruoqing struggled to reach out, took his phone and handed it to him: "Your phone, answer the phone."

    Of course, at this moment Wen Ruoqing doesn't know what kind of phone this is.

    At this moment, Wen Ruoqing was still on it, so she was able to get his phone.

    "It seems that I didn't work hard enough ..." Ye Si didn't even look at the phone, just looked at her, and smiled evilly. At this time, she still wanted to answer the phone. It seems that he didn't work hard enough.

    Therefore, he does not mind working harder.

    Hearing his words, Wen Ruoqing's lips twitched fiercely, was he not hard enough?

    She still has pain all over her body, what else does he want? At this moment, Wen Ruoqing felt that he was not a person, he was a beast covered with human skin.

    His phone was still ringing, obviously the person who called was very persistent and did not mean to hang up.

    "Your phone, you answer the phone first, maybe there is something urgent." Wen Ruoqing slammed his hand on her body and squeezed his phone firmly in his hand.

    Wen Ruoqing wanted to take the opportunity to escape, she did not want to stay in bed with him, it would be very dangerous, very dangerous.

    However, just after she moved, Ye Sishen's arm stretched out and hugged her again.

    Wen Ruoqing suddenly had a feeling of crying without tears. She felt that her skill was getting worse and worse, which could not escape, and it was really shameful. The previous training was really in vain.

    Shen Si's eyes turned slightly and glanced at the series of numbers on the phone, completely strange numbers, he felt that there was no need to answer them.

    And just at this moment, the phone Lingsheng finally stopped.

    Ye Sishen's lips were ticked, and then his hands were raised, and he threw the phone out.

    The phone made a beautiful curve in the air, and then landed on the carpet.

    Seeing that he threw the phone directly, Wen Ruoqing suddenly had a very bad hunch, and at the next moment, her bad hunch was confirmed.

    When he kissed her again, Wen Ruoqing couldn't help shouting: "Ye Si Shen, you are still not a human being."

    "Good boy, now is not the time to discuss this issue." Ye Si Shen lightly laughed, he loved her crazy look, real and cute, she is so sultry at this moment.

    "Yi Sishen, you are not afraid of 'playing all people's death'." Wen Ruoqing wanted to kill him.

    "Relax, there won't be such a day." For this, Ye Sanshao was more confident, and at the moment his voice clearly smiled a little.

    Hearing her, Ye Sishen suddenly remembered something. She didn't seem to have contraception. From the beginning to the present, she had never avoided pregnancy.

    She didn't have contraception, he tried so hard, she should be easy to get pregnant?

    Ye Sishen's heart suddenly had a little excitement. It would be nice if she could really conceive a baby. In that case, Ye Sanshou should work harder.

    "No one answered the phone." In the Ye's hall, the little girl at the front desk secretly exhaled, looking a little apologetically at the two little children in front of her.

    No one answered the phone, and she had no choice.

    Tang Zixi's small face was slightly heavy, and apparently a little unhappy, but, at the next moment, Tang Zixi's eyes flickered and suddenly uttered amazingly: "Brother, is Dad now with his mother, is doing shame Thing, so there is no time to answer the phone? "

    I have to say the truth about the child Tang Zixi!

    When Tang Zixi said this, her eyes were pure, and she didn't know how much she understood about the shameful thing.

    "Cough cough ..." Hearing Tang Zixi's children's words, the little girl at the front desk was so shocked that she was choked by her spit.

    The cool Tang Zhimo, who had remained silent, heard his sister's words a little more stunned.

    He immediately thought that it must be Murong Duanyang who talked to his sister.

    "Cough, the president should be in a meeting and it is inconvenient to answer the phone." Secretary Ruan couldn't help but cough, but she repeatedly rejected Tang Zixi's words.

    But at noon, their president is doing a shameful thing? How can it be? Their president is a workaholic, and his work is very serious. Their president must be in a meeting now, so they didn't answer the phone.

    "You mean that Dad didn't answer the phone not because he was with his mother, but because he was in a meeting?" Child Tang Zixi raised her head slightly and looked at her. The beautiful Liu Yemei frowned slightly.