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What did the president call him so much?

Secretary Liu suddenly had a bad hunch.

Secretary Liu quickly got up from the bed, without washing his face, and quickly took a set of clothes, while wearing it, and went out the door.

That speed can no longer be faster.

He put on his clothes and waited for the elevator. He connected to the elevator again and again. He thought of the elevator and called the president.

But he hadn't come and returned to Shen Si. Ye Sishen's phone had already been called.

Secretary Liu's eyes flashed quickly, and then he answered the phone with a tremble.

"Where are you?" Ye Sishen's voice at this moment was more terrifying than urging the king.

"Just, just downstairs in the company, what's the matter with the president?" Secretary Liu listened to the voice of his president, his legs scared, and he almost fell.

"I'm waiting for you in the office." Ye Sishen said this and hung up the phone directly.

Since Secretary Liu is downstairs, what's the matter, wait for Secretary Liu to come up and ask clearly.

How dare Secretary Liu have a little delay, ran into the company at once, and took the special elevator directly upstairs, which took less than two minutes.

"The president looks terrible, you must be careful." Secretary Ruan saw Secretary Liu and kindly reminded him.

Secretary Liu exhaled secretly, then pushed open the door of the office and went in.

Ye Sishen was standing in the office at the moment. He thought that if Wen Ruoqing asked Secretary Liu to go through the divorce formalities, Secretary Liu would definitely ask him. Secretary Liu did not dare to do it without his orders.

Therefore, there is still a little hope in Ye Sishen's heart at this moment.

"President." Secretary Liu stopped at a distance of three meters from Ye Sishen, shouting carefully, and had to say that Secretary Liu's desire to survive was very strong at the moment.

"Yesterday you saw your wife. The wife asked you to handle the transfer of Ye's shares. Did you let you do anything else?" Ye Sishen quickly turned around and looked straight at him with a pair of eyes, asking directly.

"Yes, yes, my wife also asked me to go through the divorce procedure between her and the president." Secretary Liu was stunned. He didn't know what his president was thinking at the moment, so he just said everything.

At that moment, Ye Sishen's body stiffened, and his hands clenched subconsciously. At that moment, he suddenly felt a little difficult to breathe.

"And then?" Ye Si Shen asked again, a little trembling in the voice at the moment.

"Then I did what the president meant." Secretary Liu said something innocent. At the moment, Secretary Liu was afraid to be angry in the face of Ye Sishen, and of course he did not dare to call Ye Sishen.

"According to my opinion?" Ye Si frowned slightly, as he meant? If he did what he wanted, there would be no problem.

But, does Secretary Liu know what he means?

"Yes, it was done according to the president's intention. When I called the president, the president said that he knew about it, and then the president said that the wife gave everything to the lady, but the lady didn't want anything at all, and the lady was not that. People who are kind of greedy for money." Secretary Liu mentioned this matter and did not forget to say good things to Wen Ruoqing.

"By the way, my wife took the car model on the bookshelf and said that you want the car model, and nothing else." Secretary Liu quickly added another sentence.

Ye Sishen's body froze, subconsciously slowly turning to look at the bookshelf and seeing that the place where the car model was originally placed was empty.

Ye Sishen thought about all the things back and forth, and then connected.

At the beginning, Wen Ruoqing called him and said that he wanted a car model. At that time, he thought she was because she liked it, and didn't think much about it. As long as she asked for it, he couldn't not give it to her.

Now that he remembered, he asked if she liked it, but she didn’t answer, so she...

Therefore, she wanted the car model not because she liked it, but for another purpose.

She is the foreshadowing of the next thing, is to prepare for a successful divorce.

Obviously, she had calculated everything, and she knew that she asked Secretary Liu to handle the divorce, and Secretary Liu would definitely call him.

Therefore, she called him first and told him about the car model. When Secretary Liu called him, he thought that Secretary Liu was also talking about the car model.

She is so powerful, it should be seen that the car model has an unusual meaning for him.

Good, good, she can do it, and the calculation is really good.

By the way, he even followed her way so easily, why didn't he ask more?

It was his fault, he was negligent, he knew it, he knew it all the time, why didn’t he ask me more when Secretary Liu called him?

At that time, even if he mentioned a car model, Secretary Liu would not misunderstand.

He damn told Secretary Liu that she would give her whatever she wanted. He thought that he must have gotten into the water.

He knew that Secretary Liu could not be blamed for it. Even he told her how she could be her opponent.

"President, this is your divorce certificate. Your wife's has already been taken away." But Secretary Liu doesn't have long eyes. Until now, he hasn't figured out the situation yet. At this time, he took out the divorce certificate.

Ye Si Shen quickly turned his eyes to look at the divorce certificate in Secretary Liu's hands. For a moment, his eyes seemed to be cruel to burn the divorce certificate.

His marriage certificate is still on his body, and what is the matter of giving him another divorce certificate now?

Why should he want?

He hadn’t spoken, so Secretary Liu didn’t even know what he was thinking. Secretary Liu thought about it and said in a small voice: "In fact, my wife is very good. At that time, I clearly conveyed the meaning of the president to my wife and told her to think Despite what I said, I even told my wife that she could ask for money if it was too troublesome, but the wife insisted on nothing."

Ye Sishen's eyes flashed quickly, and there was a hint of coldness in the corners of her lips. Of course she wouldn't want his things. She was divorced. She was just trying to cut off his clean plan. How could it be possible? Will ask for his stuff.

He knew that woman so well, she was so terrible, so cruel.

She didn't have any attachment to him, let alone his stuff.

"President, I think my wife should like the president. At that time, my wife could be sad, but sad..." Although Secretary Liu was awake at this moment, his cognition seemed to stop at the moment of being drunk.

"What are you saying? She's sad? Sad?" Ye Si Shen Weizheng's eyes flashed quickly, and there was a little more confusion in his expression. At that moment, he suddenly felt terrible.