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#97 The highest state!

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Ye Sichun's sentence is more direct than Wen Ruoqing's, and it is more obvious that his sentence "reaction is so big" highlights Qiao Yunan's changes.

    Ye Sichun's words at this moment can be said to be God assists for Wen Ruoqing.

    Wen Ruoqing raised his eyes and looked at him. Was he unintentional, or ...

    "Sister Yunan's reaction, I don't know what it meant that Sister Yunan had a relationship with Murong Duanyang." Ye Sichun smiled and suddenly took another sentence, the meaning of the words became more obvious.

    This time, not only Qiao Yunan's face was ugly, but even Mrs. Ye's face changed slightly.

    However, Ye Si Shen's expression was as usual, without any slight difference.

    Wen Ruoqing's eyebrows are slightly selected, Ye Sichun did this intentionally?

    Qiao Yunan shuddered in her heart, but she quickly controlled her emotions, and soon thought of the right way.

    Qiao Yunan glanced at Wen Ruoqing and smiled softly, "I am with Mr. Murong? We are just teachers and students. I am not as lucky as Miss Wen. Miss Wen and Murong grew up since childhood. The teacher is naturally different from Miss Wen. I remember that the teacher Murong originally took us only one class. Murong teacher time is precious. At that time, the principal was the Murong teacher who sought the talents to teach at the school, but Murong The teacher only promised a maximum of two lessons a week. "

    "But then Murong teacher suddenly applied to teach the freshman class, and took the initiative to undertake all the design courses of the new class. Calculated according to the time, then it should be the time when Miss Wen entered the school. Miss class? Teacher Murong was originally a special professor of the school. At first, he only barely promised to teach for a year. But I heard that Murong teacher still stays in school. Presumably, Murong teacher is still taking Miss Wen ’s class?

    I have to say that Qiao Yunan's response was really fast enough. With this remark, she successfully diverted everyone's attention.

    Push Wen Ruoqing to the top of the wind and waves again! !

    For a time, all people looked at Wen Ruoqing, including Ye Sishen, Ye Sishen's eyes seemed to be windy and chilly.

    Wen Ruoqing smiled and just wanted to speak, just at this moment, her phone rang suddenly.

    Wen Ruoqing took out the phone and when she saw the number displayed on the phone screen, she secretly exhaled.

    Murong Duanyang called her at this time? What is the situation?

    Wen Ruoqing thought that she had taken Ye Sishen's hair to let Murong Duanyang do the appraisal. She was afraid that Murong Duanyang was for this matter, so at this moment, Wen Ruoqing hesitated.

    "It's Mr. Murong's phone, why didn't Miss Wen answer the phone?" Qiao Yunan saw the words Murong Duanyang displayed on Wen Ruoqing's mobile phone screen, and couldn't help but laughed at her lips. It seemed that God helped her.

    Ye Si Shen's eyes sank slightly.

    "This phone call came by coincidence." Ye Sichun's eyes also had a hint of laughter, his hand stretched out suddenly, pressed the answer button for Wen Ruoqing, and also ordered the hands-free.

    Wen Ruoqing's eyes narrowed slightly, and with her ability, she wanted to stop Ye Sichun completely, but she knew that in this case, she could not act rashly.

    And she must answer this call.

    "Murong Duanyang, you dare to call me, what do you mean?" As soon as the phone was connected, Wen Ruoqing said dissatisfied.

    She knew she might make Ye Si suspicious, but it was better than letting Murong Duanyang talk about paternity test first.

    Ye Sishen's eyes concealed a hint of darkness.

    "..." The other end of the phone was silent for a moment, then a female voice came over: "Qing Qing, it's me."

    "Aunt Murong?" Wen Ruoqing was a little stunned, but she also exhaled secretly, but since she was Aunt Murong, she didn't have to worry.

    But why did Aunt Murong call Murong Duanyang's mobile phone? She was worried about nothing.

    "What? Duan Yang's stinky kid bullied you again? You told your aunt that the aunt peeled his skin." Murong Yingying turned sharply, and there was obviously a bit of indignation in the voice.

    "Auntie, you asked me to study design, and then forced Murong Duanyang to teach me. As a result, he announced a private enmity. I clearly graduated last year, but he hasn't issued me a graduation certificate until now." Wen Ruoqing justified it, as a matter of course Of course, Wen Ruoqing ’s complaint also explained Qiao Yunan ’s problem just now.

    Ye Sichun heard Wen Ruoqing's words, and her lips twitched fiercely. I'm afraid it's Murong Duanyang's fault? I ’m afraid it ’s because she ’s too stupid to pass the grade, so has n’t she?

    Qiao Yunan and Mrs. Ye were both ridiculed and contemptuous. Ye Ye also snorted directly. They both felt that Wen Ruoqing was really stupid.

    She is stupid and she blames others? There is still a face with Murong Duanyang's mother? That was Murong Duanyang's mother.

    "Really? This stupid boy is really turned upside down, and he didn't even issue you a graduation certificate? Qingqing rest assured that this matter will be yours. Auntie will let him issue you a graduation certificate immediately." In fact, it is to make everyone who is waiting to see the bustle fall through their glasses.

    "Well, auntie is the best for me." Wen Ruoqing smiled sweetly. She knew Murong Yingying, so she was not surprised by this answer.

    "Well, when you graduate, your aunt can plan your marriage." Then, Murong Yingying was very happy to add another sentence. Obviously this is Murong Yingying's focus.

    Ye Si Shen turned to look at Wen Ruoqing, just a glance, let Wen Ruoqing feel the pressure of mountains.

    "Auntie, I'm married?" Wen Ruoqing exhaled secretly, she didn't want to let too many people know about this, but in this case, under the pressure of Ye Sishen's eyes, she couldn't help but say.

    "What are you talking about? Are you married? With whom?" On the other end of the phone, Murong Yingying's voice suddenly increased, and there was a bit of sharpness in the voice, obviously the stimulation was not small.

    "Ye Sishen." Wen Ruoqing glanced at Ye Sishen and quickly replied.

    Ye Sishen's lips were ticked, apparently satisfied with her answer.

    "Who are you talking about? Ye Sishen? Ye Shi's president?" Murong Yingying's voice seemed to be raised a little, her words paused, and suddenly added: "Yes Sishen seems to be more than thirty? "

    Wen Ruoqing's eyes flashed, and suddenly there was a bad hunch. She knew Aunt Murong well.

    Based on what she knows about Aunt Murong, what Aunt Murong said next would be amazing.