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Tang Ling deeply realized at the moment that there was a sister who was too clever. Sometimes the pressure was really quite high, and it would take half a day to talk for a while.

"We are married by agreement and divorced according to the agreement. Is there any problem?" Wen Ruoqing heard his question and frowned slightly. This matter is so simple, do you still need to think about it?

"Relax, there is no dilemma between brother and sister." Wen Ruoqing thought he was worried about this, so he made it straightforward.

"You are okay, are you sure Ye Sishen is no problem there?" Tang Ling exhaled secretly and decided to make things clearer, at least let her understand what Ye Sishen did.

"Does he have any problems? The new agreement was originally made by him. At that time, Secretary Liu had asked him, and he also agreed, so he was less likely to have a problem." For this, Wen Ruoqing thought so in his heart, so I'm quite sure.

"The new agreement was written by him?" Tang Ling's eyes narrowed slightly. If so, it was really Ye Si Shen deserved. The agreement written before marriage, he can still understand, what new agreement is set after marriage, that What should it be?

However, Tang Ling thought of the things that Si Si Shen had done recently, and felt that even if it was due to Ye Si Shen, he should always be given a chance to at least let two people meet to make it clear.

"Yesi Shen..." Tang Ling decided to tell her about the fact that Yesi Shen Zheng was looking for her crazy.

In fact, Tang Ling knew that Si Shen was already on his way back at the moment, and he might be there soon.

However, at this moment, Wen Ruoqing's phone rang suddenly.

"Sorry, I'll answer the phone first." Wen Ruoqing suddenly spoke, interrupting Tang Ling's words, and then she answered the phone.

"Qingqing, there is something you might want you to help me with." Tang Baiqian called from the phone. As soon as the call was connected, Tang Baiqian's voice came, and it seemed faintly anxious.

"What's the matter?" Wen Ruoqing's face didn't look strange, and his voice was natural.

"The people from Yunteng found me and said that there was a case that asked me to come forward, but I didn't want to take it, but they said that if I don't take this case, I will never cooperate with us again in the future. you help me."

"Okay." Since it was the case, Wen Ruoqing would definitely not refuse it. This is their rule. The case must be answered by anyone who needs it. No matter what personal matters, it must not delay the business.

Tang Baiqian was relieved when she agreed, but then went on to say: "It's urgent. I need you to accompany me to a banquet tomorrow night. Can you rush back?"

"Yes, I'll rush back immediately." Wen Ruoqing didn't hesitate too much, she had to rush back.

But Tang Ling's face changed slightly when she heard her, and hurried back immediately? Then there is no room for negotiation.

He knew that Tang Baiqian made the call. He didn't know what Tang Baiqian wanted to do, but he knew she had the power to make decisions. Since she agreed, Tang Ling would not interfere too much.

Tang Ling would not be able to say bad things about Tang Baiqian, because Tang Lingjue, now in her heart, he might not have a kiss from Tang Baiqian. She might not believe what he said.

Tang Ling knew that Ye Sishen was coming over now, maybe it was already...

However, just looking at her, she should be talking about the business. For the business, she must be very serious and rigorous.

And Ye Sishen's temperament, if rushed over, will definitely not let her leave, and things will be a bit troublesome.

"Hurry to rush back?" Tang Ling decided not to stop her.

"Well, yes, you just said what happened to Ye Sishen?" Wen Ruoqing heard that he had just mentioned Ye Sishen, so he couldn't help asking.

"Regardless of him, if you are in a hurry, I will send you." At this moment, Tang Ling was a little afraid that Ye Sishen would run into her, afraid that Ye Sishen's overbearing temper would hit her serious and persistent temper, and things would change. Worse.

Because he could see that she was really anxious to rush back, and nothing could stop her.

Ye Si Shen Ruo is coming, she will definitely not let her go, Ye Si Shen Ruo is forcibly stopping her, things really do not know what situation developed into.

"Thank you Chief Tang then." Wen Ruoqing did not treat him politely, because she really wanted to hurry back, the sooner the better.

"Aren't you supposed to call my brother?" Tang Ling was very dissatisfied with her name.

"I haven't made a final determination yet, and even if it's confirmed, it's a manifestation." Wen Ruoqing corrected the sentence very seriously.

Tang Ling's lips twitched fiercely. Sometimes this girl's words are really unpleasant. Is it so real?

Tang Ling thinks that Ye Sishen doesn't know where he is now, and he should be almost there. He doesn't know if he will meet Ye Sishen on his way back now.

In fact, Tang Ling was somewhat contradictory, and wanted to meet Ye Sishen, but also worried.

At this moment, Wen Ruoqing's cell phone rang again.

Seeing the phone number, Wen Ruoqing's lips twitched uncontrollably, glanced at Tang Ling subconsciously, and then took the mobile phone to the side to answer the phone.

The moment she picked up the phone, Tang Ling saw her lips rising up, which was a kind of happiness and joy that she couldn't hide.

Her voice was very low, and Tang Ling didn't hear clearly, but Tang Ling heard her voice very soft, that kind of softness that seemed to drip out of the water.

Tang Ling is stunned. Who is she calling to? So gentle? Smile so sweet?

Will it be Ye Sishen's rival?

"Mom, when will you come back? Uncle Tang said we have to move again, and you won't be able to find us if you don't come back." On the other side of the phone, Tang Zixi was still playing with her.

When Wen Ruoqing heard that she was going to move, she frowned slightly. When the senior called her just now, she didn't say she would change the place.

"Do you know where to move?" Wen Ruoqing couldn't help asking. She didn't expect to move again so quickly.

"I don't know, let my brother tell you." Tang Zixi's children are still very sensible, this kind of big event is from the brother.

"Mom, you don't have to worry. Uncle Tang said he took a task, so if you want to go back, your mother can just go back." Sure enough, Tang Zhimo's children are very clear.

"Okay, I'll go back immediately." Wen Ruoqing's heart was a little more eager at the moment, and she had too much worry. Zhimo's body was just right. Such tossing and backing must be bad for him, so she must rush back as soon as possible.