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"Sansao should tell the shit Li that she is the wife of Ye Shi's president, scaring him !!" Xiao Qi watched the rise of lively watching, the emotion was obviously a little emotional, and he completely forgot that Ye Sanshao's marriage was not disclosed to the public. of.

    Ye Si Shen Eyes flashed lightly, he knew very well that she would not take the initiative to admit about her relationship with him.

    In the other room, Wen Ruoqing smiled lightly.

    Seeing Wen Ruoqing's appearance at the moment, Ye Sishen seemed to sigh secretly, he knew that she would not take the initiative to admit their relationship, even if it was in her favor.

    Such a reaction by Wen Ruoqing made President Li even more worried.

    "If I sign, you promise you won't say anything about today?" President Li has obviously compromised, but he wants to ensure that Wen Ruoqing doesn't say anything about today.

    "Look at the mood." Wen Ruoqing smiled lightly when he heard his words, which was totally beyond Mr Li's expectation.

    Of course, Wen Ruoqing's sentence at this moment also stunned several people watching the surveillance video.

    General Manager Li Mingming agreed to her and agreed to sign the contract. Everyone thought she would accept it when they met, but no one thought that she should

    "Wen Ruoqing, if you have such an attitude, I'm afraid I won't be able to talk anymore." President Li looked at the casual smile on her face, and only felt an old blood stuffy on his chest, unable to go up, down, down, uncomfortable .

    He was worried that Wen Ruoqing really told Secretary Liu, but he couldn't help it.

    "Mr. Li, you bargain with me for your net worth. It's unrealistic to want to take the initiative in such a passive situation." Wen Ruoqing's lips ridiculed a bit, "Mr. Li doesn't want to talk, nobody Force you. "

    She has never had the habit of leaving room for the enemy.

    Today, even if he failed to treat her, she could not let him go so easily, or at least scare him for a few days.

    And this has always been her best.

    "Sansao is very self-willed." Xiaoqi swallowed drastically after responding, and then added a trembling heart. The heart trembling was because it was too nervous at the moment.

    At this moment, all the people very much agree with Xiaoqi's words, willfulness is indeed wayward.

    Not only willful, but also domineering! !

    "Unexpectedly, you turned out to be a ruthless character, but I looked away." Mr. Li gritted his teeth at the moment, but he didn't dare to gamble because he knew very well that if he lost, he might be ruined.

    So, even if he is reluctant at the moment, this contract will be signed today.

    "President Li went out to remember and brought his eyes on." Wen Ruoqing followed President Li's words and nodded seriously: "Of course, the most important thing is to take the brain."

    Wen Ruoqing's sarcasm of Li Guoguo always has eyes and no brains.

    "Puff, hahaha, it's so funny, Sansao doesn't call this dirty word." Xiaoqi leaned forward and laughed, and her tears were all laughter: "Look at Mr. Li's being angry with Sansao, hahaha , It ’s so enjoyable. "

    Everyone else smiled.

    Ye Sishen's lips were slightly raised, and the woman was really clever.

    This level of cursing is really nobody!

    President Li exhaled hard, but still felt his chest suffocated. He felt that he was spitting blood today because of this woman.

    "The contract is for me, I sign it." President Li just wanted to sign the contract at this moment and leave quickly. If he felt that if he continued to stay, he would be mad at the woman even if he didn't die.

    fool? Who said this woman is a fool?

    If she is a fool, I am afraid that most people in this world are dementia.

    Wen Ruoqing didn't give him the contract, but just glanced at the contract on the table. It was just a gesture that completely stomped Li in the mud.

    When President Li suffered such humiliation, his hands were clenched and his body shivered uncontrollably. At this moment, he could not tear Wen Ruoqing, but Wen Ruoqing was like this at the moment, but he dared not act rashly.

    He could only swallow the anger bluntly, took the contract on the table himself, and then quickly signed his name.

    In the aspect of doing business, he has always been a cautious person, and he can even be said to be a man of utmost care, but at this moment, he did not take a closer look and signed.

    And Wen Ruoqing didn't take a look at the contract from beginning to end, because her purpose was not originally this.

    The content of the contract is not her concern.

    The reason why Mr. Li signed the contract is because she has other uses.

    After signing the contract, President Li threw the pen in front of her. Today, he feels that he is too embarrassed, and how much he wants to get back at this moment.

    Now that his contract has been signed, the woman should be satisfied.

    How could Wen Ruoqing not see his thoughts, and smiled coldly: "Mr. Li, the account is settled. I am a small employee and cannot afford it, especially this bottle of red wine. After all, this bottle of red wine was opened for Mr. Li. . "

    Wanting to find a place in front of her, he took himself too seriously!

    "You?" Li Zongqi's blood surged, almost fainting for a while.

    President Li already knew clearly that he was really not the opponent of this woman at this moment. He exhaled secretly, tried his best to suppress the anger in his chest, and turned to leave.

    "Mr. Li, thank you for your cooperation." Seeing Mr. Li, who was desperate and desperate, wanted to leave, Wen Ruoqing added another sentence.

    President Li's footsteps paused, but he didn't look back, but left anxiously, seeming to be afraid of what Wen Ruoqing would say again.

    He was even more afraid of Wen Ruoqing's sudden repentance, and then adjusted him, at this moment, he had no meaning of just looking for a place, just want to leave here quickly.

    Hurry away from this demon woman!

    In the other room, there was complete silence at the moment, and there was no sound at all. All the people were staring straight at Wen Ruoqing on the screen. It was too shocked, too unexpected, and I couldn't recover for a while.

    Including Ye Sishen.

    Qin Wushao, who originally believed that Wen Ruoqing could not have signed the contract with President Li, was completely shocked again. At this moment, his mood was too complicated, and he could not find any words to describe his mood at this moment.

    He really underestimated Wen Ruoqing!

    He always thought that even if Wen Ruoqing was ill, he was still a little silly, and he was not worthy of the third brother, but just after seeing everything with his own eyes, he felt that he was really beaten.

    This face hurts too much! !

    The same is true for Xi Ji. He really didn't expect that Wen Ruoqing could even sign the contract under such circumstances, and that he simply abused Li as scum!

    Really tmd is too exciting! !