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#132 Endless good news

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Ye Si Shen froze for a moment, then quickly reached over and took it over. After reading all the design drawings, Ye Si Shen's lips twitched slightly, he didn't speak, and his expression looked somewhat unpredictable.

    "I didn't expect that the designer that my wife invited was so powerful." Secretary Liu stood aside and couldn't help but exclaim. He really didn't expect that the claws were arrogant and unreasonable. It was totally a triad designer. Put the brush.

    Ye Si raised his eyes and looked at him, which was very meaningful.

    Secretary Liu was stunned. How did he feel that the president looked a little strange in his eyes, did he say something wrong?

    "President, then you can directly announce the result." Secretary Liu knows best the thoughts of his president. Even if the design works of Wen Shijiao are worse, this time the cooperation of Ye Shi will also choose Wen Shi, let alone Wen's handed over such a beautiful design work.

    "Chu Ling'er ..." Ye Sishen looked at the signature on the design drawing, and there was a hint of darkness in his eyes.

    "Chu Ling'er also studied design at R University. He graduated two years ago, but Chu Ling'er didn't have any achievements in design after graduation. This time, the wife may have no way to invite her. It was a surprise. "I have to say that Secretary Liu is really exquisite. He has mastered a lot of things about Chu Ling'er in such a short time."

    "Are you sure these designs are from the hands of Chu Ling'er?" Ye Sishen's lips slightly ticked, and a pair of deep eyes seemed to smile slightly.

    "President, what are you doubting?" Secretary Liu froze. What did the president mean? What is the president doubting?

    "There is something you can arrange for me." Ye Si Shen read the design draft again, and then raised his head to Secretary Liu and asked a few words.

    "... Okay." Secretary Liu heard the command of his president, it was a question in his stomach, but he didn't ask much.

    The president must have done this for a reason.

    When Secretary Liu returned to the conference hall, the person in charge of Yeshi was still doing the selection.

    Secretary Wen of the design drawings of Wen's did not give it to the person in charge, but only told the responsible manager that the president had made a copy.

    An hour later, the results of the preliminary selection came out.

    "After our selection, ten companies will enter the next round, and the final result will be determined by our president personally." Secretary Liu directly announced the companies that entered the next round, because there are two groups, and each group is selected The top five.

    Wen's is definitely a must, Qiao's and Qing Rui are also selected.

    "Let's invite the designers of the company to come on stage." Secretary Liu directly invited the designers after the announcement.

    It stands to reason that in this case, the person in charge of each company should be invited. At the beginning of this activity, I only emphasized looking at the works at the beginning, so I asked the designer to come to the stage and say that.

    "Please ask all the designers to go upstairs with me to meet the president." After all the designers came to the stage, Secretary Liu made a polite gesture to everyone.

    Secretary Liu's move immediately caused a lot of noise. Ye Shi chose a cooperative company rather than a designer after all. Such an arrangement was indeed strange.

    "The president instructed that as long as the designer went upstairs, everyone else should wait here." Secretary Liu looked at everyone with a smile, and stopped all the noise in one sentence.

    Who dared to disagree with the president himself?

    In this way, Wen Ruoqing couldn't even explain to Chu Ling'er, let alone other orders.

    Wen Ruoqing watched Chu Ling'er leave with Secretary Liu. There was always some uneasiness in his heart, and even his eyelids could not help jumping twice.

    What does Ye Si Shen want to do?

    She vaguely felt that Ye Sishen's approach was highly targeted and seemed to be directed at her.

    I hope Chu Ling'er will not reveal flaws! !

    Secretary Liu took everyone into the reception room on the 27th floor, and then Ye Sishen appeared in the reception room.

    "Give you two hours to design a work on site." Ye Sishen sat directly on the main seat of the reception room. A pair of deep eyes quickly swept across the crowd. The room spread.

    Ye Sishen's meaning is very obvious, and his attitude is more obvious. He will personally watch the designers design works on site here.

    Everyone apparently didn't expect Ye Sishen to do this, and it was a bit dazed for a while.

    In addition, the meeting room only prepared paper and pens, not even a computer, which was particularly difficult to create on the spot. Such conditions are even more difficult.

    Fortunately, however, Ye Sishen's decision was fair and equitable to all people, so most people readily accepted after being stunned.

    Of course, there are two exceptions.

    One is Chu Ling'er and the other is Qiao Yunan.

    Qiao Yunan was directly and completely ignorant. She never imagined that Ye Sishen would do this. Originally, Ye's requested to hand in five works, but the only works available in her design draft were The third pair, she did not design the other two pairs for a few days.

    In the end there was no way, she could only let the other designers of the company design two sets.

    Qiao Yunan's reason for the company's design department is that the chance of winning this cooperation with an additional design style may be greater.

    But now Si Si Shen wants everyone to create on the spot, she?

    When Chu Ling'er heard it, he was slightly stunned, and then he was directly happy. Ye Sishen's decision really got her heart. At that moment, she almost couldn't help cheering.

    Chu Ling'er is happy because in this case, she first thought of not the situation she will face next, but Qiao Yunan.

    Chu Ling'er looked at Qiao Yunan, and when he saw Qiao Yunan's expression, he was obviously panicked. In Chu Ling'er's heart, he called a happy one, that called a happy one, and that called a happy heart.

    Four years ago, because of many special reasons, that matter did not matter with Qiao Yunan.

    In the past four years, Qiao Yunan has really used shamelessness to the extreme. All competitions used Wen Ruoqing's design drafts. Qiao's new products launched in recent years are also Wen Ruoqing's design drafts.

    In the past four years, Qiao Yunan has used Wen Ruoqing's design draft to be famous.

    Chu Ling'er couldn't rub the sand in her eyes, watching Qiao Yunan stealing Wen Ruoqing's designs and showing off proudly everywhere. She kept burning in her heart and always wanted to find an opportunity to expose Qiao Yunan's true face.

    Chu Ling'er did not expect this opportunity to come so suddenly! !

    When it is really good and good to report evil and evil, is it not the time not to report, and see who the sky has spared?

    This time, she wanted to see how Qiao Yunan handled it. In this case, Qiao Yunan didn't want to show her stuff ...