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#64 Father and son meet

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Ye Sishen didn't care too much. He made a provisional flight to country M. One was because of the company's affairs, and the other was because of the woman. He wanted to find out the woman's true identity. Was it the one he married back?

    Yeshi is Yejia's industry, but in these years, his own career has long surpassed Yeshi. Most of his forces are in country M, but there are few people who know.

    Xi Ji was on the phone and walked slowly, paying attention to the situation of the two babies from time to time. Although he knew that the two babies were clever enough, he still felt a little uneasy in his heart. Back to 'daddy'.

    Without seeing the two baby being safely taken away, his heart finally hung a little.

    Because he deliberately slowed down, the two little boys followed after a while.

    "Mommy, Mommy is here." At this moment, the baby girl suddenly cheered, even forgetting to eat the ice cream in her hand.

    As soon as the two babies were born, He Tongtong became a godmother. When He Hetong and Wen Ruoqing were together, the two babies would call He Tongtong as the mother of Hitomi to distinguish, but when Wen Ruoqing was not present, The two babies will directly call Hetong Hitomi Mummy.

    Xi Ji heard her shouts and raised her eyebrows slightly, but he wanted to see who the moms of these two babies were, and even let such two babies make planes back home.

    "Baby, Mommy is here to pick you up." He Tongtong has also seen them and flew over directly. The speed is called a fast, and he almost brought down Xi Ji who was standing on the side.

    Xi Ji stopped, turned around, looked at her, and frowned slightly. How could a woman so frivolous produce such a cute and witty baby?

    "Mommy, this uncle helped us get on the plane." Tang Zhimo saw that Xi Ji was standing still, and introduced to He Tongtong.

    When He Tongtong came, he was thinking about how the two little babies got on the plane. Now when he heard Tang Zhimo, he turned around quickly and looked over, but when he saw Xi Ji, his face changed slightly. , Secretly whispered before whispering, "Thank you."

    Just now she saw only two babies, and did not find him standing on the side.

    "You're welcome." Xi Ji smiled, "The two babies are very cute and very flattering."

    He Tongtong saw a natural smile on his face without a little strange smile, his eyes flickered slightly, his head dropped slightly, and his lips curled tightly. It seemed that he didn't recognize her at all.

    "It will not delay your time, goodbye." He Tongtong just wanted to leave quickly, reached out and held the two babies, and walked forward.

    "Wait a minute." As He Tongtong pulled the two babies past him, he suddenly shouted at her.

    He Tongtong's actions quickly reacted with his brain. When he heard his words, he stopped directly, but he didn't turn around and looked at him, but his breath seemed slightly disordered, and his heartbeat seemed to be out of control .

    "Where have we met?" Xi Jizi twitched, thought for a while, and then asked again, somehow, when she passed in front of him, he suddenly felt that his heart seemed to be stabbed by something, Some pain, and a very strange feeling.

    Moreover, he felt a familiar feeling in her, not a familiarity with her appearance, but a feeling.

    Upon hearing his words, He Tongtong's body stiffened, but there was a hint of self-deprecating smile in the corners of his lips. He asked her, where have they seen them?

    She and he used to ...

    He Tongtong knew that some things had passed, or that she could not even pass by in his life, so he would not remember her at all.

    "No, we haven't seen it before." He Tongtong exhaled secretly, trying to calm himself down. When he looked at him again, he smiled a little bit more on the face, and said deliberately: "This gentleman, you are like this The way of talking is outdated. "

    "Oh, I may have admitted the wrong person." Xi Ji smiled a little unnaturally. He just really felt that she was familiar with it, as if she had seen it somewhere.

    He Tongtong didn't say anything more, just pulled the two baby to leave.

    Although Tang Zhimo is small, his observation ability is very strong. He can see the difference between He Tongtong and what he sees should be related to the uncle just now.

    Seeing the appearance of Hitomi ’s mother just now, it seems to know the uncle, but the uncle does not know Hitomi, so Hitomi should be sad.

    He left the uncle's phone, do you want to help Hitomi?

    Tang Zhimo turned his head and looked back, seeing that Xi Ji was still standing there, not moving, and not knowing what he was thinking.

    Tang Zhimo originally wanted to say something, but he felt that He Tongtong's strength in holding his hand was obviously increased, and the speed was obviously accelerated. It seemed that he wanted to escape quickly.

    Tang Zhimo's eyes blinked and did not speak again, but looked at his sister worriedly, for fear that her sister could not keep up with this speed, but when she saw her sister walking, she did not delay eating ice cream at all. Obviously, he was worried It is completely superfluous.

    When he left the arrival hall, He Tongtong's car stopped outside. He Tongtong first moved the salute brought by the two babies into the car. After all, it was just two children. There were not many things. Luggage, but it is quite heavy.

    Putting the salute in place, when He Tong's pupil turned slightly, he suddenly saw a Lamborghini stopped just behind her car.

    He Hitomi was stunned for a long time. The car looked familiar. He Hitomi was thinking about it and saw Ye Si sinking into the car.

    He Tongtong's eyes were wide open, and his face was a bit more stunned. How could Ye Sishen appear here at this time?

    Previously, Qingqing suspected that the man who was five years ago might be Ye Sishen, then the father of two babies might be Ye Sishen. Ye Sishen appeared here at this time, could you really know what?

    Thinking of this possibility, He Tongtong couldn't help but shudder. No matter how she felt, she couldn't let Ye Sishen see the two babies.

    "Baby, get in the car quickly." He Tongtong felt nervous in his heart, urging the two babies to get in the car one after another, and even hugged Zixi directly.

    Ye Sishen appeared here at this time is really suspicious, so she can't help but guard.

    However, Tang Zhimo also saw Ye Sishen, he checked some information when he came, so he recognized Ye Sishen at once, and he was the man who married his mother.

    Therefore, Tang Zhimo didn't hurry to get on the bus, but stood on the spot, a pair of eyes looked at Ye Sishen, with a little bit of consideration, and a little bit of inquiry.

    Ye Si, who got out of the car, didn't know if she felt anything. Her eyes turned slightly and looked towards Tang Zhimo.