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"Yes, it should be for children around five." Fly according to their own interpretation, added a sentence.

About five years old? There was a little more doubt on the face of Yesi Shen. Who did she buy it for, a child about five years old?

He remembered that last time he saw her in the children's wear area, he didn't buy it because he was in a hurry to leave.

However, it is clear that no one can give him an answer to this question at the moment, and he is thinking about another thing at the moment, so he does not go further.

Hung up the phone, night division Chen's face a little colder, it's obvious that it's not Wen ruoqing blocking the news.

In fact, when Wen ruoqing got off the bus, it was half an hour ago, and she could not block all the information completely even if she was more powerful.

At that time, it was in the shopping mall, too many people were present, and someone could leave at any time. For half an hour, I don't know how many people went in and out.

Therefore, if you want to completely block the information and do not leak a picture like now, you must block it at the first time.

So the man who blocked the news must have been there.

In fact, even if the man was there, it would be very difficult to have a complete blockade.

Although there was no reporter at that time, he saw many people taking photos at that time.

The man can't take all the people's cell phones and delete them.

And a lot of people may have sent wechat, Weibo or something at that time.

But he just checked it, and even Weibo didn't have any photos.

Can have this kind of ability, do so water tight, night division Chen thinks of a person only.

And the man happened to be in city A.

The eyes of the night division are squinting little by little, which is more complicated in the cold.

He doesn't want to doubt big brother, but there are many things that can't be said. He has to think more.

Yesi Chen stood in front of the window, his face was obviously more dignified. A moment later, he still made a phone call.

"I'll see you in the evening, elder brother. I'll go to the Marquis at five." He doesn't want to guess again. He wants to prove it.

"Good." At the other end of the phone, the man answered in a low voice, unable to hear much emotion in his voice.

After hanging up the phone, the night division Chen immediately dialed Wen ruoqing's phone

"Where are you?" As soon as the phone was connected, he asked directly. His voice was a little heavy, but he didn't show much emotion.

"Shopping at the mall." Wen ruoqing received his call and answered truthfully.

"Dinner at night." Yeshishen directly said that he understood the purpose of calling. However, he only said that he would have dinner together, but he didn't say anything else.

"Well, where is it?" At the moment, Wen ruoqing is in a good mood and promised very happily.

"Wait for me, I'll pick you up." Yesichen will not tell her where she is at the moment, but let her wait for him.

"Oh." After Wen ruoqing hung up the phone and looked at the time, it was less than four o'clock. At this time, he was off work?

He is really free in this class.

Wen ruoqing hung up the phone and thought that Yesi Chen said he would come to pick her up soon, so he didn't go on shopping.

It's just hard to see the big and small bags in her hand. Most of these things are bought for two babies. She can't carry them to see yeshishen.

Wen ruoqing thought that yesichen might arrive soon. It's too late for her to send the two babies. Now she can only store the things in the mall first.

Put things in storage, Wen ruoqing takes out the phone, wants to make a phone call to him Tong, let him Tong come to pick up when it is convenient.

However, when she just wanted to dial the phone, when she turned around slightly, her eyes narrowed suddenly.

She was followed! Wen ruoqing is not doubting at the moment, but sure.

She's pretty sure she's being followed at the moment!

She didn't know how long the man had been following her? Previously, she had been thinking about shopping malls, but didn't notice. Moreover, this person has a strong tracking ability, which is comparable to Song Yun's.

Song Yun's tracking ability has been tempered. It's not ordinary people who can reach Song Yun's level.

Li yunzhiliu can't find such a powerful person to follow her.

So, who is following her?

She had just returned to city a, and no one in city a knew her other identity, which should not have happened.

The senior is in a city. The senior has that ability, but she knows that the person is not the senior.

So who else?

Wen ruoqing suddenly thought of a man - Yesi Shen!

The schoolmaster said that the power of the overnight Secretary Chen was amazing. It's not surprising that he had such people under him.

Moreover, the night division was investigating her and doubting her. His previous exploration of her was enough to explain everything.

It's just that what does Yesi Shen want to find out about her?

She now began to suspect that the reason why yesichen married her was not just to get Yeshi.

But she didn't come up with any other purpose

Wen ruoqing didn't show any difference, just put away the phone without trace. Since it's tracked, it's not convenient to call.

Wen ruoqing pretends that she doesn't know. She goes out of the shopping mall. Before long, yesichen comes. When she gets on yesichen's car, she finds that the person who followed her also left.

In this way, even more confirmed her guess, just tracking her is the person of Yesi Shen!

"Husband, when I was just in the mall, I felt like someone was following me?" After a long drive, Wen ruoqing suddenly said.

The hand that night Si Shen holds steering wheel is a little tight, although very fine, very fine, but Wen ruoqing still found.

Wen ruoqing's eyes had a faint smile. Sure enough!

"So alert? So observant? Is this what a normal woman should have? " Instead of answering her questions, yesichen asked her questions with some meaning, and his words were somewhat counter exploratory.

"The sixth sense of a woman is sometimes so strange that I'm afraid. Don't you know?" It seems to have been predicted that he would have said this. His lips, warm and clear, are slightly pale and slightly chuckling.

Night division Shen looked at her, for a time blocked can not refute.

He knew that her seemingly casual and unnoticed inquiry had long suspected that it was the person he sent.

She put it up so directly at the moment. He wanted to ask something in turn, but in the end, it was her way.

Once the woman returns to normal, she is shrewd and terrible. He still likes the time when she was kissed by him.

Night division looks at her red lips, eyes dim.

"Husband, it doesn't seem strange that you hear me being followed." Just at this time, Wen ruoqing's voice sounded again, interrupting his thoughts!!

Wen ruoqing asked this on purpose at the moment. She would like to see how he would reply?