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However, as far as Ye Sishen is concerned, Wen Ruoqing should not go home on his own.

Otherwise, Ye Sishen wouldn't need such anxious to come to him like this.

What is their situation?

"Yesi Shen, are you here to catch people? Are you not a husband and wife?" Leng Rongjue had problems with this, and there were big problems.

Ye Sishen gave Leng Rong a cold glance. What a shrewd Ye Sishen naturally understood Leng Rong's meaning, he just wanted to speak, but at this moment, a soldier came over.

"Isn't you letting you go? Why did you come back so quickly?" Leng Rong saw that the soldier was stunned. The soldier clearly went to send Wen Ruoqing, and it should be reasonable that he should not come back so quickly.

"Ms. Tang got out of the car when she arrived at Xinghu Village. At that time, a man came to pick her up. She left with the man. She said that the man with the man was a friend."

"What man? Who is it?" Leng Rong asked quickly.

Ye Sishen's eyes sank to the extreme in an instant. His first reaction was Tang Baiqian.

Ye Si Shen thought it was likely that Tang Baiqian came to pick her up.

"I don’t know. Ms. Tang knows the man, and Ms. Tang seems to know the man very well. She believes the man. Ms. Tang walked with the man, so I didn’t ask again. The man looks very nice, and his face is righteous, it should not be a bad person." Xiaobing explained clearly.

Ye Sishen heard Xiaobing's words, it was definitely Tang Baiqian.

But for the soldiers, Ye Sishen didn't agree. Tang Baiqian was pretty good, but was he right? Not a bad person?

Shit, it was all disguised by Tang Baiqian.

"Leng Rong..." Ye Si Shen pointed at Leng Rong and clicked twice, but in the end he said nothing.

Leng Rong cannot be blamed for this.

Moreover, now he has no time to settle accounts with Leng Rong, the most important thing now is to find her immediately.

Ye Sishen made a quick call and asked someone to check.

Originally he thought Leng Rong was there, Gu Wu and Fly had just other things, he didn't tell them to stare.

Unexpectedly, such a small mistake made her run away again.

Let her run away with Tang Baiqian again.

Ye Sishen soon received news that Wen Ruoqing had left city a and returned to country m.

Wen Ruoqing was taking a private jet. As for his private jet, he hadn't found it out for a while.

When Ye Sishen got the news, there was a sneer hidden in his squinted eyes. Is it still necessary to check? It must be Tang Baiqian's plane.

So, she escaped again.

good very good.

He wants to see when she can escape?

When he returned to country M, all of Tang Boqian's sites in country M were destroyed by him. He also set up the Tian Luo Di net in country M. He wanted to see how she could escape when she returned to country M.

The thought of her fleeing with Tang Baiqian again, and the thought of her being with Tang Baiqian, Ye Sishen had an urge to kill.

Although he was convinced that she could never escape again when she returned to Country M, but Ye Si Shen still wanted to catch up with him as soon as possible.

"Boss, Tang Baiqian took over Yunteng's task, and tomorrow night's banquet Tang Baiqian will appear with Miss Wen." At this moment, Ye Sishen received Zhang Ping's call.

Hearing Zhang Ping's words, Ye Sishen's lips slightly ticked off. Very well. Since that is the case, he was waiting for her at the banquet.

This was originally arranged by Ye Sishen. Of course, he arranged more than Yunteng's family. After he met Tang Baiqian last time in Guo Guo, Tang Baiqian agreed to start taking the case.

Yun Teng's side was taken by Tang Baiqian.

Yun Teng's case was deliberately arranged by him. The case was very special and required Wen Ruoqing's profession, so Tang Baiqian had to bring Wen Ruoqing.

Ye Sishen knew very well that since Tang Baiqian agreed to Yun Teng, he absolutely could not dare to repent. Since Tang Baiqian indicated that Wen Ruoqing appeared, then Wen Ruoqing would definitely appear.

So, as long as he waited at the banquet, he waited for her to appear.

Tang Ling's arrangements are in place. After Wen Ruoqing got off the plane, Tang Ling also arranged for someone to send Wen Ruoqing to the city.

After Wen Ruoqing got out of the car, she looked for her at the address given by Tang Baiqian.

When she arrived, Tang Baiqian had just arrived, and they hadn't arranged it completely.

"Mom, you are back." Tang Zixi saw her and ran quickly, hugged her directly.

"Well, my mother is back." Wen Ruoqing took him directly into his arms, and also took Tang Zhimo who had just come over into his arms.

"How does Zhimo feel? Is it uncomfortable?" Wen Ruoqing looked at Tang Zhimo, worried.

"Mum rest assured, I'm okay, I'm completely okay, I don't feel uncomfortable at all." Tang Zhimo is sensible, and naturally doesn't want to worry Wen Ruoqing.

"You came back fast enough, have everything done over there?" Yue Hongling came over with a light smile on his face.

"It's all done." Wen Ruoqing nodded slightly, thought for a while, and then asked, "I'm back now, is it all right?"

"Since I'm back, there should be nothing. The boss has not restricted everyone to take the case." Yue Hongling's lips flicked: "It's such a big situation, it seems that nothing happened, but our territory is all Was destroyed."

Wen Ruoqing also felt that there was a little thunder and heavy rain, but since it's okay, don't worry.

"No. Something happened when you went back to City A. The enemy blocked the door, but in the end, left without doing anything. This is really strange. What do you say they are for?" Yue Hongling At that time, Tang Zixi was being washed, so I did not know what Tang Zhimo secretly went down, nor did I know the specific situation.

Anyway, when he finished Tang Zixi, everyone was gone, and the fart was gone.

"It's weird." Wen Ruoqing's eyes flicked a little, but he closed the door but did nothing. It really made people doubt the purpose of those people.

Tang Zhimo's eyes flashed quickly,

"Qingqing, you're back, come over. I'll tell you about the case. The time is tight and the case is very complicated." At this moment, Tang Baiqian suddenly appeared.

"Oh, okay." Wen Ruoqing heard about the case, and it was naturally not easy to shirk. It was just that she had just seen the two babies and had not spoken to the two babies properly.

She held the hands of the two babies without letting go.

"You have settled the two babies before you come over." Tang Baiqian saw her, smiled, and suddenly changed her mind. He knew too much what she cared about most.