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Tang Baiqian came over and walked to Wen Ruoqing's side. He naturally stretched his arms around Wen Ruoqing's waist before turning his eyes, and looked at Ye Sishen: "Mr. Ye, I have been admired for a long time."

Tang Baiqian's movements are gentleman, and there is nothing wrong with deviance, not to mention that she and Tang Baiqian are husband and wife today, so such movements can't be more natural.

So Wen Ruoqing had no reason to break away, but for some reason, in front of Ye Sishen, she suddenly felt a little nervous in her heart.

She was really afraid of what happened to Ye Sishen. He always thought of what he wanted.

Ye Sishen's eyes sank obviously, and a pair of eyes stared straight at Tang Baiqian's hand around her waist. At this moment, he really couldn't cut Tang Baiqian's hand.

However, what he hated more at the moment was that she just let Tang Baiqian take it like this, and did not move at all, so obedient, so ‘willingly’.

And he just touched her little hand, she looked like she was going to die.

However, Ye Sanshao apparently forgot that he had not just touched other people's hands.

"Mr. Ye, sorry, I want to take my wife away for a while." Tang Baiqian naturally saw Ye Sishen's hand holding Wen Ruoqing's hand.

In fact, as soon as he came in, he saw it, and he even saw the scene of Ye Sishen Wen Ruoqing.

He even suspected that it was Ye Sishen who found him coming in, and then deliberately kissed Wen Ruoqing.

However, Tang Baiqian was really thinking too much about this at the moment. In fact, Ye Sishen, like Wen Ruoqing, never found Tang Baiqian coming.

Ye Sishen only discovered Tang Baiqian when he was talking. Before that, Ye Sanshao's eyes were only his wife. No one but anything could get into his eyes except his wife.

Ye Sanshao was devoted to his daughter-in-law, and she didn't have that time to pay attention to other things.

Therefore, when Ye Sanshao saw Tang Baiqian at that time, he was a little ignorant. Otherwise, he would have embraced his daughter-in-law already. How could Tang Baiqian have the opportunity to embrace her.

However, when Ye Sanshao responded, Tang Baiqian had grabbed Wen Ruoqing's waist, and Ye Sanshao's eyes sank, and he was in a bad mood at the moment.

Ye Sishen ignored Tang Baiqian, but raised his eyes, staring straight at Wen Ruoqing, and he let her choose.

He wanted to see, she chose him? Still choose Tang Baiqian.

Of course, Ye Si Shen still didn't loose her hand, and it was obviously tighter.

However, there is still a fact that Wen Ruoqing has a mission to accompany Tang Baiqian, so, at this moment in Ye Sanshao's decision, some...

"Mr. Ye, can you let go of my hand?" Then, Wen Ruoqing looked at Ye Sishen, smiled faintly, and spoke very politely.

At this moment, Wen Ruoqing had regained her usual calmness. She had just lost her mind. Fortunately, nothing had happened and she had not made a mistake, but she knew that in this case, she could not make any more mistakes.

Because she found out that the person they were looking for had already appeared. At that moment, the person just came in, just came in. Fortunately, the talent just came, so no other things happened before.

Wen Ruoqing's heart is apologetic at this moment, so she demands that she must take it seriously next, and she must never make any more mistakes.

Therefore, at this moment Wen Ruoqing's choice is definitely beyond doubt.

Just as Ye Sanshao's rogue and hooligan entanglement, Wen Ruoqing didn't beat him up, even if he gave him a face, now he still thinks about her choosing him, it is estimated that Ye Sanshao will really be stimulated to the brain. Problem.

Seeing Wen Ruoqing's choice, Ye Sishen's eyes sank to the extreme and cold to the extreme.

She meant to choose Tang Baiqian, not to choose him?

"Are you sure?" Ye Sishen said to Wen Ruoqing, at this moment his eyes looked at Wen Ruoqing straight, waiting for Wen Ruoqing's answer.

"Thank you Mr. Ye." Wen Ruoqing's attitude was more polite. When she said this, she smiled at Ye Si. Wen Ruoqing's meaning is obvious, please let go of her, thank you!

"Are you sure?" Ye Sishen didn't seem to believe, and chased again, or he thought she would change her mind.

This time, Wen Ruoqing didn't speak, just looked at him, and her hand didn't pull back hard, but her meaning was obvious enough.

Ye Si stared at her, and there was a little more anger in his eyes. His lips moved slightly. When he just wanted to say something, Yu Guang of the eyes suddenly found the person who came by, and his eyes squinted quickly. Then he let go of Wen Ruoqing's hand and said with some regret: "I'm sorry, I was disturbed."

Wen Ruoqing was slightly stunned, Ye Si Shen would apologize to her, so terrified.

Moreover, his attitude before and after this changed too fast, making Wen Ruoqing a little uncomfortable for a while.

He released his strength, and Wen Ruoqing quickly withdrew her hand. She noticed that there were several red marks on the back of her hand, and her invisible hand was hidden under her sleeve.

Some things and some details may affect the whole thing, so she has to cover up some unexpected things.

After Wen Ruoqing's hand was closed, she noticed that someone's gaze swept over her. Wen Ruoqing found that the man's gaze seemed to be looking in the direction of her hand, but then the man's gaze turned away and did not do much. It is natural to stay and look, and there is nothing strange.

But the one that Wen Ruoqing felt that looked at her was not simple. She felt that the man had discovered something, did she find the trace of her hand?

Wen Ruoqing is very clear, in this case, the general handshake will definitely not leave traces, and when Ye Si Shen held her too hard, the time was too long, so she left obvious traces.

Therefore, if some people are interested, the red seal left in her hand can tell that she is related to Ye Sishen.

However, the person who just looked at her was not the person they were looking for, so Wen Ruoqing felt a little strange.

Of course, in this case, Wen Ruoqing certainly will not show any strange things, she smiled politely at Ye Si Shen.

Ye Sishen didn't say anything or do anything again, Tang Baiqian took Wen Ruoqing away.

When Ye Si Shen turned around, he glanced at random, but when his eyes hung slightly, there was a hint of coldness in the depths of his eyes.

Ye Sishen didn't expect to meet the "old man" at a banquet like this today.

People like Ye Sishen must have enemies.

The enemies who can be counted as Si Shen's enemies are by no means ordinary characters.