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When he arrived at the villa, Ye Sishen quickly opened the door and went straight to the second floor. He went to Wen Ruoqing's room first. The door of Wen Ruoqing's room was closed. At that moment, how long did he expect in his heart. The moment she opened the door, she could be seen lying in bed quietly and sleeping.

However, the dream could only be a dream after all. Ye Sishen opened the door and found that the room was empty and no one was there. He then searched all the rooms and no one was there.

Obviously, she is not at home.

Every time, when she couldn't get through her phone, he didn't know where to find her. This kind of feeling was really bad, very bad.

Ye Si sank down the building, a pair of eyes narrowed slightly, looked around quickly, and found that the furnishings in the room were the same as when he left, and there was no change in the kitchen.

He knew that she rarely returned to the Wen family.

Ye Sishen really doesn't know where to go to find her now. He found that he didn't know much about her, especially the city a.

The ones he later asked people to check were also from country M.

Ye Sishen decided to go to the company first. After all, she had been to the company yesterday, and Secretary Liu's phone could not be reached. If she went to the company, she might find Secretary Liu. When she saw Secretary Liu, she could know what happened yesterday.

Ye Sishen rushed to the company as quickly as possible, but Secretary Liu was not drunk yet, so he had not gone to the company.

"President, are you back?" Secretary Ruan saw the president walk out of the stairs in a hurry, and she couldn't help but stunned. For the first time, she saw the president so worried.

What happened?

Should it be for the transfer of Ye's shares?

Except for a few people in Ye's company that Ye Sishen particularly trusts, Ye Shishen doesn't know that Ye Sishen has other industries. Therefore, he naturally thinks that it is very important for Ye Sishen to get Yeshi shares.

Ye Si Shen glanced at her with a cold voice: "What about Secretary Liu?"

"Secretary Liu didn't come to the company today, and left after finishing things yesterday afternoon." Secretary Ruan secretly took a breath and replied bitterly, but his legs were a little soft. Today's president is terrible.

Ye Si Shen's eyes flickered, wouldn't Secretary Liu return to Lushi yesterday? After all, he said, let Secretary Liu not come back for a month.

But even if Secretary Liu returned to Lushi, shouldn't he not answer his phone?

"President, did you rush back because of the transfer of shares? Secretary Liu gave it to the transfer of shares..." Secretary Ruan thought that the president might have come because of the transfer of shares, and Secretary Liu was not there, so he had more sentences. mouth.

"What are you talking about?" Ye Sishen's footsteps stopped suddenly, and the eyes were instantly somber to the extreme, and quickly looked at Secretary Ruan. The word-by-word voice seemed to make people freeze.

"Shares, stock transfers, transfers..." Secretary Ruan's legs were scared and almost fell to the ground. He was scared to speak for a while.

Oops mother, the president is so terrible, who will rescue her, knowing this already, she just didn't talk much.

"What share transfer?" Ye Si Shen suspended his heart fiercely. For a moment, he suddenly realized something, but he did not want to believe, no, impossible, absolutely impossible.

"Gu, specifically, I, I don’t know, I just, just listened to Secretary Liu and told lawyer Zhao..." Secretary Ruan was really scared by him at the moment, stumbled and said for a long time, Did not make it clear.

However, Ye Si sank clearly.

"Let lawyer Zhao come to see me." Ye Si took a deep breath and suspended his heart tightly. He suddenly realized that the problem was a bit serious, no, not a serious one, but a very serious one.

If Secretary Ruan said that the transfer of shares refers to Ye's shares, then...

The next thing, he really dare not think at the moment.

Secretary Ruan repeatedly promised to call lawyer Zhao.

"President, President, Zhao, and Lawyer Zhao are dealing with the transfer of shares in related departments..." Secretary Ruan had just called Lawyer Zhao, and he had already said that he had been neglected, but when he looked at Ye Sishen, he became stuttered again.

Ye Sishen directly received the call from Secretary Ruan: "I am Ye Sishen, what share transfer are you doing?"

Ye Si Shen asked directly, this is his usual style, and at the moment it is a little bit more hard.

"It was Ye Shi’s share transfer. Secretary Liu asked me to do it yesterday. Ye Ye has agreed to transfer 60% of Ye Shi’s shares to the president, and Ye Ye has signed it. Just go through the procedure here. Congratulations to the President." Lawyer Zhao didn't know, so this thing must be a good thing, so I congratulated him in advance.

"Congratulations on this fart, stop all the procedures immediately, and you will get back to me immediately." Ye Sishen heard the news he didn't want to hear the most, and at that moment, his emotions suddenly burst out like that, and he burst into swearing.

Ye Si Shen at this moment can be said to have no restraint, because he does not want to restrain himself.

Secretary Ruan was stunned, the president would even scold? For the first time, he heard the president scold.

Attorney Zhao was overwhelmed. What's wrong with the president? Why was he scolded? So for a moment, Lawyer Zhao did not answer.

"By the way, did Secretary Liu ask you to go through other procedures yesterday?" Ye Sishen still has such a last point of reason, and it can be said that there is still a last point of hope. Even if the old man agreed to give him the shares, but After all, the formalities have not been completed, so maybe she hasn't...

But thinking of her usual style, and then thinking that she must never divorce him at all times, in fact, Ye Sishen doesn't have much hope in her heart at this moment.

"No, Secretary Liu only gave me this, let me do it quickly." Lawyer Zhao responded repeatedly after he recovered.

Ye Si exhaled secretly, but he suddenly thought that Secretary Liu might not find Lawyer Zhao in the divorce procedure.

"Stop all procedures immediately and get back." Ye Sishen emphasized again, and then threw the phone directly to Secretary Ruan.

Then, Ye Si Shen continued to call Secretary Liu. If you pay close attention at this moment, you will find that his hand is shaking at the moment.

This time, the phone was finally connected. At this moment, Secretary Liu had arrived downstairs. Secretary Liu was single and lived in the company's apartment, very close to the company building.

Secretary Liu woke up in the morning, and he was still confused. He touched his mobile phone, and when he saw countless missed calls from his president, he woke up in an instant.

The president called him so many times, he didn't even hear it?