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Do n’t you know Ye Sishen ’s eyesight? I do n’t know what will happen to that boy Siye Shen when he sees his real Qingqing? Seriously, he looked forward to it! !

    "Boss, are you in a hurry?" Xiao Hu asked with a trembling look at his boss's reaction.

    Tang Ling raised his eyes and glanced at the little tiger. The little boy became more and more daring. He dared to say that he was stupid in front of him, but he is in a good mood now, and he doesn't care about this little boy.

    "Boss, now is the most sensitive period, you must not be stupid." Xiaohu was so anxious at the moment that he could not shake his boss forward.

    Tang Ling's eyes flickered. Xiaohu said that it was a sensitive period now. Yes, it is indeed the most sensitive period. The commander above will soon retire. His father and the eldest son of Gu's family are the most promising.

    After Mr. Tang withdrew, Tang Yuncheng actually went smoothly all the way, because Tang Yuncheng had real skills.

    But Mr. Tang had only one son, Yuncheng Tang, and Mrs. Gu gave birth to seven sons.

    Tang Yuncheng only gave birth to a son of Tang Ling, and Gu's grandchildren now have 13 grandchildren.

    Sometimes people are really powerful. Over the years, Gu people are almost everywhere.

    It is said that a grandson of Gu's family is interacting with Commander Gong's granddaughter, so Commander Gong gave Tang Ling this command and was not surprised.

    If there is real fair competition, Tang Yuncheng will definitely win, because Tang Yuncheng is better than Gu Zhengxun.

    In terms of ability, Tang Yuncheng is far superior to Gu Zhengxun.

    Talking about the merits of war, Tang Yuncheng has countless more than Gu Zhengxun, and those are all made by Tang Yuncheng.

    In terms of talent, Gu Zhengxun is a big man with a muscle training, Tang Yuncheng is an absolute civil and military.

    To talk about appearance, Gu Zhengxun estimated that he had to find a ground seam to drill in. Tang Yuncheng is the best-looking man in the military area.

    According to legend, when Tang Yuncheng was young, as soon as Tang Yuncheng appeared, everyone didn't even look at the beauty, only Tang Yuncheng.

    The Tang people are really pretty, and they are very special.

    But now that Commander Gong has issued such an order, and Tang Yuncheng will solve the case within a month, this competition will no longer be fair.

    Commander Gong has a joint Gu family to suppress the Tang family's suspicion, or the suspicion is too subtle.

    What Xiaohu just said is right. This time the matter is related to the life and death of the Tang family. If Tang Yuncheng is suppressed this time, then the forces of the Tang family will be suppressed, or even slowly disintegrated.

    At that time, Tang Yuncheng's situation will become more and more difficult, and Tang Ling's road is definitely not easy to go.

    If Tang Yuncheng rises this time, then Gu family will not be able to set off big waves anymore, and can no longer shake the Tang family in the slightest.

    Therefore, this is indeed the most critical moment.

    The case that Commander Gong pressed on Tang Yuncheng was not only difficult to break but also sensitive. In the case of more than three years, a lot of people handled it, but there was no progress. Don't say it was broken, there was no clue.

    Now, Commander Gong wants Tang Yuncheng to solve the case within a month, obviously helping Gu family and suppressing Tang Yuncheng.

    This case, let alone one month, is one year, and two years may not be able to be solved, because it is not a matter of time at all.

    At the moment, everyone seemed to wait for Gu Zhengxun to take office documents.

    Gu people are afraid that they are already celebrating in advance.

    However, sometimes things are really unpredictable! It's too early to be proud of everything.

    Tang Ling's lips slowly lifted, and when his family's Qingqing returned, he believed that after his family's Qingqing returned, all things would be different ...

    At this time, Ye Sishen had done all the things and took Wen Ruoqing to the plane that flew back to City A.

    When Ye Sanshao and Wen Ruoqing arrived at City A, it was more than ten o'clock in the evening. These few days Wen Ruoqing accompanied him to run around during the day and sleep at night. Although these three nights have been thinking about restraint and restraint, But in the end there was not much restraint.

    He discovered that as soon as he touched her, he couldn't control himself, and it became completely like an uncontrolled hairy boy.

    Therefore, in these few days, Wen Ruoqing was very tired, very tired. Once home, Wen Ruoqing was lying on the bed and didn't want to move.

    "Tired?" Ye Sishen sat by the bed, put her hands on her back, and massaged her: "I will massage you."

    "No, I don't want you to massage, I want to sleep." Wen Ruoqing wanted to take off his massage on her back, but she really doesn't want to move now, she feels like this, she's afraid she won't wait for the divorce, she He was tossed to death by Ye Si Shen.

    Moreover, Ye Sishen is now with her day and night, she has no time to do her own things, no time, no energy to plan to help him get back the shares of Yeshi.

    If she continues this way, she feels that the divorce will be far away, no, she must find a way: "Yi Si Shen, you go to your room tonight to sleep, I want to sleep with you."

    "No." For this, there is no room for negotiation in Ye Sanshao.

    Wen Ruoqing suddenly turned over, rolled to the other side of the bed, and kicked him when he stretched his feet. Tonight, he must not be allowed to sleep in her room.

    "If you are really tired, I don't touch you tonight, I just hug you to sleep." Ye Sanshao saw her posture, secretly funny.

    "Which time did you not say that, but what happened?" Wen Ruoqing stared at him and didn't believe him at all. He said the last time every time, the last time, but every time he didn't toss enough, there would never be the last time. .

    "Actually, this can't be blamed on me." Ye Sanshao saw her bulging and lovely look, her lips twitched slowly, and he found that she was really more and more cute now.

    "Don't blame you, don't you blame me?" Wen Ruoqing was so angry that he was not blamed? Do n’t blame him or her?

    "Well, blame you." Ye Sanshao smiled, and he rushed at her directly during the speech: "I blame you for being too charming."

    Wen Ruoqing reacted and wanted to avoid, but Ye Sanshao's movement was too fast, she was caught by Ye Sanshao before she could escape.

    Ye Sanshao pressed her, leaned her lips in front of her and kissed her through her clothes. Her voice was deep: "Too fragrant, too soft, too charming."

    Wen Ruoqing's lips twitched fiercely, saying that men are sex and women are affectionate. This is really true.

    What he was obsessed with was her body, and what he wanted was her body too. No, what he wanted was the feeling of tossing her.

    Therefore, the fault was that her body was too fragrant and too soft, making him obsessed.

    Even if she is wearing such an ugly face, he can ignore it.

    Is there any way to make her body less fragrant and not so soft?

    Wen Ruoqing was thinking that Ye Sanshao's kiss had fallen densely on her skin. Hands began to pull her clothes.

    "Yi Sishen, you just said you won't touch me tonight." Wen Ruoqing gritted his teeth secretly. The man just said that he wouldn't touch her tonight, so what is he doing now?

    "Just once." Ye San Shaojue's words he just said were really early. He regretted it and wanted to take it back, but he also knew that she was tired, so, he will not make her too tired tonight, In fact, he couldn't bear to make her too tired, just couldn't control himself!

    However, at the next moment, Ye Sanshao is in tragedy! !