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Throwing cigarettes, Ye Sishen felt more irritable, and there seemed to be her smell in the toilet, making his body more and more

I knew I shouldn't let her leave.

Ye Si exhaled fiercely and quickly left the bathroom.

Tang Baiqian returned to China again, and the choice was very hidden, so the average person could not find it. After all, Tang Baiqian was a hidden master.

Of course, if you want to find it with Ye Sishen's ability, you will definitely be able to find it, but now that you have one more Morson, Ye Sishen can't find it with much fanfare.

Therefore, Ye Sishen did not mobilize people to find Wen Ruoqing. Not only could Ye Sishen not only send someone to find, but also prevent Mosen's people from finding her.

Being able to become Ye Sishen's enemy, and being the biggest enemy of Ye Sishen for so many years, Mossen's forces should not be underestimated.

If it is usual, Ye Sishen is not worried, but now because of Wen Ruoqing, he must be careful everywhere.

Ye Sishen had secretly found where Wen Ruoqing now lives, but he did not go to her.

He knew that there were hidden and tracked masters around Mosen. Those people were like shadows.

Even if he had been followed by a shadow of Mosen, he didn't even notice it at that time. If Ruan Zhi didn't save him that time, he would have been seriously injured even if he didn't die.

Therefore, Ye Sishen really did not dare to act rashly.

Ye Sishen didn't go to Wen Ruoqing and didn't dare to pay too much attention to Wen Ruoqing's situation, but he never left the country. She was here, he was reluctant to leave, of course, in order to protect her in time when there was an accident.

This time, Mosen apparently also intends to consume him to the end, so he has been in the country and did not leave.

At this cost, twenty days have passed.

Ye Si was a little anxious. If Wen Ruoqing cooperated, he would definitely leave Wen Ruoqing away, but he was afraid that Wen Ruoqing would not cooperate. If Wen Ruoqing did not cooperate, he would be exposed if he moved.

What's more, there is Tang Baiqian, who has found out that the news that he is in the country is that Tang Baiqian informed Mosen.

"President, Wen Jia's company has an accident. Yesterday, Mr. Wen was seriously ill and was hospitalized." At this moment, Secretary Liu called suddenly.

"What's the situation" Ye Si Shen's eyes sank, and there was a slight change in his expression. Why did Mr. Wen suddenly become seriously ill and hospitalized?

"I also just got the news, and I am not too clear about the specific situation. I heard that someone was targeting Wen's family. Old Master Wen's health has been bad in recent years. Wen Zhiyang didn't understand business very well, and that person was a conspiracy. For a long time, although we have invested in Wen’s, we can’t interfere too much with Wen’s business. Wen’s situation is very bad now.” Secretary Liu called his president as soon as he got the news, because he It is now clear how much his president cares about his wife. If the wife's family has an accident, the president will definitely not care.

"Sitting for a long time" Ye Si Shen narrowed his eyes slightly when he heard the word. If he had been planning for a long time, this matter might not be simple.

"Yes, that person seemed to be able to plot from six or seven years ago." Secretary Liu thought about it, and then tentatively said, "President, Mr. Wen is sick and hospitalized, his wife will definitely come back, and the president can come back and wait for his wife."

Secretary Liu is now fully aware of his mistakes, so he wants to atone for his merits.

Of course, Secretary Liu also knows that when his president returns, his life will certainly not be good, but this level will always pass.

Ye Si Shen held the phone, thinking, and did not speak for a while.

He knew that Mr. Wen was seriously ill and was hospitalized, and Wen Ruoqing would definitely go back.

He is now in the country, to guard against Mosen, and dare not find her, so, he returned to a city and waited for her to return, but it was a good idea.

When he left the country, she was relatively safer, and then she would return to the country by herself without attracting the attention of Mosen and others.

It can be said that something went wrong with the Wen family, but it resolved his problem.

"President, Ye Shi was almost ruined some time ago. Fortunately, the man was merciful at the last moment and let Ye Shi go. When the CEO came back, he could handle Ye Shi's affairs well. The wife's family had an accident. The president can use Ye's rescue Wen's, then Ye's and Wen's are the same family, and his wife and the president can't break it." Secretary Liu didn't hear Ye Sishen's voice, although she was a little worried, she couldn't help but say. Got my own idea.

Ye Sishen's eyes flashed quickly, which was a good idea. In the past, although Ye's invested in Wen's, it was only a business cooperation. The cooperation was not deep enough. Once Wen's company and Ye's company The interests are completely connected, and then she just wants to be inseparable.

"I'll go back." So, Ye Sishen decided to go back, and at the moment he was a little urgent. Mr. Wen was seriously ill and was hospitalized. He would definitely notify Wen Ruoqing as soon as possible, maybe Wen Ruoqing has gone back now.

So, of course, he has to go back.

Hearing his president’s words, Secretary Liu secretly exhaled, but his heart was tightly suspended again. He did a divorce for the president. The president will definitely not spare him easily when he comes back.

However, Wen Ruoqing didn't get the news of Wen's serious hospitalization, so she didn't go back.

Wen Ruoqing has been with the two babies these days. When he returned from the banquet that night, Wen Ruoqing was still a little bit worried.

However, twenty days later, nothing happened. She knew that Ye Sishen had always been in the country, but he had never sought her.

Wen Ruoqing suddenly felt that his worries were a bit funny. They agreed to marry and completely followed the agreement to divorce. At that time, Ye Sishen agreed. With his temperament, since he agreed to divorce, it is absolutely impossible for him to make entanglement. Clear things come.

As for what happened that night, it should be an accident, a coincidence.

As for what he did to her

Wen Ruoqing's Ye Sishen said that he was obsessed with her body. Of course, he used to prove this with facts every night before. So, after a chance encounter that night, or as he himself said, he was impulsive.

Men, always think about the lower body.

Wen Ruoqing thought, Ye Ruo Shen Ruo didn't meet her at the banquet that day, maybe she had already forgotten her.

Of course, after the two divorced, forgetting each other is the last state, which is exactly the result she wants. She thinks that after a while, she will also forget.

Wen Ruoqing is thinking about another thing. Tang Ling said earlier that the DNA identification results will come out in a day.