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But she couldn't refute, she didn't dare, and her refutation was exposed.

Therefore, even if Wen ruoqing is angry at the moment, he can only be sullen. Of course, Wen ruoqing tries to calm his mood and tell him not to be impulsive. Impulsiveness will only do bad things and cannot solve the problem.

"Besides, it's you who caused it, and you should find a way to solve it." However, at this time, the night division Chen deliberately came to this sentence.

"How did I cause it?" Wen ruoqing is stunned, looks at him, the eye mercilessly blinked several times.

Excuse me, in this way, how can he say it with a thick face? If he doesn't kiss her in public, will things become so serious?

"You hooked me." Night division Chen repeats just words again, still is that kind of innocent expression, that kind of aggrieved tone.

“……” When Wen ruoqing heard this, the anger that he had just tried to suppress suddenly came out. He kept repeating this sentence, which made Wen ruoqing mad and unable to keep calm at ordinary times. Then he impulsively blurted out: "do you dare to guarantee that you didn't want to talk about our relationship when you were in the mall?"

At that time, if she didn't see that yesichen had the intention to disclose their affairs, she would not have ventured forward to deliberately collude with him.

Night division shen Mou son micro turn, look at her, eyebrow angle deliberately pick pick pick, suddenly to her a little: "Oh? I didn't say anything at that time. You know what I want to say? Yes? Do you know mind reading? "

“……” Wen ruoqing suddenly became dumb and realized that he had said something wrong.

Impulse is the devil.

At the moment, his words surprised her even more. He said that she could read mind skills, which clearly meant something.

He had been doubting her, and she had just run into his gun.

Wen ruoqing, are you stupid?

"How do you know? Well? " Obviously, Yesi Chen didn't intend to let her go. His body was closer to her.

"I'm just guessing." Wen ruoqing's body shrank subconsciously, and the momentum just disappeared completely.

"Is it?" He continued to approach, his face almost to her face, lips almost to her lips.

Such closeness and posture make Chu Wuyou more nervous.

"Well." Wen ruoqing nodded subconsciously.

Yesi Shen looked at her at a close distance, and there was a little more unusual brilliance in her eyes: "well, my wife is really smart, and she guesses very accurately. My wife really can read mind skills, which is really powerful. How can I reward you?

Reward her? Wen ruoqing is a little confused for a while. How can he say that he's talking about rewards?

Then, before she could react, yeshishen kissed her again, which was still the deep, intense and lingering kiss.

Wen ruoqing was shocked directly. She forgot to breathe for a while. With the deepening of his kiss, she felt that she was about to suffocate. Maybe it was because of the blank in her brain and the shortness of breath.

After a while, Yesi Shen let her go. Seeing her confused and "confused", he suddenly asked: "it must be boring and tired to learn those psychological things?"

"Well." Wen ruoqing hasn't returned to his mind at the moment. His breathing is slightly disordered, and his brain doesn't turn at all. Then he responds subconsciously and falls into the trap of being a night manager, saying he's leaking!!

Night Si Chen is very satisfied smile, as expected is she, as expected is the same person.

He liked the way she was confused and confused at the moment, as well as the way she was unprepared for him at the moment.

"Since it's so boring and tired, why study?" What a shrewd man is ye sichen, so he decided to take advantage of the victory to pursue him.

“……” Wen ruoqing is slightly shocked. Suddenly, he returns to his senses and finds that he has been cheated again.

Can this man have another blackspot? Can he be more insidious? That's how I lied to her.

She is an expert in criminal psychology, but she was so easily taken in by him.

His psychological tactics are really cruel. From the very beginning, he was deliberately stimulating her mood and kissing her

His step-by-step design is really seamless, even she has to admire.

She had known his insidiousness and his danger.

She thought of what the senior had learned, and of the last night when the secretary went to the police station to stop her.

As for Yesi Chen who suddenly went to the police station to stop her on that day, she still couldn't figure out why he did it.

Did he want to find out if she was the one who was at the police station that day? But how did he find out?

And is that so important to him?

They were originally married by agreement. A year later, or after he got his shares, they divorced.

So it doesn't seem to make much difference to him what she really is.

The schoolmaster said that his power is amazing, so what's his identity besides being the president of the night family?

Her identity is secret, and their whole organization is also secret. Over the years, the seniors have used all kinds of methods to hide the real identity of all people, just to protect everyone.

Because over the years, they have done things that offend many people, even some terrorists who kill people without blinking an eye.

Moreover, she knows that there are many things in the school, including the white way and the black way, but she has never participated in those things.

So, without knowing the real identity of Yesi Chen and his purpose, she can't take risks. She can't take risks with all people's lives.

After all these years, those people are just like her relatives.

Wen ruoqing looks at him, but looks at him like that, and doesn't speak, because she is afraid that she accidentally says something wrong.

However, yesichen did not continue to ask. He knew that once she was back to her mind, she would not be cheated again. He just asked again when he deliberately messed up her kiss, but he did not expect her to return to her mind so soon.

Alas, it's a pity. Otherwise, he will kiss again

His eyes stared at her delicate lips, trying to get closer again.

However, this time, Wen ruoqing suddenly reached out and stopped him directly. His eyes looked at him angrily.

How dare he come here?

She was afraid that he would be choked by his kiss again. The brain of the kiss could not turn around. She was afraid that she would leak her mouth again at that time.

What happened to her just now? Can't even think because of his kiss?

Yesi Chen was disappointed, but it wasn't surprising. He had designed it before, forced her step by step, and then took advantage of her unprepared success. It's certainly not so easy now.