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"Tang Ling, we have been brothers for twenty-nine years." Ye Sishen's eyes narrowed and looked at him coldly. The seemingly unrelated sentence was full of threat.

    He and Tang Ling grew up in a yard, and the relationship between the two is particularly good, so when they were born, they were brothers. Tang Ling was actually only a few months older than him.

    "Well, it's long enough." Tang Ling ignored the threat of Ye Sishen, but deliberately distorted Ye Sishen's meaning. His eyebrows were slightly raised, and his expression seemed a little more annoying. I slowly added a sentence: "It's a bit boring, isn't it?"

    Ye Sishen: "..."

    "Tang Ling, what is your purpose?" Ye Sishen knew that Tang Ling was not that kind of person, so Tang Ling must have another purpose to do so.

    "What purpose can I have? I'm not like you. I just like Qingqing girl. When Qingqing girl comes back, I will talk to her again." Tang Ling smiled like Mu Chunfeng.

    These words are pun ...

    Ye Si glared at him fiercely, then suddenly got up and walked out.

    Have a good chat? Thinking about beauty. Was he really dead?

    Seeing Ye Sishen leave in a hurry, Tang Ling frowned.

    It seems that as long as Wen Ruoqing is involved, Ye Sishen loses his calmness.

    Excuse me, where did Ye Sishen's calmness and calmness and strategic planning go?

    He knew Ye Sishen from an early age, and it was the first time he saw Ye Sishen so desperately.

    Or, Wen Ruoqing was sent by Heaven to send Ke Yesi Shen, which is really interesting! !

    If this is the case, he will have to take a closer look at this play, and he can help add to the fire at a critical moment.

    Outside the door of the box, Ye Si pulled the tie fiercely, but it seemed even more dull.

    Damn, he shouldn't have brought her to see Tang Ling today.

    But what exactly does Tang Ling mean?

    No matter what Tang Ling means, she must be far away from Tang Ling in the future.

    Wen Ruoqing hadn't returned yet, and Ye Sishen had no patience at the moment, so he went directly to the bathroom.

    Wen Ruoqing just came out, he went straight ahead, pulled her, and went out: "Go, go home."

    "Don't you tell the elder brother? Did the elder brother leave?" Wen Ruoqing was a little strange, so he left? Just left?

    "No, stay away from Tang Ling in the future, he is a wolf in human skin, don't be fooled by his appearance." Ye Sishen was in a bad mood at the moment, so the tone was particularly rushing.

    At this moment, Wen Ruoqing's kind brother shouted cordially, and he was even more depressed.

    Wen Ruoqing looked at him with some consternation. Of course she knew who Tang Ling was.

    It's just why he suddenly made such a big fire, and he is too targeted. How did Tang Ling cause him?

    Did the two of them fall apart after she left the room?

    Even if the talk collapsed, he would n’t be so angry? He should not be the kind of indifference person.

    Seeing what he looked like, Wen Ruoqing didn't ask any more. It wasn't something she could have participated in between the brothers.

    Only, she thought of the table arranged by Tang Ling, the table was full of almost all the things she liked to eat.

    How could Tang Ling know this? Obviously, Tang Ling should have checked her!

    But why should Tang Ling check her?

    On the way back, Ye Si Shen drove slowly and kept a cold face, not knowing what he was thinking.

    From the lord to the villa, he drove for an hour and a half.

    He did not speak, and Wen Ruoqing also remained silent, not disturbing him.

    When he arrived at the villa, Wen Ruoqing just got out of the car and Ye Sishen's phone rang.

    Ye Sishen glanced at the displayed number, and a pair of eyes raised her figure to Wen Ruoqing, and saw that she had gone away before he answered the phone.

    "I found it. He was on the fifth floor at that time. There was really a little girl who took his picture. Because the little girl was still in the mall, we quickly got the picture. Then I sent it to the airport for investigation Someone, the flight attendant confirmed that his name is Tang Baiqian. He took the flight from Country M to City A yesterday. The man was too handsome, too stylish and too eye-catching, so the flight attendant was unforgettable and there should be no mistake. "

    "All the characteristics are also kissing. According to the little girl who secretly photographed, he was looking at the first floor at the time, which looked terrible and seemed angry." The other end of the phone added another sentence.

    Hearing this, Ye Sishen could be 100% sure that he would not be wrong.

    Too handsome? Too stylish? Too eye-catching?

    Can he be handsome? Is he stylish? Has he attracted attention?

    The other person passed the photo, Ye Sishen opened it, glanced, and his eyes were slightly heavy, but then the corners of his lips slightly raised again.

    People have found out, but also Jincheng, next ...

    "No matter what method is used, find him out." Ye Sishen stared at the photo, his cold eyes narrowed little by little.

    It looks like a man, but what's the use? Now Ruoqing is his wife and his woman.

    Want to grab him and dream!

    "He is a master of disguise and concealment, do you want to come over and see for yourself." The person on the other end of the phone has just figured out the opponent in a short time, which is really powerful.

    Ye Si sank into the car and sent Wen Ruoqing into the room, but he didn't go in: "I'll go out."

    "Okay." Wen Ruoqing froze for a moment, responding softly, and didn't say much.

    She had just heard the sound of his phone, but she didn't think much about it, but she noticed something strange from Ye Shen's move just now.

    Although Ye Si Shen was very well disguised, she still found out.

    The phone call she had just received from Shen Si was connected with her, so the things he was anxious to deal with might be related to her.

    It's not that she is suspicious, it is her expertise, and what she is best at is observing these.

    Ye Sishen let people go to M country to check her, let people follow her, and even took her to see Tang Ling to test her, all this made Wen Ruoqing aware of the danger,

    And it is a very serious danger.

    He is looking at her, and he will surely find other people in their organization. Everyone in the organization has secrets. If exposed, there will be danger.

    And Ye Sishen's identity is not easy.

    She must not be involved in other people.

    There are also her two babies, and she does not want the identity of the two babies to be exposed.

    Therefore, she must find a way to prevent all troubles from happening.

    In fact, Wen Ruoqing is very clear. The best way is to take her two babies back to M country as soon as possible. She is not here anymore. Ye Sishen's investigation is definitely not that simple.

    But she can't leave now, she must abide by the agreement she signed.

    They were married by agreement. The agreement clearly stated that the agreement can last for up to one year. During this period, if Ye Sishen gets shares in Ye's, it can be ended early, so ...