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#7 Catch her husband cheating

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"The young night is the car in front." Secretary Wu secretly exhaled, fortunately catching up, looking at his own president's appearance at the moment, if the person really runs away, the president is afraid that he will kill him.

    Fortunately, fortunately ...

    The taxi driver may have found him and suddenly accelerated.

    "Want to run?" Secretary Wu did not wait for Ye Shao's order this time, speeding up, and soon stopped the taxi by the roadside.

    Secretary Wu quickly got out of the car and walked around the taxi, only to find that there was only a driver in the car, and there was no shadow of the girl. He was dumbfounded: "What about people? What about the girl who just got in your car outside the hotel?" "

    "I don't know." The driver's answer was obviously perfunctory.

    "What's the matter?" Ye Shao also got out of the car, his cold eyes swept away, and his dangerous breath was instantly exaggerated to the extreme.

    The driver's gaze at Shang Ye Shao suddenly disappeared, subconsciously swallowing, and honestly replied: "She said that she just found her husband derailed in the hotel, she was just chasing her, she said her husband was a mixed triad Yes, killing people does not blink. If caught by her husband, she will kill her and let me help her, so ... so ... "

    Secretary Wu's lips twitched hard, no wonder the driver just reacted so strangely.

    It's the president who chases her, and the president is her husband? Why didn't he know this?

    President derailed? Was she caught?

    The president is a gangster? Still killing without blinking?

    How dare the woman say!

    Will the president kill her? At this point, Secretary Wu felt extremely likely.

    Secretary Wu turned tremblingly and looked at his president. When he saw that his president had a black face as if he had been dug into the ancestral grave, he took a deep breath.

    Seeing what the president looks like at the moment, he believes that if the girl is in front of the president at this moment, the president estimates that the girl can really be strangled to death.

    That girl's courage is a little bit bold! It was indeed powerful enough to anger the president so much, she was the first one.

    "Can you see her clearly?" Although Ye Shao's face was ugly, his voice was still calm, but it sounded chilly horror.

    "No, after she got in the car, she kept crying with her face covered, crying very sadly." The driver shook his head subconsciously.

    Ye Shao's lips twitched up little by little, she was sad?

    Is she sad? Humph! He remembered it clearly. She looked proud and proud when she left the room.

    sad? It's strange.

    "When do you get off the car?" Ye Shao's voice was still not high, but it seemed to be a bit more biting.

    Secretary Wu, who was standing on one side, only trembles in his shocked legs.

    The president looks so scary at the moment!

    "Not long after leaving the hotel, about 500 meters, she got out of the car ... I saw her over the guardrail and went across the road ..." The driver was scared and couldn't even speak.

    "Less at night, we seem to have been fooled ..."? Secretary Wu became more and more startled. The girl's thoughts were really close enough. The step-by-step calculations are so seamless, I don't know who they are?

    Suddenly looked at Bing Biao's eyes of his own president, Secretary Wu was terrified, and changed his mouth repeatedly: "The night is short, and now I can go around, or I can still catch up. At this point, there are few cars, and it is not easy to stop the car."

    At this moment, Wen Ruoqing had already reached the opposite side of the road. At this moment, she didn't even have a mobile phone, so she could only rely on luck.

    Hope to stop the car and leave quickly.

    Fortunately, it didn't take long for a car to stop in front of her, the window fell, and the lips of the man in the car hooked up, looking at her with a smile.