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Scared of forgetting what he wanted to say, Ye Sanshao is estimated to be the first time in his life.

    However, she is his daughter-in-law, Ye San Shaojue is not embarrassing.

    At the moment, the brighter and brighter Wen Ruoqing's smile is, he really has a feeling of fear.

    Wen Ruoqing saw him froze and didn't speak, and his lips flicked, so he took a magazine and looked at it.

    It was at this time that a voluptuous beauty entered the first class. When the voluptuous beauty saw the night of the third night, her eyes suddenly glowed, and the little stars came straight.

    "This lady, can you sit in the front? I want to take your seat. I can double the money you bought for the ticket." There was a slight contempt in his eyes.

    Of course, that tone is not good.

    Today, if Wen Ruoqing is in a good mood, Ye Sanshao will definitely be given the opportunity to get along with the beauty. It is a pity that Wen Ruoqing is not in a good mood today.

    and so……

    Wen Ruoqing sits inside, Ye Sanshao sits outside her, and the voluptuous beauty is trying to lure Ye Sanshao by talking to Wen Ruoqing at the moment.

    Wen Ruoqing raised his eyes and looked at the woman who was standing beside Ye Sishen at this moment. The woman's body was deliberately moving closer to Ye Sishen without any traces, and she had already put the fullness in front of her in front of Ye Sanshao.

    At this moment, Ye Sanshao can see all the spring colors without tilting his eyes.

    Wen Ruoqing's eyes swept across the voluptuous beauties, um, yes, she was very beautiful, and she had a very good figure. It was definitely the kind of woman who gave men a certain impulse at a glance.

    Hey, it's a pity that such a good affair, I can't avoid seeing Ye Si's evasion, should I still be very willing?

    If he did n’t mess with her, she was really willing to fulfill him ...

    Ye Si Shen had been thinking about Wen Ruoqing's things, and he was a little uneasy, so the reaction was a little slow at the moment, and the fullness in front of the voluptuous beauty was about to lean on him before he reacted.

    Ye Sishen's face sank, her eyes narrowed, and she just wanted to push away the beauties.

    It was just at this moment that Wen Ruoqing suddenly made a noise.

    "I'm sorry, I grabbed this position first, so he is now famous, he is my man." Wen Ruoqing said absolutely arrogant, domineering and unreasonable.

    After grabbing a position, the man next to her becomes her man, and it takes more unreasonable people to say it.

    Ye Sishen was shocked, completely shocked. With the last temptation in the Count, Ye Sishen did n’t even dare to think about what Wen Ruoqing would prevent in this case. He thought she would turn a blind eye like the last time. Maybe he will push him towards that woman.

    However, she actually ...

    Ye Si Shen was too surprised, so he forgot all the reactions for a while, and just looked at Wen Ruoqing with an incredible look.

    At the moment, Ye Sanshao was not only surprised, but also a little scared, because he didn't believe his wife would say that.

    Is this really his wife?

    Seeing the reaction of Ye Sishen, the voluptuous beauty thought Wen Ruoqing was lying, otherwise, the handsome guy would not be scared like this.

    "What are you talking about? Is he your man? Are you really dare to say? How could he look at you like you? Haven't you ever looked in the mirror?" There is no cover up.

    "That's not necessarily, maybe he's blind." Wen Ruoqing glanced at Ye Sanshao, what he said was a natural thing.

    Someone who was scolded as blind finally recovered, and at the moment, his tight heart finally let go, because, at this moment, he finally determined that she was her and his wife.

    "Do you have any qualities like this, how can you insult this gentleman so much." The voluptuous beauty feels that this is a good opportunity to fight Wen Ruoqing, express yourself, and please the man in front of you.

    Wen Ruoqing ignored the voluptuous woman, but turned to Ye Sishen, her lips slightly raised, and she smiled lightly: "You said she was beautiful or I was beautiful."

    "You." Ye Sanshao didn't have any hesitation, no slight dullness, the answer was called a fast, Ye Sanshao might feel that the expression was not obvious enough, and added another sentence: "You are the most beautiful."

    This is Ye Sanshao's heart. In his heart, she is the most beautiful.

    Ye Sanshao thought that his answer, his wife must be satisfied, maybe praise him a few words.


    Wen Ruoqing was quite satisfied with Ye Sanshao's answer at that moment. She glanced at the voluptuous beauty, shrugging her shoulders helplessly, and then said in a hopeless tone: "Look, I said he was blind. . "

    Just now, Ye Sanshao answered Wen Ruoqing's words, and by the way, took the magazine in Wen Ruoqing's hand and pushed the demon woman away.

    At this moment, the fascinating woman stood blankly, looking at Ye Sanshao, her face unbelievable, as long as she felt that she could clearly distinguish who was beautiful and who was ugly, because it was so obvious.

    However, the man in front of him said that the ugly monster is more beautiful than her? Is this man really blind?

    Such a good-looking man, such an imposing man, and at first glance is a particularly rich man, even blind! !

    Hey, what a pity.

    No, no, this man doesn't look blind. She just saw that he had taken the magazine from the ugly hand and pushed her away.

    Therefore, he can definitely see it.

    In the heart of the voluptuous beauty, she couldn't help but have a little more hope. She looks so beautiful, that ugly monster is so ugly, she doesn't believe she will lose to that ugly monster.

    The voluptuous beauties just wanted to lean on Ye Sanshao again.

    "I just like you, what should I do?" Only at this moment, Ye Sanshao looked at Wen Ruoqing, the affectionate models' confession, Ye Sanshao's true confession.

    However, Wen Ruoqing only thought he was cooperating with her, and then sighed helplessly: "Hey, not only is he blind, his heart is blind."

    Ye Sanshao felt that he was stuck directly in his chest with a single breath, not up or down, and he was uncomfortable.

    He likes her, is he blind?

    His obvious confession is so distorted by her?

    However, this is not over yet. Wen Ruoqing glanced at him, shook it, and then added a sentence: "You said, what's the use of this man?"

    Wen Ruoqing has always remembered her revenge, but she has always remembered her previous revenge, so she never forgets to take revenge.

    "Useless? Hmm?" Ye Sishen's eyes narrowed dangerously, suddenly approaching Wen Ruoqing, and then kissed her lips directly.

    She said he was blind, even that he was blind, he could not care about her, but she said he was useless?