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Ye Sishen believed this woman?

"No, he takes me everywhere. Actually, I don't understand these. I don't want to run around with him. It's too tired, but he has to take me." Wen Ruoqing said these are also true, she usually also I once complained about Si Shen overnight, but at the moment I said to Master Ye that there was naturally another intention.

She wanted to let Master Ye know that Ye Sishen believed her and had no defense against her.

Only then will things be smoother.

In fact, she felt that Ye Sishen had really never guarded her.

Ye Ye is a little bit angry, which means that Ye Si Shen believes in her.

Ye Si Shen kept hiding from him for these things, he didn't know anything.

He glanced at Wen Ruoqing and asked with some sullenness: "How many times did he travel for his own property?"

"Well, my husband said that Ye's company wasn't his anyway, so my husband said he didn't need to waste time on Ye's. It would be better to expand his own industry with that time and energy." At this moment, Wen Ruoqing took a bite to my husband , The call is exceptionally cordial.

At this moment, Ye Ye has determined that Ye Sishen did not hide Wen Ruoqing, so he believed everything Wen Ruoqing said, not to mention the reasonableness of Wen Ruoqing's remarks.

If you change him, you have so many industries, it is impossible to waste time managing a company that does not belong to you.

No one wants to do such a thankless thing.

Therefore, Ye Sishen said that Ye Shi is not a joke, but a real one.

Even though Ye Ye has been reluctant to let go, he knew in his heart that even if he came out of the mountain, Ye Shi could not manage it now. Without Ye Si Shen, Ye Shi was afraid that he would not be able to hold it for long.

"Actually, I didn't want to hand over the company to him, just a few days ago, he transferred the shares of Ye Shi in his own hands..." Ye Ye's squinted eyes quickly disappeared, and the words suddenly stopped. Too.

This is what Mr. Ye was most worried about. In fact, he didn't want to tell Wen Ruoqing about this matter. At this moment, his mood may be too complicated. He said it for a moment.

Although Master Ye's words weren't finished, Wen Ruoqing understood.

A few days ago, Ye Si Shen transferred the shares of Ye Shi to others? She really didn't know about this matter.

Why did Si Si Shen transfer his shares to others at this time? Who did Ye Si Shen transfer the shares to?

When Wen Ruoqing saw Grand Master Ye mentioned this, she looked a little cruel and a little resentful, showing that Grand Master Ye didn't like that person very much.

Wen Ruoqing suddenly thought of Meng Ruoting, will Ye Si Shen transfer his shares to Meng Ruoting?

If this is the case, Ye Si Shen really transferred the shares in his hands to Meng Ruoting, then Ye Ye will definitely not give Ye Shi to Ye Si Shen.

What did Ye Sishen think?

However, Wen Ruoqing saw that Ye Ye was disgusted, but there was a trace of luck.

This shows that although Ye Sishen turned, the other party did not accept it.

Wen Ruoqing's eyes flickered, and slowly said according to the guess in his heart: "He turned, and the other party should be required."

Ye Ye's eyes suddenly lit up, yes, Ye Si Shen transferred it to the woman, who would never want it.

When the woman left Yejia's house, she vowed that she would never ask for anything from Yejia.

The woman is always trustworthy, so he doesn't have to worry about this issue.

"He didn't even hide her things from you." Ye Ye's squinted eyes had some dangerous coldness, but when looking at Wen Ruoqing, it was a little complicated.

Ye Sishen This is Wen Ruoqing's story about that man? It can be seen that Ye Sishen has reached a point of absolute trust in Wen Ruoqing.

Wen Ruoqing didn't know who the person the old man said was, but the old man's reaction made Wen Ruoqing sure that the person not only didn't want the previous shares, but he certainly wouldn't want it next.

Wen Ruoqing suddenly realized that that person might not be Meng Ruoting, because if it were Meng Ruoting, Ye Ye would never be so convinced that the other party would not want it.

As far as Meng Ruoting she knew, if Ye Sishen transferred the shares of Yeshi to Meng Ruoting, Meng Ruoting would definitely want it.

So that person should not be Meng Ruoting.

And Ye Ye's words were a little strange to listen to, Wen Ruoqing vaguely felt that this person should have a very close relationship with Ye Sishen.

However, these are not the key now, and the most important thing now is to help Ye Sishen get the shares of Yeshi.

"The Wen family was about to go bankrupt long ago. Ye Sishen was always using Ye's money to save Wen's." Only at this moment, Ye Ye suddenly changed the subject.

Wen Ruoqing smiled directly when he heard Ye Ye’s words: “If my husband wants to save the Wen family, he doesn’t have to use Ye’s money. After all, with my husband’s ability, the money invested can be doubled, so it’s I prefer to use my own money."

"You, you, you." Ye Ye was angry, staring at Wen Ruoqing fiercely: "You are ruthless."

Wen Ruoqing smiled, did not speak, this is ruthless? That's when Grandpa Ye hadn't seen her really ruthless.

Ye Ye thought about it, and then took out a contract from the safe. He signed the name, stamped it, and then handed it to Wen Ruoqing: "I have done it all right. You can take it to Ye Si Shen. "

Previously, Ye Ye thought Ye Si Shen didn't want Ye Shi to tell him deliberately, but now he knows Ye Si Shen really doesn't want it.

Ye Yezi understands Ye Sishen's temper. Since Ye Sishen really doesn't want it, even if he gives it now, Ye Sishen will definitely not want it, so only through Wen Ruoqing.

Ye Sishen believes Wen Ruoqing so much, naturally he takes Wen Ruoqing very seriously. Therefore, it is only when Wen Ruoqing comes forward that Ye Sishen may accept it.

With what happened before in Gu's house, Ye Ye will never treat Wen Ruoqing as a fool.

"Isn't he on a business trip? You can also go directly to the company to help him deal with it, he believes you so, this little thing should be okay." This time, Master Ye was worried, he was really afraid when it was night. Si Shen would refuse.

Everyone is like this. The ones who hold the eyes do not know how to cherish.

Wen Ruoqing took a quick look at the document. Ye Ye transferred all 60% of his shares to Ye Si Shen, and he only left 10% of his shares, which should be reserved for Ye Si Chun. Yes, this is normal.

Everything went very smoothly, much smoother than she expected, a lot.

She has already helped Ye Sishen's shares, then...