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#31 What he wants

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Ye Sishen didn't speak, just squinted, and he wanted to know what she wanted to do when she came here alone?

    In the hall, Wen Ruoqing frowned slightly. She asked Hitomi to meet here today. Hitomi has always been punctual. Was she late today?

    The phone rang suddenly.

    "My dear, unexpected accident, I can't get through." When Wen Ruoqing connected the phone, Hitomi's voice was hurriedly passed over. Only one sentence, the phone hung up.

    Wen Ruoqing was a little ignorant. Was this what happened?

    But since Hitomi couldn't come, she didn't have to wait here anymore. Wen Ruoqing got up and was ready to leave.

    "Huh, why did she leave like this?" In the room, Qin Wushao saw Wen Ruoqing about to leave, some accidents and some anxiety. He hadn't seen anything yet. Why did she leave, "San Ge, want Don't let people stop her? "

    "No need." Ye Sishen looked at her figure through the monitoring screen, her lips twitched slowly. If she was the woman he was looking for, she was struck by a snake at this moment, fearing she would try to escape again.

    So, this time, he has to take it slowly step by step. It is said that boiling frog in warm water is a good strategy.

    I have to say that Ye Sishen was really cruel enough to do things.

    Qin Wushao met his eyes and suddenly shivered. He felt that the third brother was really terrible at the moment. It seemed that someone was going to be unlucky.

    "President, Mr. Wen hosted a banquet at the Jinling Hotel tonight to catch up with Miss Wen." On the third day, Secretary Liu reported the news to his president. The president told him to follow the dynamics of the Wen family these days. I dare not have the slightest sloppy.

    It's pretty fast! Ye Si Shen's hand holding the pen stopped, and the corner of his lips slowly lifted.

    "In this banquet, Mr. Wen nominally took over for Miss Wen's family. In fact, he wanted to choose a suitable husband for Miss Wen. Mr. Wen even bluntly gave Wen to Miss Wen, and then choose one to help Miss Wen's people. "Secretary Liu said in detail, but this is not a secret in City A.

    Old Man Wen said this, even if Miss Wen is stupid and ugly, someone will definitely want to marry her. After all, Wen's influence in City A cannot be underestimated.

    The arc of Ye Si's deep lip angle slowly unfolded. If so, today's banquet must have been more interesting. He kept his arms down for a few days just to wait for this opportunity.

    Next, he should do something.

    Wen's old house.

    "Why did Grandpa guard the fool everywhere, and why should Wen hand her over to her?" Wen Ruan Ruan's face was terrible and terrible, and his voice was even more reluctant and ruthless.

    I originally thought that as long as Wen Ruoqing returned home, she would have a way to deal with her. Unexpectedly, in the past two days, she didn't even get the slightest benefit because the grandfather was protecting the fool everywhere, and now he had to take the entire Wen's Leave it to the fool.


    "If Wen is given to her, what shall we do?" Wen Ruan Ruan thought more and more angry, of course, she cared more about Wen's family business.

    "Relax, I won't let that happen." Li Yun's face was filled with fear and sorrow.

    "Mommy has a way?" Wen Ruan Ruan's eyes immediately became a little brighter, and there was a little more excited expectation in the voice.

    "To deal with a fool, you will find it difficult to live with Mummy?" Li Yun's lips slowly chuckled, with a bit of pride in the cold, "Today's banquet is a good opportunity, this time, I She must be so disappointed that she will never come back without a face. "