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He found that this woman was really angry, he found that he was angry with him when he married her.

    Why did he want to strangle her so much?

    Ye Si looked at her, looked at her, and suddenly smiled.

    At the next moment, Ye Sishen directly took out the memory card and put it in the inner layer of his wallet.

    He believes that his judgment is correct. He believes that the woman in the hotel tonight is her. So, even if she does n’t care about what she pretends to do, then she will definitely try to get the memory card back.

    In this case, he took this memory card with him and waited for her to take it.

    He wanted to see if she could take things away from him without knowing it.

    He is not afraid of her not moving, because the information inside is too important, and the people above her will definitely be in a hurry.

    And as long as she moves, he ...

    Wen Ruoqing looked at his movements and scolded secretly in his heart. Can this man be more insidious?

    Did he take the memory card with him?

    She is now too aware of his abilities. He is afraid that no one can steal it without knowing it, not to mention he will do everything possible to guard her.

    Ye Sishen was laughing at the moment, the bright face of the smile.

    Suddenly, Wen Ruoqing was sideways, lying sideways, lying on the bed with his back to him. Now she doesn't want to care about him, because she has to find a way to get the memory card back.

    But how easy is it to talk about?

    Wen Ruoqing originally thought that she would lie down and go to sleep. Ye Sishen would definitely leave consciously, but Ye Sishen did not leave. Instead of leaving, he began to undress.

    From the jacket to the shirt to the pants, he took off all of them one by one. He threw the clothes aside at random, then went to the bathroom, and then the sound of bathing came from the bathroom.

    Wen Ruoqing turned around and saw the clothes he threw aside and his wallet.

    At this moment his wallet was placed on top of his clothes. Wen Ruoqing's eyes flashed quickly. There was an urge to pounce on the memory card.

    However, she finally refrained. Ye Sishen was clearly ‘desperate,’ and wanted to hook her. At the moment, although there was a sound of running water in the bathroom, he would definitely take a shower if he did n’t.

    Maybe he was observing her secretly, but when she moved, he rushed out and caught her in shape.

    Therefore, she cannot take risks.

    But what if he is really taking a shower at the moment? If he was taking a shower at the moment, it would be a golden opportunity for her.

    Wen Ruoqing, who has always been able to control a person's psychology, is hesitant and contradictory at the moment.

    She looked at Ye Sishen's wallet with a pair of eyes and secretly exhaled. Although she knew he was intentional, she decided to take a risk.

    At the next moment, Wen Ruoqing got up and wanted to get her wallet, but at this time, the sound of running water in the bathroom suddenly stopped.

    Wen Ruoqing was shocked, and the instinctive first reaction was to lie down quickly.

    Then, the bathroom door opened, and Ye Sishen came out. At this moment, he only wrapped a bath towel around his waist, and he still hung water droplets that had not been wiped clean.

    Obviously, he was just taking a shower! !

    Wen Ruoqing somewhat regretted that he had not just made a decisive shot.

    Wen Ruoqing suddenly thought that all of this might have been calculated by him. He deliberately put his wallet in the most conspicuous place. It was a temptation, but it made people think of a trap as the first reaction.

    So dare not act rashly! !

    And he obviously thought of how she would react! And one of her Ph.Ds in psychology did this to him!

    Who is she and the psychologist?

    Wen Ruoqing thought about things in her mind, so she didn't pay much attention to other things for a while.

    She didn't recover until he walked out of her bed, looking at him surrounded by a towel, her heartbeat seemed to stop suddenly.

    This man's figure is really good. It's the kind of thing that people can't help but want to scream, even though she looks a little ...

    However, the next moment, when Wen Ruoqing saw Ye Sishen's movements surrounded by only one bath towel, she was completely shocked and immediately recovered.

    Ye Si Shen actually sat directly on the bed, and then came up, all his actions were so self-confident.

    Wen Ruoqing's eyes blinked, blinked again, and then secretly gasped.

    he? What is he doing? !

    When Ye Si sank up, she took off the bath towel around her waist, then pulled her quilt over her body and lay down with her.

    His movements were quick, and Wen Ruoqing was lying down at the moment, so it wasn't too clear, but when he lay beside her, her body froze subconsciously and didn't dare to move.

    She was afraid that a disturbance would accidentally touch something that should not be touched.

    But Ye Si Shen suddenly turned sideways, and then stretched out his hand, trying to hold her in her arms.

    "What are you doing?" Wen Ruoqing was surprised, and moved quickly towards it, avoiding his hand, and she was a little wary on her face.

    Ye Sishen's movements stopped, a pair of eyes stared straight at her, and then returned a word seriously: "Yes."

    Wen Ruoqing froze for a moment before recognizing his taste. He understood what he meant. For a time, he only felt the thunder rolls. Can this man be ashamed?

    "Wife, you're so warmly inviting, I will never refuse." Ye Si looked at her with a smile on her lips, and added a sentence deliberately: "After all, we are husband and wife."

    She is his wife. Isn't it justified to sleep with his wife? What's wrong? Is there a problem?

    "Fake." Wen Ruoqing quickly replied subconsciously, they are a couple, but they are fake.

    This is the most important.

    "Fake? Is our marriage certificate fake?" Ye Sishen's eyes sank slightly. How was the woman really angry with him?

    "The marriage certificate is true, but we have an agreement, and we belong to an agreement to marry ..." Wen Ruoqingjue's she needs to remind him at this moment that they are married by agreement, so everything should come according to the agreement.

    Ye Si stared at her and just wanted to speak again, just at this moment, his phone rang suddenly.

    Ye Si Shen didn't want to answer the question, but he saw Qin Ting's call at once, then he reached for the phone and pressed the answer button.

    "Third Brother, that woman just called me." As soon as the phone was connected, Qin Wushao's voice came over, probably because he was too surprised. Qin Wushao's voice was obviously a little louder.

    At this moment, the distance between Ye Sishen and Wen Ruoqing is very close, so Wen Ruoqing also heard Qin Wushao's words.

    Wen Ruoqing was slightly stunned. Which woman called Qin Wushao and Qin Wushao needed to report to Ye Sishen?