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"My mother is an expert in criminal psychology." Tang Zhimo did not say his mother's name, but answered another question from Xi Ji.

    "Criminal psychologist? Woman? Really powerful, no wonder you are so powerful." Xi Ji couldn't help jumping, no wonder he always felt that this kid could guess the idea in his heart at once It is the mother of a criminal psychology expert. It seems that this kid usually learns a lot from his mother.

    Xi Ji didn't know that Wen Ruoqing was an expert in criminal psychology. If Xi Ji knew Wen Ruoqing's identity, he might be connected at the moment.

    But in fact, apart from Tang Ling and Ye Sishen, no one else knew about it.

    Qin Wushao still does not believe that Wen Ruoqing was the psychologist who helped him solve the case.

    "What about your dad? What does your dad do?" Xi Ji's curiosity at the moment was completely picked up.

    There is such a great mother, dad must be even better? The average man who dares to marry a criminal psychology expert?

    Tang Zhimo's lips gently pursed, his father? He still doesn't know who his biological father is now?

    How would he know something that his mother didn't know?

    "Dad does business." Tang Zhimo's child thought of Ye Sishen at this time. After all, Ye Sishen is now her mother's legal husband.

    For now, the children of Tang Zhimo's views on Ye Sanshao are quite big, but they always think of Ye Sishen at critical moments.

    This makes Tang Zhimo a little depressed.

    The scope of doing business is too wide, and there are too many people doing business, Xi Ji did not think much, and He Tongtong has confessed that the identity of the two babies must be kept secret, and even him.

    He Tongtong didn't tell him, he knew that it was even more impossible to talk from this elf's mouth, but he felt that he could find an opportunity to ask the child Zizi, maybe he could ask some important information.

    He felt that the cute and simple Zixi Xiaobian was much more adorable.

    Xi Ji's nature has always been to do it, he immediately called his personal lawyer, and ordered the lawyer to prepare a contract and send it to him.

    Now that Tang Zhimo already knows, and even his purpose is clear, Xi Ji naturally has no need to cover up in front of Tang Zhimo, so Xi Ji's call was made in Tang Zhimo.

    Tang Zhimo's eyes blinked lightly, this action was really fast, and Hitomi's mother was so happy.

    If a man can do this to his mother, he will definitely let his mother marry without hesitation.

    As for Ye Si Shen, hum!

    Of course, Xi Ji has not forgotten what Wu Guanjia said his mother said to do DNA identification.

    The mother suspected that the child was not his, and he could understand the DNA, which he could understand, but he did not expect his mother to let Ari do it.

    Ari used to be a professional killer before, and his mother asked Ari to do this thing, obviously the purpose is not simple.

    He must not let his mother hurt two children.

    He knows his mother. If the mother finishes the DNA and finds that the child is not his, he will definitely try to find out the child's biological father.

    He Tongtong said that the child's identity needs to be kept secret, so he must think of a perfect solution.

    The only way to prevent his mother from acting rashly is to let her know that the child's father is something she can't afford.

    The mother's most feared person is the third brother, so, can he make a fake report to the mother's DNA at that time, so that the mother thinks that the child is the third brother ...

    If the mother thinks that the child is the third brother, she will certainly not dare to mess up, and the two children will be safe.

    Of course, Xi Ji knows that his mother is not so easy to cheat, so this matter needs to be arranged well.

    Xi Ji looked at Tang Zhimo and smiled gently. Such a lovely baby, he must not let them suffer any harm.

    At this moment, Ye Sishen and Wen Ruoqing have arrived at Yejia's old house.

    Ye Ye was angry at the moment, and his face was particularly ugly. When he saw Wen Ruoqing coming in with Ye Si Shen, his face was a little deeper. Obviously Ye Ye didn't want to see Wen Ruoqing very much. He has always hated Wen Ruoqing.

    "You come to the study with me." Ye Ye looked at Ye Si Shen, his tone was rather bad.

    Ye Sishen was not surprised. The corners of his lips faintly traced a slightly radiant arc. Looking at the old man like this, he was very at ease.

    "What the hell do you want to do? You actually transferred the shares in your name to the woman, you ..." As soon as he entered the study, Ye Ye couldn't help shouting.

    "Since it's in my name, naturally I have the final say. Whom I want to transfer to is my freedom. She is my mother. Is there any problem in transferring my things to my mother?" Ye Sanshao is just He glanced at Master Ye lightly, and it was a matter of course.

    "It's a pity that my stocks are a little less, and if there are more, I will transfer." Ye Sanshao's words were already obvious enough, he just said, if the old man transfers other shares to him, He will also pass it to his mother.

    Of course, he didn't need to say this so clearly, the old man could understand.

    "I don't think you want other shares in Ye's." Ye Ye's eyes narrowed, with a clear threat in his words.

    The old man thought that Ye Si Shen would listen to him saying that at least he would be a little daunted and a little calm, at least he would give him a clear attitude.

    "Why? The old man wants to transfer it to me, and I will definitely accept it." Ye Sanshao was very careless and returned with a bit of carelessness, of course, not forgetting to emphasize his meaning: "But it becomes my thing , I naturally have the power to freely control. "

    Ye Sishen's attitude is quite clear, but it is not the kind that Ye Ye wants.

    "You, you, you ..." Ye Ye was shocked and anxious. You didn't say a complete sentence for a long time, just exhaled in a big breath.

    "When does the old man plan to transfer Ye's to me?" Ye Sanshao asked deliberately. In fact, he was already sure that the old man would never transfer Ye's to him, at least not now.

    "Don't even think about it, I won't give Ye Shi to you even if I die." Ye Ye stared at Ye Si Shen and gave a ruthless roar. Ye Si Shen's words were so obvious, he How dare you transfer Ye Shi to Ye Si Shen.

    In case he transferred Ye's to Ye Sishen, Ye Sishen really transferred it to the woman, wouldn't it be ...

    Therefore, he must not transfer Ye Shi to Ye Si Shen, fortunately, his old bone can last for several years.

    Seeing the attitude of the old man at the moment, Ye Sanshao was very satisfied, and everything was perfectly developed according to his plan.