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Meng Ruoting was stunned and her eyes flickered, but she just guessed casually. He seemed to believe it, and his reaction was too urgent.

    It seems quite concerned!

    In this way, he married this sincerely, not for the sake of showing to Ye Ye's grandfather!

    In this way, she can rest assured that mommy can also rest assured.

    Just don't know what someone is doing in the room at the moment? Would it really be as sad as she guessed?

    If so, it ’s okay, if not?

    Ye Si went upstairs and walked directly outside Wen Ruoqing's door. Before opening the door, he heard Wen Ruoqing's laughter in the room.

    Ye Sishen's eyes sank, without knocking on the door, he opened the door directly.

    "Okay, let's go." In the room, Wen Ruoqing was lying on the bed with earphones, her legs were tilted up, and she didn't know who was talking to the video. She was very happy and very happy.

    sad? Damn it sad! !

    At the moment, she was too focused on the people video, and she brought headphones. When he came in, she didn't realize it.

    Wen Ruoqing is talking to her baby girl at the moment, so she didn't pay much attention to other things.

    Of course, the most important thing is that she feels that Ye Sishen and Meng Ruoting are sure of you at this time. No one will bother her.

    Wen Ruoqing suddenly felt the light in front of him dim and turned subconsciously, and then saw Ye Sishen standing in front of her bed.

    For a moment, Wen Ruoqing felt like she was shocked by the cold sweat.

    When did he come in? She didn't even notice?

    It was really too careless, but fortunately, Zizi just said to show her new toy, so it didn't appear on the screen, he shouldn't see it.

    Wen Ruoqing quietly closed the video call.

    She has never wanted to be discovered by Zi Xi and the ink, she does not want to hurt the two babies, nor does it want to cause unnecessary trouble.

    Ye Sishen naturally saw her move to close the video, her eyes narrowed slightly, a bit more dangerous breath.

    Who is she video chatting with? It turned off when he saw him, so she was so afraid of him?

    "How did you come in?" Wen Ruoqing exhaled secretly, keeping herself as calm as possible.

    "Why? I can't come in?" Ye Sishen's tone was chilling at the moment, and it sounded kind of creepy.

    "Miss Meng? Don't you need to accompany her?" Wen Ruoqing gasped secretly. What's wrong with him? Miss Meng is here, shouldn't he be happy?

    Ye Sishen's face turned black instantly, why did he want to strangle her so much?

    Seeing him suddenly become even more terrifying, Wen Ruoqing's lips slightly pursed and stopped talking.

    He was clearly in a bad mood at the moment, so she didn't rush into his muzzle so stupidly.

    "Who was you talking to just now?" Ye Sishen thought that when he first came in, she was so happy, she felt panic in her heart.

    She threw him in the lobby and ran back to the room to video with others, so happy! !

    Wen Ruoqing's eyes flickered, thinking about how to explain to him that she didn't want to expose the two babies.

    Once the matter came to light, she was pregnant before marriage, and her father's unknown. All these would become a weapon to hurt the two babies. She knew the circle too well.

    And she still doesn't know who the child's biological father is. She wants her child to recognize her father.

    However, at this moment, her phone rang suddenly, it was the voice of the video request, and it was Zi Xi who dialed it.

    When Wen Ruoqing saw the video request, his eyes flickered and his heart shivered.

    "Pick up." Ye Sishen was standing by her bed at the moment, her cell phone was lying on the bed, and the words displayed on her cell phone screen at this moment were particularly clear to him.

    Kiss baby! !

    This is really enough!

    He wants to see who this kiss baby is?

    If he didn't guess wrong, the flower branch that she called to laugh a few times before was probably the same person.

    Wen Ruoqing really didn't want to pick it up. She now wanted to hang up directly and then shut it down, but at this moment, under the eyes of Ye Sishen, who seemed to be killing at any time, her fingers were so close, but she didn't dare to press it.

    "Wen Ruoqing, do you dare to hang up and try?" Ye Si Shen seemed to see through her mind and suddenly yelled.

    Wen Ruoqing's hand happened to touch the phone, and when he shouted at him, her hand shook so much that she actually hung up Zi Xi's video request.

    In other words, she is really not intentional! !

    However, it is estimated that he will not believe it.

    Ye Sishen's eyes narrowed quickly, and the cold breath swept a stormy danger.

    Ok, so good, she is brave enough! Actually hung up!

    Wen Ruoqing raised his head, looked at him, and secretly took a breath when he met his eyes.

    She has always been calm, and at the moment she saw him like this, her heart was trembling.

    "She shook her hands and accidentally made a mistake." Wen Ruoqing felt that she should explain whether he believed it or not.

    "Do you believe it yourself?" Ye Sishen's eyes narrowed, staring straight at her, the dangerous breath seemed to be hard to swallow her.

    She didn't believe this.

    "Believe." Wen Ruoqing froze, then nodded very seriously. Of course she believed what she said, and she was telling the truth.

    "I was wrong by mistake? Hmm?" Ye Sishen saw her innocent look suddenly smiled. She was angry with her, and she smiled with anger.

    He shouldn't talk nonsense with her.

    "Well." Wen Ruoqing nodded. Looking at him like this with her head up, she felt her neck sore, but she persisted and did not move.

    Seeing her nod, Ye Sishen's lips ticked off, and then slowly spoke: "Okay, give you a chance, and call back now."

    Since she said something wrong, he gave him a chance to correct it.

    He has to see who this kiss baby is today?

    What kind of person can make her so obsessed with it, calling from time to time, video chatting, and chatting so happy.

    Wen Ruoqing was shocked, she had thought he had his temperament, this matter was forgotten, did not expect him to let her call back!

    To his eyes, Wen Ruoqing absolutely believes that if she does not dial back at this moment, he may strangle her directly at the next moment.

    Wen Ruoqing knew that if she didn't do what he said at the moment, this matter would definitely be over.

    Wen Ruoqing thought that they were married by agreement, and he and Meng Ruoting were in love with each other, so the fact that she had children or not should have no effect on him.

    With his character and style, even if he knows about the two babies, he will surely keep her secret? He should and will not do anything to harm the child.

    Having figured this out, Wen Ruoqing exhaled secretly, then picked up the phone, opened Zixi's mobile WeChat, and sent a video request.