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When she was about to open the door, the phone rang suddenly. Wen Ruoqing saw He Tongtong's phone, almost without hesitation, and answered it quickly.

    "Tui Tong, are you with the two babies?" Wen Ruoqing asked anxiously before he opened the pupil.

    Wen Ruoqing always calms down when things happen, but it is about two babies, but she is completely chaotic.

    "What's the matter together? The two babies are watching TV. I just went down to throw garbage. Didn't bring the phone, what happened?" He Tongtong was obviously puzzled.

    "It's fine if I'm fine. I just called. Both baby's phones were turned off. No one answered your phone. I'm worried about something." Wen Ruoqing was relieved obviously, his body soft and helpless. On the door.

    "Ismo turned off both phones and said that there was something special about you, did something happen just now?"

    "Well, I was discovered by Ye Sishen when I was talking with Zixi." Wen Ruoqing was still afraid of thinking about the matter just now. She still didn't want to expose the two babies.

    "Does he know about Zixi?" He Tongtong couldn't help but exclaim.

    "No, he didn't see Zi Xi, and then the video didn't connect."

    "The ink baby is really amazing." He Tongtong was stunned. She hadn't taken it for granted. She didn't think she was right.

    Wen Ruoqing originally wanted to see two babies, but she heard Meng Ruoting's voice, Meng Ruoting should be calling someone, the voice was not loud.

    Wen Ruoqing thought of Meng Ruoting at home, Ye Si Shen would definitely be back soon, so he could hold back.

    Tomorrow, she will see two babies tomorrow.

    When Ye Sishen came back, it was already one o'clock Ling Chen. His face was obviously gloomy, and his eyes were trembling with cold eyes.

    He went upstairs and stopped outside Wen Ruoqing's door, twisting the door lock, but found that Wen Ruoqing had locked the door handle.

    Ye Si Shen's eyes narrowed, she actually locked the door again?

    the next morning.

    Meng Ruoting was awakened by a phone call.

    "Mommy." When Meng Ruoting answered the phone, she smiled broadly.

    "You went to City A again? I didn't tell you, don't go to City A again, don't go to you ..." The other party's voice was obviously worried, a very heavy worry.

    "Mommy, let me tell you something, my brother is married." Meng Ruoting was cheerful and excited.

    She knew that this matter could definitely distract Mommy's attention.

    "..." The other party's voice came to an abrupt halt. After a while, it seemed that he finally recovered. "What did you say? Is your brother married?"

    Although she has been away from City A for nearly two decades, how can she not know her son ’s affairs, so many years, he did n’t even have a girlfriend, why did he suddenly get married?

    Was it forced by Ye Ye?

    "Uh, uh, my brother is married, and the younger sister-in-law is particularly fun and cute. I especially like it." Meng Ruoting said three special ones in a row, without concealing her satisfaction with Wen Ruoqing.

    Hearing her daughter's words, Meng Shiyao was silent again. She knew her daughter's character best, and it was the first time she listened to her being so proud.

    "Your brother and her?" Meng Shiyao had a little more hope in her heart, or the son liked it. The son is doing things now, and even the night master may not be able to control it.

    "I see that the elder brother cares about the younger sister-in-law." Meng Ruoting naturally understands what her mother is worried about: "You know that the elder brother is rarely angry, but last night, because the younger sister-in-law's brother was about to explode.

    Meng Ruoting's words are not exaggerated at all, because when her brother came out of the little sister-in-law's room, her face was really scary.

    "They quarreled?" Meng Shiyao asked after Meng Ruoting's words, but there was not much worry in the tone. It was normal for the quarrel between husband and wife.

    Sometimes it ’s even more terrible not to argue or argue!

    Si Shen angered that he really took the heart.

    As a result, she was relieved.

    "Mommy, if I take the phone to my brother now, you ask your brother yourself." In fact, Meng Ruoting also wants to know what is going on between her brother and her sister-in-law, but she knows that even if she asks, brother I won't say it.

    But mommy is different. Mommy asked, and my brother would definitely say.

    After all, she still wanted to satisfy her curiosity.

    "What's crazy about you girl? At this time, your brother and your sister-in-law may not have gotten up yet. When you go to their room at this time, they will disturb them." Meng Shiyao stopped hearing her daughter's words.

    "Mum can rest assured that they won't disturb them, because my brother and sister-in-law don't sleep in a room." Meng Ruoting said without a second thought.

    "Do not sleep in a room, do you mean that they sleep in separate rooms?" Meng Shiyao was stunned, but married, but sleeping in separate rooms, there must be a problem.

    At the moment, Meng Ruoting has knocked on Ye Sishen's room. Ye Sishen has the habit of getting up early. At this moment, she has been properly packed. Chu Ruoting went directly into the room. Closed the door easily.

    "Mother's phone." Meng Ruoting handed the phone to Ye Sishen.

    "Mom." Ye Sishen answered the phone and yelled in a low voice. There was nothing strange in the expression, and the voice was the same as usual.

    "I heard Tingting say you are married." Since Ruoting had given the phone to Ye Sishen, Meng Shiyao could only ask according to the meaning of Meng Ruoting. Of course, this was also her concern.

    "En." Ye Sishen was not surprised. Meng Ruoting's careful thought, how could he not see it.

    "Tingting said it was a very good girl." Meng Shiyao couldn't hear anything from his simple answer.

    "Yes." Ye Sishen is still simple, can not answer simply.

    "Don't look cold again when you get married, and don't scare people." Only, this time, Meng Shiyao suddenly laughed, and she still knew her son, so straightforward to admit that a girl is good, Definitely the first time.

    Ye Si Shen snorted coldly in her heart, scaring her? Is she that timid?

    "The next time I go, I will take her with you and show you." Ye Sishen understands what his mother is worried about, and he also understands that no matter how much he says, it is no match for a direct action.

    Meng Ruoting was shocked when he heard this, his eyes suddenly opened wide, and he looked at Ye Sishen in disbelief.

    She, she just heard it right?

    He wants to say take his sister-in-law to see her mother?

    How can this be? How can it be?

    Meng Shiyao was also shocked, and the hand holding the phone could not help but tremble. The words of her son made her happy and surprised.