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Ye Sanshao picked up the beer that Wen Ruoqing pushed in front of him, and again lifted up to Ye Yunan. This time Ye Sanshao did not say a word, and drank directly.

    "Yue Xiao, I ..." Ye Yunan really couldn't drink anymore. He wanted to plead with Si Si Shen. Although he also knew that Ye Si Shen was not the kind of person who would love him, he could not drink anymore And do n’t dare to drink anymore.

    Ye Sishen didn't pay attention to him, but looked at Wen Ruoqing again. Although he didn't say a word, his slight movement made Wen Ruoqing clearly understand what he meant.

    Wen Ruoqing's lips twitched slightly, is he still going to drink?

    Ye Sishen is so cruel! I'm afraid it's worse than Ye Yunan's life?

    Wen Ruoqing didn't say anything, but she cooperated with her again and gave Ye Sishen a glass of beer. Of course, she also gave Ye Yunan another glass.

    Wen Ruoqing is very clear. Today, Ye Yunan wants to drink as much as he wants, but he also wants to drink if he doesn't want to drink. Ye Yunan must also drink as much as Ye Sishen must drink.

    Ye Si Shen picked up a third glass of beer, raised it to Ye Yunan again, and then drank again.

    "Ye Shao is random." Ye Si Shen glanced at Ye Yunan after drinking, but the voice was very soft, but there was a chill that was breathless.

    And everyone saw that the night of Shen Si Shen was intentional. In this case, Ye Sanshao even drank three glasses. Who would dare to be casual?

    Does Ye Yunan dare?

    Everyone didn't know why Ye Sishen did this, and they were all stunned.

    Ye Sanshao is so cruel! !

    Ye Si Shen Lian drank three glasses. Although Ye Si Shen said that he was free, he felt more frightened. He did n’t dare to drink, but he did n’t dare to drink. He was really afraid of drinking these two big glasses. The beer will be ugly in public.

    Ye Yunan hesitated, struggling, did not move for a while.

    Ye Sishen didn't urge him, but he still stood on the spot and didn't mean to leave.

    "By the way, Sange, you said you were going to acquire several companies last time. How was it going?" Qin Wushao's eyes flickered, turning to Ye Sishen and suddenly a word came out.

    After Qin Wushao's words came out, everyone in the room secretly panicked. Ye Sanshao wanted to buy the company? Which one was acquired?

    Of course, this kind of thing depends on Ye Sanshao's mood, which company Ye Yeshao wants to accept, no company can resist.

    Of course, at the moment, Qin Wushao's remarks were obviously specifically addressed to Ye Yunan.

    Ye Yunan was shocked and his face changed rapidly. He knew very well that if he really irritated Ye Si Shen, he would make everything from Ye Family disappear.

    Wen Ruoqing's eyelids jumped, and the two were ruthless and poisonous, and they cooperated very well! !

    Ye Yunan exhaled fiercely, then picked up the beer in front of him, closed his eyes and poured it down. After drinking a glass, Ye Yunan felt out of control.

    Ye Yunan looked at the large glass of beer left in front of him, his face became very ugly, he knew clearly that he had endured the limit at this moment, if he drank this large glass of beer again, he might be really on the spot ... …

    Ye Yunan couldn't help looking at Ye Sishen, hoping that Ye Sishen would let him go, but Ye Sishen didn't even look at him.

    Ye Sanshao's ruthlessness is not false! !

    Ye Yunan knew that he had no choice. Even if he was really ugly on the spot, he had to drink it.

    Ye Yunan twisted his body tightly, clenched his legs, bit his teeth, closed his eyes, and drank the last glass of beer like he went to the execution ground.

    Ye Sishen turned his eyes and then glanced at him. It looked very cold and iced at that glance, and he was not very satisfied with Ye Sanshao.

    Moreover, Ye Yunan just drank three more glasses of beer, which was already completely out of control.

    The onlookers in the hall began to ridicule, and of course they all avoided one another, and some girls blushed! !

    Ye Yunan was really ruthless at the moment.

    "Ye Shao, how can you even urinate your trousers if you are such a big person?" Qin Wushao just added a little while.

    Anyway, Wen Ruoqing is still the third wife's nominal wife. Ye Yunan bullied Wen Ruoqing in the face of the third brother. !

    To say, this is light!

    "I want to ask how I offended Ye Sanshao and Qin Wushao?" The matter has reached this point, Ye Yu's face has been lost, and his face can't be recovered, but Ye Yunan wants to figure out why Ye Sishen wants to So to him.

    How did he offend Ye Sanxiao?

    Everyone heard Ye Yunan's words, and they all looked to Ye Sishen, and they all wanted to know why Ye Sanshao did it.

    It stands to reason that usually Ye Yunan has no chance to intersect Ye Sanshao and is unlikely to offend Ye Sanshao.

    Ye Yunan didn't finish his urine at the moment, he was still holding it hard. At the moment, he was holding back more and more uncomfortably, and the taste was only known to him. Ye Yunan looked at Wen Ruoqing again, and his eyes were obviously a bit more cruel. He was embarrassed by Wen Ruoqing, and this hatred must be reported.

    Ye Si Shen's eyes slightly, and Yu Guang of the eyes saw Ye Yunan's face looking at Wen Ruoqing with a ruthless face, Ye Si Shen's eyes quickly disappeared a little bit cold, his lips slightly moved, and the words slowly moved. Said, "Offend me? Are you worthy too?"

    I have to say that Ye Sanshao's sentence is absolutely enough, crazy enough, and domineering enough, and he is more qualified.

    Ye Sishen's words paused, and then a pair of eyes looked at Wen Ruoqing ...