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#77 He is jealous

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"What discovery?" Night division Chen finally opened mouth, looking at the temperature in the kitchen ruoqing, eyes slightly flash.

He has asked people in country m to look into this matter, and it is believed that there will be results soon.

He wanted to stay there for a few more days, just because she called several times in a row, and he came back after only one day.

The same thing happened when he came back.

However, if Qin Ting has a better and faster way, he will naturally try it.

”Those items are all new, and there are not many fingerprints on them. I've asked people to check them. Some of them belong to salesmen. Unfortunately, their stores are not monitored, and there are no more clues. However, in addition to the fingerprints left by the cleaning aunt, all the items have the same fingerprints. I think that fingerprints should be left by the woman. "It can be seen that Qin Wu Don't take this matter seriously. It's really with your heart.

"Third brother, if you have any doubts, you may bring a person with her fingerprint to the police station. I will check for you." Qin wushao is eager to make amends.

That day, he let the woman go, and the third brother never contacted him. If he didn't show some sincerity, he thought the third brother might not care about him in his life.

Night Secretary Chen listened to Qin wushao's words, but Mou Zi never left Wen ruoqing. At this moment, Wen ruoqing is holding a glass and drinking water. He finds that she has drunk several glasses of water since she entered the kitchen. Is she so thirsty?

What Yesi Chen didn't know was that she drank so much water because she had just breathed the smell of his wine.

Doctors have told her to drink more water if she is allergic to alcohol, dizzy or uncomfortable.

After drinking a few glasses of water, she didn't feel so dizzy.

Night division heavy Mou son falls on the cup that she holds, Mou son lightly flashed.

"Three elder brothers, did you hear what I said?" Qin wushao hasn't heard the voice of Yesi Shen for a long time. He's a little anxious. Is this the third brother who won't even give him the chance to redeem himself?

"Yes." The voice of Ye sichen is slightly different, but Qin wushao fails to distinguish the meaning.

"Do the three brothers have any doubters?" Qin wushao knows about ye sichen. Now that the third brother has responded, it shows that what he just said is useful to the third brother, who may have doubters.

Night division Chen did not answer, just looked at the water cup that Wen ruoqing put aside, the lip angle slowly hooked hook.

However, at this time, his mobile phone continuously rings several SMS prompts, which should be exactly the same time that he and Qin wushao's mobile phone.

"Three elder brothers, I hang up first, you remember to bring the fingerprint to check." For the first time, Qin wushao hung up the phone of Yesi.

"Five elder brothers, I heard that you have broken a big case. I heard that there will be rewards!" The text message just now was sent by Xi Ji in their group of six.

"Is it the case that bothered the old five for nearly two years? It broke? How did it break? "Tang four young also came out," is that the beauty that old five said last time? "

Beautiful woman? It's the Brother's woman? It's worthy of elder brother's woman. She's really powerful. "Xi Ji followed.

Seeing the text message sent by Xi Ji, the face of Yesi Shen, who had already been relieved, was suddenly gloomy.

”It's the man that big brother found, but not the woman of big brother. There's a difference between the two. "Qin wushao took a deep breath and felt it necessary to remind Lao Liu.

The third brother must be looking at it. Is it peaceful to see the attitude of the third brother towards that woman? He has some doubts.

He obviously felt that the third brother was more nervous, more concerned and more impulsive than the eldest brother.

Such three brothers are not like the three brothers he usually knows. He thinks that the woman seems to be very important to the three brothers.

”But I think it's the elder brother's woman. Maybe it's our elder sister-in-law. Maybe the elder brother wants to let us know in this way. Don't you see that the elder brother has never denied it. "Xi Ji didn't understand the situation, but he said more and more vigorously.

”Siji, Africa's project, you take over and start tomorrow. " The words of Yesi Chen appear on the screen suddenly.

Qin wushao was not sure, but when he saw this, he had a clear idea.

Qin wushao has no choice but to help you, Liu. I can't really save you.

"Why? Why does the third brother want me to go to Africa suddenly? I don't want to go. The third brother doesn't want to go. Isn't someone responsible for the project there? " Xi Ji is confused directly. What's wrong with him? Well, why did he suddenly go to Africa?

"What's the situation? What did the sixth say wrong? I read it carefully. It seems that there's nothing wrong with brother Liu's words just now. " Tang four little also some inexplicable, slightly dundundun, again hit a sentence: "is it? Third brother jealous? "

See Tang four little words, night division Shen's eyes light flash, jealous? Is he jealous?

Qin wushao breathed secretly. Fortunately, there was another one who understood.

"Jealous? What vinegar does the third brother have? " Xi Ji uttered a pitiful and pitiful sentence, completely unaware of the situation.

"Does the third brother like the eldest brother? "Tang shishao obviously hesitated for a moment before he replied.

Qin wushao saw this sentence, and a mouthful of old blood almost came out.

Three brothers like big brother? What do the senior think? Although there is no woman around San Ge these years, what he likes is definitely a woman.

Night division Shen's face blacker a few minutes, directly locked the screen, put the phone aside.

At the moment, Wen ruoqing has finished the meal and brought it out one by one and put it in front of him.

The food is very simple, but it looks good. It has appetite at first sight, but I don't know how it tastes?

After the dishes and chopsticks were scalded in hot water, they were neatly placed in front of him.

"Husband, the meal is ready. You can wipe your hands first, and then you can eat it." Wen ruoqing hands the wet hot towel to yeshishen.

Because we usually have to take care of two babies, Wen ruoqing pays special attention to some details.

Night division Shen's eyes light flash, this woman is quite careful, he suddenly found a thing, this woman do wrong things, know the fault, so will be particularly obedient.

He didn't want to check today's matter. He believed her words and believed that she didn't make any words that were not loyal to their marriage.

However, about that matter, he still had to check. His eyes swept to the kitchen and saw that the cup she had just used was still in the kitchen. She was just drinking water holding the cup, so the cup had all her fingerprints.