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#79 Who is faster?

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Qin wushao gets a call and is stunned, but he immediately returns to his mind. Although it's midnight, Qin wushao doesn't complain at all. He says: "OK, I'll arrange someone to go right away. "

”Third brother, do you have such a fast speed, which means that the people you suspect are right beside you? "Qin wushao, the director of the Public Security Bureau, has a strong and common sense.

He just called his third brother. He took the evidence so quickly. What he doubted was probably the people around him.

Night division Chen didn't answer, just in the eyes more subtle a little more complex emotions.

Secretary Chen leaves at night. Wen ruoqing must have heard the news.

Wen ruoqing frowns a little and doubts a little more on his face. What does he do when he goes out so late?

Wen ruoqing's eyelids are jumping slightly. She always feels that things are a little strange, but now the most important thing for her is the two precious things.

Depending on the situation, she can't send two babies to school tomorrow.

Wen ruoqing dials he Tongtong.

”Pupil pupil, tomorrow you send two babies to school, I may not be able to pass. "

”What 's the matter? What's the matter? "He Tong knew something happened as soon as he heard this. Otherwise, the two babies will go to school on the first day tomorrow. It's impossible for Qingqing not to come.

”Exposed. "Wen ruoqing's lips are slightly curled. She thought of he Tong's reminding her that she didn't care too much. She didn't expect to be exposed so soon.

”So what's going on? What didn't he do to you? " The tone of his Tong Tong's Jing has changed.

"So far, I'm still alive. I'll sink out overnight." Wen ruoqing always feels uneasy when he thinks of the night Secretary Chen going out so late.

"Out? What is he doing out so late? Don't you want to check this? What if he finds two babies? "He Tong's worry at the moment is no less than Wen ruoqing's:" or I'll send the two babies back to country m quickly. "

"I asked two babies the other day what they didn't want to go back." Wen ruoqing also knows that it's too sudden to leave the two babies here, but the two babies don't want to go back. She knows that the two babies are reluctant to leave her. How can she bear to send the two babies back?

”What about now? "He Tong is more worried and worried about what she said.

"I feel that even if the Secretary finds two babies, he should not do anything to hurt them." Wen ruoqing's lips are slightly pursed. Although it's very dangerous and terrible to have a heavy night, but somehow, Wen ruoqing has an inexplicable trust in him and believes that he won't do too much.

Of course, the premise is that yesichen is not the man of the year, not the father of two babies.

"Honey, how do I feel that the grass on the wall is a little off." Hearing this, he Tong was relieved and began to tease her: "why do you believe him so? "

"But if he really was the man five years ago, it would be different." This is what Wen ruoqing is most worried about now.

”If Yesi Chen was the man five years ago, the father of the two babies, he would not hurt the two babies. After all, tiger poison doesn't eat children, and you are the mother of the two children, and you will surely also depend on your children. " He Tong said half true and half false.

Of course, that's what he Tong hopes to see.

"If that person is really a night manager, if he knows the truth, he may tear me up at the first time, and as for the children, he may recognize them, but I'm afraid that I'll never see two treasures again. Isn't that the case in all the big houses? "Wen ruoqing can't be like he Tong. She just wants to have a good side. She has to think about many things.

She didn't want to be separated from the two babies.

Of course, she hoped that yeshishen was not the man five years ago.

He didn't speak any more, and he was worried a little more. There are so many things like that in the rich families. In the case of illegitimate children, they only recognize children and don't want mothers. Some of them are more cruel, and even quietly deal with their mothers.

Even if Yesi Chen married Qingqing now, after all, it's not because of love. No one knows what will happen in the future.

"Qingqing, why don't you just take two babies back to country m?" He Tong thought of those things and began to be afraid.

”Unless my marriage with yestern ends. " Wen ruoqing knows that it's impossible for her to leave now. She knows too much about the danger of yeshishen. If she leaves so suddenly with two babies, she is afraid that things will become more troublesome.

"Then you mean to wait another year? No one can guarantee what will happen in a year. " He Tong Tong sighs with some weakness.

"No, the longest term is one year, but if I can help her get the shares of Yee's soon, our marriage will be over." Wen ruoqing's eyes had a glimmer of light. Fortunately, she wrote this in the agreement.

"You want to help him get the shares of Yeshi? The real power of the night family is still the night old man. The night blog doesn't care about things at all. The night old man is not so easy to deal with. Do you have a way? " He Tong looked up the nighthouse affairs by the way when he was checking the nightpost affairs some time ago, so it was still clear.

"Don't worry, there will be some way." Wen ruoqing's lips are slightly hooked. In fact, she thought out the Countermeasures before she went to the Minzheng Bureau, but if it wasn't for the two babies, she wouldn't be so anxious.

She helped nisin get the shares of Yeshi. According to the agreement, nisin will naturally divorce her. In this way, many things will be solved.

However, what Wen ruoqing didn't expect was that the night division was sinking in the police station at the moment.

She wants to solve the problem quickly, but she doesn't necessarily have a good night manager.

”Third brother, it will be easier and faster to extract fingerprints from the water cup. You should wait a moment and get results soon. "Qin wushao takes the water cup in the hand of the overnight Secretary Shen, and his eyes flash slightly. If he remembers correctly, it seems that the water cup belongs to the third brother's family, right?

Can anyone use the third brother's water cup?

So what is the relationship between this man and the third brother?

Qin wushao was curious, so he was very quick. He handed the water cup to the staff: "check it out as soon as possible.". "

Qin wushao really wants to know who the third brother suspects. Of course, he wants to know more about whether the third brother's doubt is correct.

Yesi Chen didn't leave, so stood on one side, waiting for the result, just don't know why, now his heart seems to have some tension.