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"Let me presume that woman in my face in the future. We have no such daughter-in-law at Yejia, and our Yejia will never recognize her identity." Ye Ye's eyes narrowed slightly, and there was a little more decisiveness in his voice, obviously This is not a one-off statement, but he really will not recognize Wen Ruoqing's identity.

    When the steward heard Ye Ye's words, his face changed slightly. He knew Ye Ye was not satisfied with Wen Ruoqing, but he did not expect Ye Ye to be so tough on this matter.

    Obviously, the young master's attitude towards this matter is even tougher, so I'm afraid that Ye Jia's family will not be peaceful again.

    The butler remembered the events of the year and couldn't help but sigh secretly. The events of the year hurt not only his wife, but also caused great harm to the young master.

    It's just that the young master was strong from childhood, no matter what was pressed in his heart, he never said it or showed it.

    But not to say, does not mean that it will not hurt.

    In fact, the young master he felt was pitiful. Therefore, there was nothing wrong with the young lady ’s previous practice of maintaining the young master. Instead, he was relieved for the young master.

    In the violent situation of the old man, even the old lady did not dare to talk nonsense, but the young lady stood so bravely to protect the young master. That is absolutely true love, and it is really for the young master to ignore everything.

    "He must have been on a business trip for the company. He said he did n’t want the company, but he was more nervous than anyone else. He said that he should n’t just do it for me. In fact, he just wanted me to give him the company earlier. I wo n’t be fooled by him. ”Ye Ye changed the subject himself, and turned to the issue of Ye Sishen and the company.

    Of course, this is Mr. Ye's own idea. If he knew the truth, he would be too late to regret it.

    The butler looked at Master Ye, his lips moved slightly, and wanted to say something, but he finally refrained. His idea was different from that of Master Ye, but he felt that the young master really didn't care much about Ye's company.

    Xi Ji still lives in He Tongtong's residence, so sending two babies to school in the morning became Xi Ji's business.

    "Ink, if you find someone close to you today and want to take your hair, don't resist." When Jizhi Tang was delivered to the door of the kindergarten, Xi Jiyu asked with a serious heart.

    He knew that his mother wouldn't hurt two children now, but Ari was a killer, always cruel.

    He thinks that it is estimated that Ari is about to do it. Usually, he has been with the two children. Ari will definitely not do it in his face, and will definitely choose to do it in kindergarten.

    The ink is too clever. If Ari is close to the ink, the ink is likely to find that now the purpose of Ari is to get the hair of the ink, but if the ink finds resistance, he is really afraid that Ari will do Something hurts the two children.

    He has arranged in the kindergarten to secretly protect the two children, as long as the ink does not resist, there should be no accidents.

    "Okay." Tang Zhimo was a clever kid and immediately understood the meaning of Xi Ji without asking much.

    "Can you help my sister take leave today?" Tang Zhimo is a good brother. He knows that there will be danger today, so he does not want his sister to take risks. In case of any accident, he is afraid that his sister will be hurt.

    How will he explain to his mother at that time?

    Xi Ji felt a slight shock in his heart. The child was really too sensible. In fact, Xi Ji thought that Tang Zixi was not as clever and sensitive as Tang Zhimo, so he should not find anything, so the opposite would not be dangerous.

    But Tang Zhimo apparently did not want his sister to take the slightest risk.

    "Okay, I help my sister ask for leave." Xi Ji nodded, his face slightly moved, and once again couldn't help telling him: "Remember me, be careful."

    He did not want Tang Zhimo to take risks, but he knew that if they were not allowed to get Tang Zhimo's hair smoothly, the two babies would be more dangerous.

    Unless he hides the two treasures forever, so that his mother can't find anyone, but the two treasures are not his after all, he can't be the master.

    "Relax, I won't be okay." Tang Zhimo was extremely relaxed, without any worries and fears.

    "You take care of your sister." Tang Zhimo's only worry is his baby sister. In his mind, mother and sister are always the most important.

    Xi Ji compared an OK gesture to him, and then walked to Tang Zixi and hugged Tang Zixi: "Baby, we are not going to school today, and Dad Xi takes you out to play."

    "Really? Great." Every child likes to play, and Tang Zixi's children are no different. When they heard that they were going to play, they didn't have to go to school. They were very excited.

    However, she saw that her brother was still walking towards the kindergarten and shouted: "Brother, you can stop going to school today, let's play together."

    "Zi Xi, my elder brother still has something to do. Dad Xi takes you to play first, and then I will pick up my elder brother again, okay?" Xi Ji coaxed Zi Xi's children.

    Tang Zixi's small face suddenly sank: "No, I'm going to be with my brother. If my brother doesn't go, I won't go."

    During Tang Zixi's speech, he struggled to get off Xi Ji. After struggling a few times without breaking apart, he cried and cried, "Brother, don't you want Zizi? If your brother doesn't want Zizi, Zixi will, Just cry to death ... "

    I have to say that the threat of Tang Zixi's children is very individual.

    Of course, the child Tang Zixi is definitely not just talking, she just burst into tears when she just released the threat.

    Her tears came so quickly, and soon, a small face was full of tears.

    Xi Ji was dumbfounded. If the child went to acting, he wouldn't use auxiliary props.

    But this is not life and death, she is so sad as to cry? Is it so sad?

    Tang Zhimo didn't intend to ignore her, thinking about her crying twice, but after listening to her 'heartbreaking cry', after all, he couldn't hold back, he stopped and turned to look at Tang Zixi Seeing the tears in Tang Zixi's face, he secretly exhaled.

    "Let her stay with me." Tang Zhimo once again succumbed to the little girl's magic voice.

    Xi Ji frowned slightly, thinking a little bit in the expression.

    "Relax, I will look at her, nothing will happen." Tang Zhimo said very firmly.

    With his presence, she will never let her sister do anything.

    Xi Ji had to let Tang Zixi down.

    As soon as Tang Zixi fell to the ground, he ran to his own brother, and then kissed him hard, holding her brother a few times, and brought her tears and snot to Tang Zhimo's face.

    Tang Zhimo's lips twitched slightly, and he felt that the girl was intentional.