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#3 Thrilling

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When Wen Ruoqing woke up, she had a moment of confusion and felt soreness all over her body. The previous memories flashed through her brain.

    She was drugged, and then she entered the room through the window, knocked down a man, and ... then she seemed to "strong" him.

    Feeling the sleeping breath of the man next to her, her eyes blinked and swallowed secretly. At this time, she had better leave as soon as possible.

    Well, that's it.

    Not daring to delay for a moment, she fumbled to pick up the scattered clothes, which could not be seen clearly in the darkness, and she could only put on her feelings.

    "You plan to leave like this?" Just when she was about to turn around and leave, a voice suddenly exploded in the darkness. The voice was not loud, but it was exceptionally amazing in this silence.

    Wen Ruoqing's apex trembles.

    The man on the bed did not know when he woke up, leaning slightly on the head of the bed, looking at her. In the dark, he could not see his emotions, only because of his indulgence, his voice was hoarse and emotional.

    This woman, turned over the window last night to enter his room, ‘Strong’ him, but she wanted to leave like this? She really dares to think!

    "Otherwise?" Wen Ruoqing didn't move, turning sideways, even though he couldn't see him in the dark, she also clearly felt the danger of his shock at the moment.

    It seems that she provokes someone who can't.

    "Calculate the account first." The man's tone slightly increased slightly, making it clear that he didn't want to give up.

    Wen Ruoqing's eyes stunned, accounting? How to calculate this account?

    It must be said that last night, even if he was her "strong", the next few times were his initiative, and her first half was tossed by him.

    Is he a man who suffers from such a thing?

    However, Wen Ruoqing clearly knew that this man would not easily let her go at this moment.

    She also understands that under normal circumstances, it is obviously not an easy task to escape under the eyes of such a man.

    Therefore, she must find another way and be surprised to win.

    "Okay." At the next moment, she suddenly chuckled and walked towards him lightly, "Don't be angry, we will solve the specific problems."

    One night of madness, her voice was more hoarse, completely different from usual.

    "Oh? How about a specific solution?" The man raised his eyebrows slightly, because she was surprised by the sudden reversal of refreshment, and her eyes looked at her slowly approaching with a smile.

    Specific matters resolved? He wanted to see, what specific solution does this woman want?

    She walked slowly, her fingers lightly touching his clothes on the chair, stepping on the pajamas he threw on the floor when he was just crazy, and the remaining light in the corner of her eyes swept over the bedside table. He was charging a cell phone flashing a little blue light.

    In the darkness at the moment, all he could see was her figure, she couldn't see her clearly, and naturally she couldn't see the others.

    In fact, the light switch is on his side. As long as his hand is gently extended, he can open the light of a room, but he has not turned on the light.

    He is obviously not in a hurry, or enjoys the arrogance of cats and mice in the dark.

    She stopped near him, bent over slowly, and took his hand.

    He frowned, his eyes dark, what did she do?