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#134 Jealous

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Chu Ling'er was even more depressed. Some of them walked down to an empty seat and sat down. Looking at the paper and pen in front of her, her head started to hurt.

    From a young age, she had a headache when she saw the book! !

    What should I do now? Qingqing didn't think that Ye Sishen would come to this trick, it seems that her family Qingqing also miscalculated this time.

    and many more! !

    Previously on her way to Yeshi, besides the five design works, her family Qingqing also showed her another work. At that time, Qingqing said that just in case, in case of emergency!

    She said, how could her family Qingqing miscalculate?

    No matter what her family Qingqing does, she has always prepared with both hands! !

    She was very dissatisfied, but it was a cooperation between a company, and it was similar to inferiority, so she was not too serious when she looked at it.

    But Qing Qing's design is really excellent, and it can be amazing at a glance, so she still remembers it.

    Although she doesn't know how to design, it's still possible to paint. Anyway, it's okay to imitate Qingqing's design.

    Ye Sishen has been paying attention to Chu Ling'er all the time, seeing her as if she was downcast and frowning, but the next moment was suddenly overjoyed, so crazy? !

    Ye Sishen's brow furrowed slightly, and a pair of eyes also slowly squinted.

    Chu Ling'er was originally imitating Wen Ruoqing's design draft, so the following pen is as powerful as it is, and she drew it quickly, and it took only half an hour to finish drawing. Then she directly handed over the drawn design drawing. Secretary Liu.

    Secretary Liu was stunned. This speed is really fast enough. It feels like a play. Her attitude cannot be taken seriously. What design drawings can be drawn at such a fast speed?

    Although Wen's wife's family, the president will definitely choose Wen's, but this designer can not be so perfunctory, how to dress is also good, and it will not make his president too embarrassed.

    Secretary Liu was obviously not optimistic about the design drawings that Chu Linger submitted so quickly, but he was completely shocked when he looked down.

    This design drawing is completely stunning at a glance, and is even better than the five sets submitted by Wen's.

    Secretary Liu was stunned there for a long time, and it wasn't until Ye Si Shen lightly coughed that Secretary Liu responded and repeatedly gave the design to Ye Si Shen.

    Ye Sishen's eyes flashed slightly when he saw the design, and his face was a little surprised.

    He raised his head and looked at Chu Ling'er. There was an elusive condensation hidden in his eyes: "This kind of work can be designed in such a fast time? Such a skill can not be done by the entire design industry. To. "

    "This girl is a genius !!" Chu Ling'er was very gentle at the moment, and everyone who knew Chu Ling'er knew that the more gentle Chu Ling'er was when he was guilty.

    She was a little annoyed. She should n’t have just finished drawing the design so quickly. She should draw slowly, as long as it was finished within two hours, hey, it ’s miscalculated again! !

    However, how does she feel that Ye Sishen has some impure purpose? Is she more concerned?

    Other designers who are still struggling to create are secretly surprised one by one. The designer of Wen's has just played around for a long time, and then submitted the design drawings so quickly. According to Ye Sishen, her design should be very good. It seems that even Si Si Shen was surprised.

    "I have already handed over the design painting, can I leave?" Chu Ling'er felt that she had to go out and report the situation to Wen Ruoqing and let Wen Ruoqing analyze it. She always felt strange.

    Although Chu Linger's words sounded inquiring, she had already stood up and walked out.

    "Miss Chu, you can't leave yet." Secretary Liu quickly came over and stopped her.

    "Why? Why can't I leave?" Chu Ling'er exploded a little, and her temper was anxious.

    What's more, she was guilty and afraid of revealing stuff, so she was more anxious.

    "Need to wait for the final assessment result." Secretary Liu was stunned. Obviously she didn't expect her to be so 'excited'. However, Secretary Liu's attitude was very polite and polite.

    "What do you have to say about me? My business is done." Although Chu Ling'er's insight is not as subtle as Wen Ruoqing's, she also realizes that the situation is wrong and very wrong.

    At the end of the talk, Chu Ling'er directly slammed Secretary Liu who was standing in front of her to the side, and then walked out.

    Everyone in the room was completely dumbfounded. Is the designer of Wen's sure to help Wen get the contract? She looked like she was here to smash Wen's business.

    Secretary Liu originally wanted to stop, but seeing that his president had walked over and backed away again and again.

    "Miss Chu, please." Ye Sishen took a few brisk steps to Chu Ling'er, the tone was very polite, but the attitude was very tough.

    Ye Sanshao saw Chu Ling'er being straightforward and impulsive. He also saw that Chu Ling'er's relationship with Wen Ruoqing was absolutely unusual, so he felt that he could get some information he wanted from Chu Linger.

    "Why, fancy this girl?" Chu Ling'er raised his eyes to Ye Sishen, smiling lightly, and suddenly approached him, and deliberately stood up to her most proud capital.

    Her behavior was too abrupt, and her movements were fast. Seeing that her body was about to stick to Ye Sishen, of course, Chu Ling'er couldn't really put it on. She would naturally stop when it matters.

    Ye Sishen's face changed slightly, his eyes sink quickly, and he quickly stepped back, avoiding them.

    Chu Ling'er looked at Ye Sishen's reaction, and he was a little stunned. This is the rumored Ye San Shao, who can calmly and calmly deal with the sword and the sea of ​​fire?

    She leaned towards him and scared him like this?

    She felt that she suddenly discovered a big secret! !

    "Okay, come on." Chu Ling'er's smile kept spreading, and his eyes were a little more excited. This time, no one asked her to advance into the office.

    Ye Si Shen naturally also saw that she was intentional, but his face was still a bit heavy. He did not enter the office, but glanced at Secretary Liu.

    Secretary Liu was stunned for a moment, and then he met, then stepped into the office.

    Ye Sishen only entered the office. He didn't want to let his wife misunderstand.

    "Please ask Miss Chu to draw another design drawing." Entering the office, Secretary Liu took the paper and pen and handed it to Chu Ling'er.

    "Why do you want me to draw?" Chu Linger almost jumped up and painted again. Qingqing prepared an additional design. She had already painted it for them, and now she was allowed to paint?

    What design drawings can she draw at her level?

    Did she draw them a circle?