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As for Qin Wushao's words about the woman who just scolded him, he remembered that he would slowly calculate after this.

    "Then Mr. Li must have heard that I am sick?" In the 008 box, Wen Ruoqing smiled again, but this time there seemed to be something different in his smile.

    President Li frowned slightly, and he didn't understand what she meant. Of course, he knew she was sick, isn't it silly? He dared to beat her idea just because he knew she was stupid.

    It's just that the woman said this thing at the moment, which made him feel a little strange, and President Li did not speak for a while.

    "I'm sick. It doesn't matter if other people don't mess with me. But if someone provokes me, the consequences will be difficult to control. These photos are all caused by them. I hit them." The phone turned, the smile on his face disappeared, and the eyes were a little colder.

    At this moment, everyone finally knows what the so-called live photos are.

    Thinking of Mr. Li's complexion just now, these photos must look a little scary.

    She hit? is it possible? Everyone was a little skeptical at the moment.

    "Huh? What a joke? You hit it? Just you, a woman who can't help but can beat these people? These are all five big men and three thick men." Obviously, Mr. Li doesn't believe it. In fact, this situation has changed. No one will believe it.

    "I really hit it. President Li doesn't believe it? I'll show President Li something more." Wen Ruoqing glanced at President Li with a faint expression.

    In fact, from beginning to end, she did not show the slightest tension and confusion, but President Li was too proud and ignored these.

    Qin Wushao chose to ignore subjectively because of his prejudice against Wen Ruoqing.

    "What?" Li's eyes narrowed. He had realized that something was wrong at the moment, but he was still curious. Of course, he was also a woman Wen Ruoqing felt. Even if he wasn't stupid, he couldn't do anything big.

    "Is there anything else to see? What else? Sansao seems to have a lot of babies. How do I feel that Sansao is not as stupid as the fifth brother said, how do I feel that Sansao is pretty cool." The most simple 'S Xiaoqi published his thoughts.

    The younger seven was younger and was not ranked among the six youngsters in city A, but the younger seven was definitely the favorite of everyone, so everyone called him a younger seven.

    Qin Wushao turned his eyes and looked at Xiao Qi, his lips slightly pursed, without refuting, because at this moment his mentality had changed, and he also felt that Wen Ruoqing didn't seem so stupid as he thought.

    Wen Ruoqing didn't speak this time, but took out a few things from the bag he carried with him and put them in front of President Li one by one.

    "What is that?" Xiao Qi couldn't help but exclaimed: "It seems to be a certificate."

    Everyone also saw that they were some certificates through the monitoring screen, but they were not too clear to see what certificates.

    "This, what is this?" In the box 008, President Li was shocked. Of course, he didn't understand the things in front of him, but he was too surprised to believe it. They didn't believe that it was this woman.

    "This is my certificate of Judo, this is Taiwan Boxing, this is ..." Wen Ruoqing introduced him with particular patience.

    "These are all yours?" President Li secretly exhaled and couldn't help interrupting her.

    "Well, it's all mine." Wen Ruoqing opened the certificate during the speech, allowing President Li to clearly see her name above and see President Li's changing face. Wen Ruoqing smiled secretly and slowly added another sentence: "My grandpa is afraid that I will be bullied and let me learn."

    The reason why Wen Ruoqing added the last sentence is to make the matter more convincing.

    In fact, Wen Ruoqing didn't want to make things too big, because she knew that Ye Sishen was checking her things, and she didn't want to expose them.

    Therefore, the intimidation she used at the moment, if this General Li's acquaintance, she did not intend to embarrass this General Li, after all, he was only used, but only a bit too bold.

    Of course, if President Li doesn't stop, then don't blame her.

    In another room, Ye Sishen looked at the things she posed, and her lips twitched fiercely. Did she carry these things with her?

    "Is this all fake? But she still knows to use this scary, not too stupid to get home." At the moment, Qin Wushao's tone slightly changed, but he first thought of those certificates of Wen Ruoqing definitely It's all fake, he doesn't believe that Wen Ruoqing will be so powerful.

    Ye Sishen gave him a cold glance, Qin Wushao looked at Shang Ye Sishen's cold eyes, his lips closed tightly, and he dared not speak again.

    President Li was stunned, looking at Wen Ruoqing's eyes with a little hesitation, obviously thinking about the truth of her words.

    "Why? You want to scare me, you think I'm scared." President Li recovered, thinking that Wen Ruoqing must have lied to him. His slightly fat body approached her, and he quickly reached out his hand, trying to get her Wen Ruoqing was in his arms.

    How can the duck in his mouth fly like this?

    In another room, Ye Sishen's eyes were instantly cold and quickly moved, apparently wanting to pass.

    Ye Sishen's move at the moment is an instinctive reaction.

    It's just that the next moment, the style of painting changes suddenly.

    I saw that on the display, Wen Ruoqing suddenly grabbed the red wine bottle at hand, waved it casually, the wine bottle smashed on the chair, broke open, and the red wine was scattered all over the place.

    Holding the remaining half of the wine bottle in her hand, she quickly reached President Li's neck.

    The speed was so amazing that people didn't see how she moved. The broken bottle had already reached Mr. Li's neck.

    Mr. Li was originally separated from her by only two meters. Originally, Mr. Li's hand could touch her as long as he extended it, but at the moment, Mr. Li's hand was still one and a half meters away from her. With the movement of her hand, the bottle in her hand had already touched Mr. Li's neck.

    After she completed this series of actions, President Li's hand moved less than half a meter.

    When Wen Ruoqing came today, it was expected that something would happen, and on such occasions, she must be inseparable from the wine. Taking into account her special circumstances, she took the sobering medicine in advance.

    Therefore, this alcoholic taste did not affect her temporarily.

    Ye Si Shen Gang's footsteps stopped, looking at the portrait, his eyes wide open, startled.

    He has always known that she is not so bully, he also knows that she is good, but at this moment she was shocked.

    It seems that she had always been reserved in front of him before.

    No, not only is there a reservation, but it is always hidden deep.

    For a time, several other men in the room were also startled.

    "Good skills, full of courage." Tang Ling raised an eyebrow, the smile on the corner of the lips slowly spread, the voice was particularly joyful.